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Saskatchewan Occupation List 2019

Saskatchewan Occupation List 2019

There has been changes in Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) occupation in-demand list. Here you will find complete information on removed and added occupation list for Saskatchewan province.

Key Highlights: Saskatchewan In Demand Occupation List

  • 4th April 2019 
  • Nine occupations removed 
  • Thirteen Occupations Added
  • Non –Licensed Occupation – No employer restrictions
  • Licensed Occupation – Skill certificate required
  • Minimum required points 60 out of 100

Saskatchewan Occupation In-demand List Changed 

The invigorating demand of a huge number of workers in the technological sphere is parallel with the Canadian Government, Three- years immigration plan, 2018 – 2020 which has a target of 3,30,000 new permanent residency immigrations in Canada out of which a maximum number of immigrations are expected to be economic immigrations. Saskatchewan in 2019 has been a very active province in terms of draws and number of invitations being sent out to foreign skilled workers. As per the Saskatchewan occupation list in month of Jan 2019, Saskatchewan invited 596 applications under Express Entry linked stream and occupation in demand category. Then again the invitations were sent out on 7th March 2019 with 39 ITA for Entrepreneur Stream.

Clearly, Saskatchewan province is looking for heightened immigrations to meet the Labour market and occupation in demand list. Hence, there has been considerable changes that are made on 4th April 2019 in the current In-demand occupation list of the province. As per which there are nine occupations that have been removed from the list and thirteen new occupations have been added in Saskatchewan occupation list.

The Latest Licensed Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand Include




Social service and Community service Managers


Computer programmers and Interactive media developers


Medical Sonographers



The Non-Licensed Recently Added Saskatchewan Immigration Occupations List Include




 Event planners


Accounting Technicians


 Architectural Technologist and Technicians


Technical occupations in Metrologies and Geomatics


Instructors of persons with disabilities


Sports and fitness instructors




Tailors, dressmakers, furriers,


Appliance servicers and repairmen

The above additions have also caused certain occupations to be removed for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) list and the list of removed occupations include-

The Dismissed Occupations List




Agriculture managers


Horticulture managers


Agriculture Service contractors, farm supervisors, people who work with Livestock




Contractors and Supervisors, Metal forming, Shaping and Erecting Trades related Occupation


Recreation Vehicle Service




Industrial Mechanics


Recreation vehicle Service

Licensed vs Non – licensed Occupations

A Non-Licensed occupation is one for which any legal proof of specialisation is not required. There is no restriction on who can undertake that job or for whom the candidate can work. Saskatchewan offers a lot of non-regulated occupations to the foreign skilled workers and in such occupations employer is the best judge of the credentials of the applicant. However, there are some occupations which are not licensed but have associations where the candidate can join and be an active member of the community. As a part of these associations, the applicant can benefit from building more contacts.

Licensed occupations, on the other hand, are under the regulatory bodies and there are a set of requirements which needs to be met if the candidate wishes to be employed in a particular occupation that are in-demand in Saskatchewan. A certificate of skills is required in such occupation and the regulatory body undertakes the following actions:

  • Set a standard eligibility requirement for the job
  • Assess the candidate’s abilities
  • Provide a License
  • Discipline member in the job.

For maintaining the above criteria, the regulatory bodies performs the following actions-

  • Examinations as per the Job profile
  • Supervised Work Experience
  • Language competency.

Some of the Popular licensing authorities of Saskatchewan are –

       ▶ Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants
       ▶ Saskatchewan Association of Architects
       ▶ Saskatchewan professional planners institute
       ▶ Saskatchewan Dental Associates Associations
       ▶ Saskatchewan Dietitian Association
       ▶ Saskatchewan Ministry of education
       ▶ Saskatchewan Ministry of Health
       ▶ CIPS Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Points System

Earlier there was a first come first serve basis for immigration to the province which was later replaced by the Expression of Interest (EOI) System as per which the province has its own SINP point calculator in which the candidates should secure 60 points out of 100 to be shortlisted.


Maximum Points



Labor market Connection




Work experience


Language Ability


Total points  are marked out of


Passing Marks


Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) Process

For Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) selection of candidates in the expression of Interest model the applicant can resort to two ways -  Saskatchewan Express Entry Category or Saskatchewan Occupation-in-demand category. In the Express Entry linked stream, the applicant needs to fill the choice of the province as Saskatchewan in Express Entry profile and for Saskatchewan Occupation in-demand list, it is good to have skills and work experiences in the NOC category shortlisted. After achieving the minimum score of 60 in the assessment grid the applicant will receive the ITA from the province and will be allotted 600 points in the Express entry profile for the provincial nomination.

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