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Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Alberta PNP Key Highlights

  • Simple process
  • Less processing time
  • High demand occupations
  • Good pathway through Alberta opportunity Stream
  • Fair access in all sectors and industries

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

As per the healthcare, economic stability, culture, environment and high standard of living a lot of newcomers are choosing Alberta as the choice of their migration. In fact, Calgary was rated as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Further, it provides promising prospects for career opportunities as well. From the piece below, let us look at the varied provincial nomination options through which one can migrate to Alberta with ease. 

There are two popular pathways through which applicants can migrate to Alberta - Alberta Express Entry Stream and Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP)

Alberta Express Entry

Through this pathway, the limited number of applicants is selected who are both skilled and semi-skilled foreign nationals. The candidates who were in the Express Entry pool they are shortlisted and nominated by Alberta province as per the labor market requirements in the region. To understand this category, it is imperative to note that the International Graduates are considered favorably for this type of immigration and the candidates cannot directly apply to Alberta Express Entry stream. For this process, the applicant can take the help of professional Canada immigration consultancy as the skilled staff will be completely updated with the latest developments and changes and will be thorough with the immigration process.

Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP)

Canada Alberta Immigration ProgramThis is a very popular model which the Alberta government uses in relation to CIC in which an Expression of Interest (EOI) is sent to the Alberta region. The candidates are then selected from the EOI system and those shortlisted are allotted the nominated. The applicants are selected as per the skills necessary for the job market. Those candidates who are provided the nomination for Alberta they are given 600 bonus points for Express Entry Score thereby the chances of selection in the next Express Entry Draws also increases. This Provincial Nomination option is a highly beneficial option if you are sure that this is the most suitable choice for you for immigration because of the high demand for your occupation. There are ways through which the individual can apply with or without the employer support to the province. Now, let us look at the different subcategories for immigration to Alberta province:

  • The Strategic Recruitment Stream
    • Compulsory and Optional Trades Category
    • Engineering Occupations Category
    • Post Graduate Worker Category
  • The Employer-Driven Stream
    • Skilled Workers category
    • Semi-skilled Workers category
    • International Graduate category
  • The Self- employed Farmer Stream

The Strategic Recruitment Stream

This subcategory is for candidates who have skills, education and work experience on their side along with the intention to live and work in Alberta. This is a good stream for migration of those who don’t have a job letter from an employer or assistance from employers. This subcategory comes with the further demarcation of categories, and every category will have its eligibility requirement.

Compulsory and Optional Trades category

This is a subcategory for those who have a work permit and Alberta Qualification certificate or Recognized Trade certificate. Under this category, there will be supervisors, foreman and other professionals like Tradespersons. The eligibility criteria for this subcategory is – the intention of living and working in Alberta fulltime, valid work permit, Alberta Qualification certificate or Recognized Trade certificate and the applicant should have a minimum experience of 6 months in the desired occupation in last three years.

Engineering Occupations Category

This skilled occupation category is for experienced engineers, designers, and drafters. There are a total of 12 designated occupations in AINP, and the occupation should fall in one of the 12 categories lists. The eligibility requirements for subcategory stream include Intention to live and work in Alberta on a full-time basis, adequate education, minimum required work experience of two years. Also, all engineers like Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Electrical engineers, and Electronic engineers should submit a no objection letter from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberts (APEGA). This letter is not required for Technicians and Technologists.

Post Graduate Worker Category

The candidates who are students of Canada post-secondary institute and are working in the region on a valid work permit can apply in this category. For this along with the intention to live and work in Alberta, should have – a job with an employer in Alberta, minimum one-year educational qualification, valid post-graduate work permit, NOC level O, A, B or C employment level and minimum language proficiency.

The Employer-Driven Stream

This Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) subcategory is a very useful stream for employers in Alberta who can nominate the candidates for their business. This is an advantageous model for the workers who are also settled and working in Alberta as then their employers can nominate them for migration. The job security heightens when the applicant knows there is something in hand after the current work permit expires. There are further subcategories in this which are Skilled Workers category, International Graduate Category, and Semi-Skilled Worker Category.

Skilled Workers Category

For this a full-time permanent job offer from an employer in Alberta is essential. Some of the eligibility criteria for this stream are – Operational and licensed business of employer who has offered the job to the applicant, the job should be as per the Alberta standards, the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) should approve the job offer, there should be a proof that only after finding no viable candidate for the job in Canada an outsource is asked. The occupations which are inapplicable in this category are foremen, tradesmen, and Supervisors.

International Graduate Category

This is a highly advantageous category for those students who have studied in Canada University or post-secondary education and have now been offered a job which is full time and permanent. To be eligible under this category, the employer should be registered and licensed business owner, the job should be as per provincial nomination standards, the applicant should have stated the intention to live and work in Canada, the candidate should have at least one-year education, minimum language proficiency score, and valid post-graduate work permit.

Semi-Skilled Worker Category

The candidates who are selected for the job in Canada and are shortlisted by Canada employers are part of this stream. The eligibility requirements for this stream are – Registered and operational business of employer in Alberta, Positive LMIA report, the employer’s business should be in one of the five industries. Further, the applicant should have a valid work permit, good language proficiency score and minimum education of high school level.

Self-Employed Farmers Stream

This is a category of selection for those candidates who have an interest in buying land in the Alberta region for Farming. For this, the monetary worth of the applicant is evaluated along with the ability to successfully run and manage the farm which is tested through relevant agriculture qualifications. The minimum required sufficient finds in this category are CAD $ CAD 5,00,000 for primary Production farming and a minimum net worth of 5,00,000 $ CAD. Further, there is also a minimum language proficiency requirement in English or French language.

What are the Latest Updates and Changes in the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP)?

On Nov 1, 2018, the Alberta Government had significant changes to the Alberta Opportunity stream requirement and removed the income threshold and adjusted the minimum required language proficiency score. With these changes, it has become easier to qualify for Canada provincial nominee program of Alberta province.

Further, as per the latest developments, the international students who were admitted before 1st April 2019 in postgraduate certificates and diploma courses and they are not on Alberta opportunity stream of Alberta Advanced Education Approved post-secondary they will still be considered for the programs long as they meet all the other requirements. Those applicants who are admitted after 1st April 2019 they will not be considered for the post-Graduation work permit.

Alberta PNP Processing Time

The processing time for Alberta provincial nominee program (PNP) depends on a lot of factors like documents verification, the credentials of the applicant, etc. However, on a general pattern, the processing time for each application is 7 to 8 months. Sometimes, due to some glitch, the processing time can also be extended.

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