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Canada Express Entry Draw announced on 1st May 2019 with the CRS cut off of 450 points Master Graduate Stream reopened by Ontario , Saskatchewan has invited 202 applicants in seven occupations, The Parent and Grandparent program has completed issuing invitations.

Technical Evaluation

Technical Evaluation


Every country has their pre-defined eligibility criteria for immigration purposes. Canada and Australia have designed points-based system for identifying the best-suited professionals for their country. The basic eligibility criteria are based on your Age, Education, Work Experience and proficiency in English language.

Meeting the basic pre-defined eligibility criteria is very easy and perhaps almost everyone secures enough points to qualify for Canada / Australia Permanent Residence. But everyone is not getting immigration to Canada or Australia. There are many hidden parameters that you must fulfill if you want to get Permanent Residence.

Our Immigration experts will inspect your profile and provide you with an in-depth report on your eligibility. This Technical Evaluation report highlights all the areas that may hinder your application in future. Our expert comments in the report will guide you on how to overcome these shortfalls.  


Some of the hidden parameters our experts will provide information in the Technical Evaluation Report are:

 Comprehensive Ranking Score:
It is based on this score your application will be picked by the immigration department. Meeting the basic eligibility criteria (67 for Canada & 60 for Australia) does not guarantee Permanent Residence; our experts will provide the exact breakdown of your scores according the Ranking Score System.

  Qualification Equivalency:
Education is one of the criteria for eligibility. Our experts will evaluate your education with Canadian / Australian education standards. It may be possible that your qualification is not equivalent to Canadian / Australian standard and you may not score enough points to qualify for Permanent Residence.


 College / University Approved:
Not all Colleges or Universities are approved by Canadian / Australian immigration department. Our experts have access to the latest updated list of Colleges and Universities that are approved by Canadian / Australian immigration department.

Identifying the best suited Job Code for your profile is very important. Our experts will evaluate your current / last job profile and provide you with Job Code.  

  Funds Requirement:
Although amount of funds you have is not part of eligibility criteria but it may hold back your application if you do not have enough funds. Our experts will provide you information on how much funds are required and in what format.

  Expert Comments:
Each profile is different therefore our experts analyse each profile individually and highlights all the areas that may hinder your application in future. With decades of experience in immigration, our experts will guide you on how to overcome these shortfalls as well in the Technical Evaluation Report.

Signature Visas follows the principle of transparency and honesty therefore before you invest your time, money and efforts in the process, we would like to present a clear picture to our clients on the possibility of their success in getting Permanent Residence.


   Type of Evaluation  Price   
Technical Evaluation for Canada Rs 5000/$99
Technical Evaluation for Australia  Rs 5000/$99
Technical Evaluation for Canada & Australia  Rs10000/$198

You will receive your report within 48 hours.
Consultant Support Line:  011-40109888 / 9911659888 

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