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Prince Edward Island PNP

Prince Edward Island PNP

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) Key Highlights

  • Minimum language score is 4 bands
  • The bonus points core required is 600 in the Express Entry Program
  • Processing time is 6 to 7 Months

Prince Edward Island PNP

In the last fifteen to twenty year, there has been an increase in the Prince Edward Island migration. The hub of scenic beauty is the smallest province of Canada with employment opportunities available for hardworking and skilled foreign nationals. In the following section let us look at the pathways through which one can migrate to the Prince Edward Islands.

The most convenient model for migration to Prince Edwards Islands is through the PNP program – Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP). For the Nomination, the candidates are shortlisted as per their skills and experience, and they should also prove the intention of staying and working in the province. After meeting the eligibility requirements, the selected candidates are allotted the nomination by the province which makes the applicant eligible for 600 bonus points in the Express Entry Profile thereby improving the overall CRS score of the applicant and enhancing the chances of getting PR status in Canada through Express Entry pathway.

The popular stream for availing the Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) are

PEI PNP Express Entry

Business Impact category

Hundred percent ownership

Partial ownership

Work Permit Stream

Labour Impact category

Skilled Workers Stream

Critical Workers Stream

International Graduate Stream

👉 PEI PNP Express Entry

In this stream of Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) the candidates are picked from the Express Entry Pool. The candidates should have stated the intention of living and staying in Prince Edward province in the Express Entry profile for this selection process. The candidate’s application from the pool is reviewed as per the labor market demand in the region and candidates are allotted nomination after being assessed as per the province’s requirement.

👉 Business Impact Category

This is a popular stream of Prince Edward Island PNP for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest or start a business in the prince Edwards province of Canada. Further, there are three subcategories in this stream -

  • Hundred percent ownership,
  • Partial ownership
  • Work Permit stream.

The Hundred percent ownership is for people who will show full ownership in a business in PEI. This could be investing 100 % in an existing business or buying a new venture or starting a new venture completely. The Partial ownership is for 33 1/3 % investors in business or in this way the person should invest $1,00,000 in the business. The work permit stream is for people who would like to immigrate to PEI on a work permit before they receive the provincial nomination. During this time, the candidates can begin working in Canada and develop work skills and business knowledge before he/she acquires the business in the province and start working

There are specific critical requirements for this stream which are –

✔ The applicant should be between 21 to 59 years

✔ The applicant should have a net worth of 6,00,000 $CAD which should have been legally acquired

✔ The educational qualification of minimum high school

✔ Minimum language competency score of 4 Bands

✔ The adequate managerial skills

✔ Provide a detailed business plan

✔ Make a minimum investment of 1,50,000 $ in a new or existing business.

✔ Sign an escrow agreement which will have terms of deposit of $ 2,00,000

👉 Labour Impact Category

This is a stream for applicants who have demanded as per the labor market. The labor market requirements are based as per the high demand occupations in the region. This stream is further divided into two stream – Skilled Workers Stream and Critical Workers stream.

👉 The Skilled Workers Stream

This is for those applicants who have been selected by an employer in PEI (Prince Edward Island) for work. There are key requirements for being selected in this stream are intended to live and work in PEI, minimum of two years of work experience in the required occupation, minimum educational qualification of 2-year degree or diploma, minimum required language score, clear the job interview and have a genuine work permit if presently the applicant in working in PEI.

👉 The Critical Worker Stream

This is for those who have already been employed in PEI by an employer, and their employer is ready to sponsor them for a PR status in Canada. The candidates in this category can be either semi-skilled or unskilled. The key requirements for selection in this category – employment letter from a PEI employer as per the NOC category C or D, at least six months’ work experience with an employer in PEI, work permit to work in PEI, minimum two-year work experience, relevant education and an IELTS score of at least 4 bands.

👉 International Graduate Streams

In this stream, the employers can hire an international Graduate for a job as per the requirements. For this the applicant needs to have a job letter from a PEI employer in one of the NOC category O, A or B, a minimum of six months of work experience with a PEI employer, should have a post-graduate work permit, minimum educational qualification that is equal to two years’ diploma or degree and minimum required language skills.

What is the processing time for Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program?

The processing time for a region will depend on a number of factors like credentials of the applicant, adequate documentation and labor market needs. Of all goes well then the ideal candidates can easily migrate to the PEI region in six to seven months. However, in the Prince Edward Island Express Entry model, there is no guarantee that all the applications will be reviewed and assessed to a large extent it will depend on the labor market demand in the region.

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