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Prince Edward Island PNP

Prince Edward Island PNP

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, or PEI PNP, offers an array of opportunities to immigration seekers as well as skilled workers in various domains and industries. Based on skills, knowledge and work experience of candidates, the Prince Edward Island PNP selects candidates, who are willing to work and stay in there and help in generating revenues for its economy. Further, after receiving Nomination Certificate from Prince Edward Island (PEI), candidates can also apply to secure Canadian PR. This article delves into immigration pathways under the Prince Edward Island PNP as well as requirements, eligibility, processing time and so on.

Key Highlights: Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

  • Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark score is 5 bands in each module
  • The nominated applicants can get bonus 600 points in the Express Entry pool in addition to their current CRS score
  • Processing time is six to seven months
  • Different streams to meet requirements of PEI labour market as well as candidates from diverse backgrounds
  • Entrepreneurs can apply under Business Impact Category
  • Skilled, semi-skilled applicants and international graduates can apply under Labour Impact Category

Prince Edward Island PNP

This smallest province in Canada in terms of both land area and population, is the most densely populated and is home to many families from Scottish, Irish, English and French origins. The multicultural and multilingual society in Prince Edward Island embraces immigrants from across the world. The residents and employers work peacefully with foreign skilled workers interested to engage in popular industries such aerospace, agriculture, fisheries, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), bio-science, tourism and so on.

Owing to expansion of popular industries in Canada, the province has been witnessing influx of immigrants in last two decades under PEI PNP. It is interesting to note that several renowned recruiters and industries always look out for ideal candidates for various occupations and job profiles.

The Prince Edward Island PNP is the most convenient immigration gateway in order to work and stay there and chart a successful career. Eligible candidates receive nomination by the provincial authorities as well as get 600 bonus points in the Express Entry Profile, thereby improve the overall CRS score of applicants and enhance the chances of securing PR through Express Entry Program. Immigration aspirants can increase their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points and enhance chances of receiving PEI PNP by improving language skills, work experience, academic credentials and securing a valid job offer from an employer based in Prince Edward Island.

The popular streams under Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) are –

PEI PNP Express Entry

Business Impact category

Work Permit Stream

Labour Impact category

Skilled Workers Stream

Critical Workers Stream

International Graduate Stream

👉 PEI PNP Express Entry

The candidates are selected from the Express Entry Pool under this pathway. Applicants, who are willing to work and stay in Prince Edward Island, get priority by the provincial authorities. Please note that the applications from Express Entry pool are scrutinised as per demand of labour market, employers and industries in the region. Eligible candidates receive nomination after being assessed and fulfilling criteria as per the province’s requirement.

The nominated candidates under the PEI PNP get enough points under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking Calculator can get an Invitation To Apply (ITA) in next draw. Such candidates can apply for Canada PR. Generally, the processing time is six months for PEI immigration applications through Express Entry pathway.

👉 Business Impact Category

This stream has takers among community of entrepreneurs, businessmen and start up enthusiasts, who are willing to invest or start a business in Prince Edward Island. Further, there are three subcategories in this stream -

  • Work Permit stream – This stream is ideal for candidates, who are seeking PEI immigration through work permit before receiving the provincial nomination. This stream grants work permit to candidates so that they are able to work in PEI and can understand business structures and work ethics, if they wish to invest in a business plan. Apart from this feature, the work permit stream has eligibility criteria similar to partial ownership stream.

Specific eligibility criteria for this stream which are –

PEI PNP Eligibility check✔ The applicant should be between 21 to 59 years

✔ The applicant should have a net worth of 6,00,000 $CAD which should have been legally acquired

✔ The minimum educational qualification is high school or secondary education (Class 12)

✔ Minimum English language competency score is 5 bands in reading, writing, speaking and listening

✔ Considerable work experience as manager

✔ Must propose a detailed business plan

✔ Make a minimum investment of CAD $1,50,000 in a new or existing business

✔ Sign an escrow agreement which will have terms of deposit of CAD $ 2,00,000

👉 Labour Impact Category

This stream attracts PEI immigration seekers, who do not wish to invest in a business plan and would like to work there. In order to work and stay in PEI, the candidates must have specific skills, academic profile and relevant work experience which are in sync with the local labour market requirements. The labor market requirements are based on skills required in high demand occupations in the region. This stream is further divided into – Skilled Workers Stream, Critical Workers stream and International Graduate Stream.

👉 Skilled Workers Stream

This stream is ideal for PEI immigration aspirants, who have been selected or hired by a local employer. Please note that only experienced candidates, who are currently working in PEI or have a job offer from a PIE employer, can apply under this stream. Selected candidates have to be engaged in a specific occupation or profession for a particular period. In a nutshell, the eligibility criteria for this stream are minimum two years of work experience in specific occupation or domain, minimum educational qualification of 2-year degree or diploma, minimum English proficiency score and a valid work permit.

👉 Critical Worker Stream

This is an apt stream for candidates, who have already been employed an employer in PEI, and the employer is ready to sponsor them to secure Canada PR. Both semi-skilled or unskilled candidates can apply in this category. The eligibility criteria in this stream are - employment letter generated by an employer in PEI as per the NOC category C or D, at least work experience of six months with an employer in PEI, valid work permit to work in PEI, minimum work experience of two years, minimum Secondary Education (Class 12) and an IELTS score of at least 5 bands.

👉 International Graduate Stream

Employers based in PEI can hire an international graduate for a job from recognised universities and colleges in PEI. Candidates must have a job letter issued by an employer from PEI in one of the NOC categories O, A or B, minimum work experience of six months with an employer in PEI, must have a valid post-graduate work permit, minimum Secondary Education and minimum English proficiency score.

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What is the processing time for Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program?

The processing time and documentation for PEI PNP depends on a number of factors like academic and work credentials of candidates, valid set of documents, and labor market needs. Selected candidates, who fulfill all eligibility criteria, can easily migrate to the PEI in six to seven months. However, in the Prince Edward Island Express Entry gateway, there is no guarantee that all the applications will be reviewed and assessed immediately, rather it largely depends on the labor market demands in PEI.

Prince Edward Island Occupation In-Demand List 2023

While there are opportunities available for all the occupations in Prince Edward Island, there are few professions which are in demand in the region and they are -

NOC Code In-demand Occupations
21390 Aerospace engineers
22100 Chemical technologists and technicians
72404 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors
31102 General practitioners and family physicians
31303 Physician assistants, midwives and allied health professionals
31301 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
41200 University professors and lecturers
41300 Social Workers
72100 Machinists and machining and tooling inspectors
72106 Welders and related machine operators

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