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Immigration Services

Signature Visas is the best immigration service, which provides cutting edge services in the world of migration. We assist people to relocate to Canada, and United Kingdom. There is a lot of Documentation and Verification process that is a part of immigration services and our aim is to make the processing smooth. Let us look below for the revolutionized immigration services that we promise to offer to our esteemed clients.

Pre-Assessment (Technical Evaluation)

One of the first steps, when you are planning to immigrate to a new location, is to check for the eligibility by pre-assessment of your profile. The pre-assessment allows the candidate to get a clear view of his / her profile and determine the chances of immigration based on the credentials, so that, he or she is aware of the score well in-advance and take necessary steps to improve.

Benefits of Pre-Assessment

  • Know your profile worth
  • Before moving ahead, you are aware of what the migration process entails
  • Be prepared for future contingency and helps you plan better
  • Helps you decide on which is the best program for your immigration based on your scores
  • Avoid wastage of time and money by unnecessary applying to a program for which you are not suitable
  • Get a direction for your profile
  • Chances of making it through the cut off selection become easier

The report which is generated by the immigration expert provides in-depth information on your success rate in the migration process. Technical Evaluation Report is highly recommended if you are planning to move abroad.

Signature Visas is your One-Stop Solution for Immigration

Signature visas are one of the most bankable names in the industry for visa immigration services. Our experts are trained, knowledgeable and completely updated with the latest development in the field of immigration. Thus, whether its immigration to Canada, or United Kingdom, as a client you can be assured of the impeccable service being provided which will focus on customer needs and requirements with strict adherence to a client-centric approach. Our motto is delivering the best to immigration aspirants. We value your time and money and understand how important this step in the journey of your life. Hence, we promise to be with you and act as your support throughout the procedure.

Immigration to countries like Australia and Canada is done through a point-based evaluation of the candidature. Under this evaluation model, in order to gain eligibility of the permanent residency (PR) status in 2024, it is imperative that the candidate secures minimum required points as per the benchmark set by the immigration authorities.

Signature Visas is there with you even in all the scenarios, we check your total points score well in advance and help you with ways through which you can enhance your score and get a higher ranking when judged against other candidates. In this regard, we will require some personal information about your work experience, education, etc. and will use the tools available to chalk out your valuation as per the immigration model.

We have separate departments for processing, documentation, and filing of the application. Therefore, your application will undergo several levels of scrutiny before it is finally provided for assessment to the authorities. Our first step would be to counsel you regarding your application and understand your reasons for moving so that we offer you the program and category for immigration which would be best suited for your profile.

Signature Visas offers Pre-assessment to the clients for a very nominal fee, as we are basically inclined towards helping you form a relationship which is long term.

Visa Consulting

Immigrating to a new country can be an intimidating process with legal formalities and complexities related to documentation and filing attached. In case, you are having sleepless nights with respect to your decision of moving to a foreign land and starting your life afresh, then you need a mentor and support more than ever in your life. Signature Visas with years of experience and expertise on its side will act as that formidable influence that will help you take the right decisions at this crucial juncture. We understand that it is well thought of an important decision of your life and we guarantee the value for your time and money, which you will invest in a decision that can alter your life completely.

Look for the best Immigration service for your immigration needs 

Sometimes, in order to avoid paying a good fee to the consultant, certain aspirants hire a consultancy service which is not reliable and inadequate. This is one of the biggest mistakes that one can make as the first step towards your dream. Remember, quality comes at a price and one should never compromise with the quality especially when it is a matter of your life. It is pertinent that you choose the best immigration service there is in order to help you with your migration.

Hiring the best can help you by –

  • Keeping you updated with the latest changes and trends in the immigration process
  • Keep your processing, documentation, and filing of the application on fast track mode
  • You will not miss out on the submission of an important document for immigration
  • You will experience transparent processing of your application, where the experts will keep you fully informed about the whereabouts of the process
  • A good mentor at this time is like a saving boat even before the hurdle strikes

Signature Visas is a team of professionals who are completely adept in their craft. They are extensively rich with knowledge and have years of experience in the domain. Apart from the listed services, there is an emotional bond with the counselors, where you feel that your queries are adequately answered and you have had a stress free process of immigration. Our experts specialize in providing the client with that sense of security as they are highly dedicated and responsible work resource.

Our honesty is one of the crucial attributes that we are proud of and consider it consequential for our success. Going an extra mile to find solutions as per the needs of the clients and keeping them informed at all times has been the reason for the happy client base. We understand that every candidate is different with unique needs and dreams. Hence, we handle every case in a personalized manner and provide individualized counseling to every aspirant.

Signature Visas has a client base from all over the world and it is due to our sincerity, dedication and good progress report. We hope to continue on the same lines in the future as well. Therefore, we offer different forms of services to clients which includes –

  • Helping you prepare for language proficiency test with the help of language specialists
  • Help you with the processing of the application
  • Help you in the collection of documents
  • Understand your family commitments and provide solutions accordingly
  • Filing your visa application
  • Keeping in touch with immigration service on your behalf
  • Help you prepare for the Visa interview
  • Post landing services

The above list doesn’t mention the abstract benefits of mental security, peace and emotional satisfaction, which comes from the Signature Visas Team acting as your guide at every step.


Why timely submission of your document becomes essential?

Documentation is a highly significant step in the immigration proceedings. This is because any slight mistake in your documents can cause the rejection of your application and can be considered a heinous crime under “Misrepresentation.” Further, any delay in filing the documentation can slow your immigration and make you lose your opportunity. Therefore, it is always advisable to undertake the immigration process under the guidance of an accredited Immigration consultants only.

Why the documentation process is important?

The process of documentation can help you streamline your candidature and help future employers choose your application from the pool itself. The authorities evaluate the person who is aspiring to immigrate to their country and can ensure only skilled and capable professionals immigration. Moreover, it also reduces any operational ambiguity that might arise later on after migration. Thus, it is an essential process for the candidate as well. Please consider that it has secondary benefits attached which can prove to be highly fruitful for the applicant in the long run.

The general list of documents required for immigration

Below Let us look at the list of vital records that are required for immigration –

  • Identification proof
  • Passport details
  • Proof of Funds (Bank statement, account details, loans and credits statements, asset list, etc.)
  • Educational evidence
  • Marriage certificate (if any)
  • Letter of recommendation from previous employers
  • Provincial Nomination certificate (if selected through this model)
  • Language proficiency score
  • Educational Credential Assessment report
  • Personal reference code
  • Express Entry Details
  • Job Seeker validation code
  • Medical test report
  • Police verification report
  • Character certificate
  • Age proof – birth certificate, etc.

The list mentioned above is just a general list of documents required, and it is subject to change pertaining to the individual’s case.

Signature Visas have a team of experts who are completely adept in their craft. Owing to years of experience they have complete knowledge of the documentation process and can help you have a smooth sail.

Post-Landing Services

As a professional, Signature Visas completely understand that our commitment doesn’t end with you landing in a foreign land. We made a promise to help you settle when you signed with us and we intend to keep that promise by standing by your side even when you land in a different country with your visa status. Our goal is to see you settled in your new home and while we may not be physically present to offer you assistance but we are working continuously to ensure that you have smooth sailing in your desired destination. Some of the core post-landing services that we offer to our clients are -

  • Accommodation - Make arrangements for your first stay in a new place. This arrangement will be done against the charges that are made by the clients.
  • Transport - Pick up available at the Airport to help you reach the pre-arranged accommodation.
  • Employment Assistance - Assist you in getting a job by working on your resume/cover letter writing and also helping you with the interview preparation. 
  • Employment Counselling - Counselling sessions for a job search as per the business market. Also, provide the clients with a list of potential employers.
  • Important Documents - Guidance in applying for social security card, permanent resident card, driving license, health care and other special requirements for your immigration destination.
  • Language Efficiency - Assistance in language proficiency and arrange classes for French and English language or for other languages in any other country. Once your communication skills are astute you will find it way easier to settle in a new land.
  • Bank - Help you in opening a bank account and help you avail lockers and credit cards.
  • Understanding Laws and Procedures - Help you in understanding the major laws and policies of the new country. The crucial understanding of taxation, education, health, housing, and business is very important for a comfortable living. Further, we can also help you in areas of where to shop for grocery, furniture, mattress, electronics and other important things.
  • Identification Documents - Provide adequate guidance on applying for Social Insurance Number (SIN) card, documents, affidavits, choosing a real estate agent and choosing a family doctor.
  • Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) - Help you understand the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB), for people whose children are less than 18 years of age. It is a monthly remuneration by the Canadian government that can help the applicant in raising a child in Canada.
  • Volunteering -  We can arrange for you to engage in social service activities and assist you to look for volunteering programs in the migrated country.
  • After Help - Guide you in applying for citizenship. In this regard, we can provide extensive consultation and help you take your relationship with the migrated country forward. 

Signature Visas has helped a lot of happy clients to happy settle in a different country. We put our extensive experience to use to help you settle in a new land and avail the benefits of all the limitless opportunities. The idea is to help you in not wasting time and money after you migrate.

IELTS Assistance

There is a point-based immigration system in almost all countries. The candidates who meet the minimum point score asked by the immigration authorities are considered eligible to apply for the permanent residency (PR) status. In this regard, language proficiency is a major criterion of point calculation in which the test of the official languages is pertinent for selection. A good score in language proficiency can improve the selection chances of the candidate.

IELTS is a widely accepted language proficiency test for Immigration

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System which is hugely popular in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and America. It checks the basic understanding of the applicant in English language and ability to effectively communicate in the medium by testing the – Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading skills.

There are two types of IELTS exam – General Testing and Academic IELTS. For the immigration purpose, the General Test of IELTS is a popular and accepted choice. The time frame for the exam is approximately two hours and forty-five minutes in which the speaking section is not included. The test of the speaking ability can be conducted on any other day which should be in a week’s time. The result of the test is allotted to the candidate in terms of band and the score is ranged between 0 to 9. Somebody who achieves a band score of 9 is an expert in the English language and candidate with the score of 0 bands is inefficient.

There are also alternative tests for the English language which are available. For example – Canada offers the option of undertaking CELPIP and CLB (Canada Language Benchmark) test in the place of IELTS. However, The IELTS is highly accepted at most universities and colleges as well. Thus, it is a better choice which can help the candidate with employment opportunities as well.

Free IELTS Assistance at Signature Visas

Signature Visas understands the importance of IELTS exam and attaining a good score in this test. Hence, we offer free language counseling for the exam with the help of mentors who are adept in their craft and also provide material to enhance your skills.
The key to a good score in the exam is practice under a good mentor and we at Signature Visas make sure that you have that assistance at the right time. Even if you are knowledgeable and have a complete understanding of the English domain a little help never harms anyone. Our mentors are well aware of the tips and tricks that can be useful in dealing with a test of such accord.

The list of some of the services for IELTS preparation offered is –

  • Online Preparation portal exclusively created for Signature Visas clients – you will be provided with login details to “Student area” after you sign up with us
  • Mentorship of experts of the English Language
  • The study material provided to help you practice for the test – the material is designed keeping in mind Canada and Australia immigration. There are also solved answers to previous exam available. The aim of this study material is to help you achieve as high a score as possible
  • Tips and Tricks provided to increase your efficiency and band
  • Experts can guide you on where and when to register for the exam

Signature Visas has a good past performance record in assisting the clients with the Language proficiency test and in these cases, the candidates have been able to immigrate without any hassle. With a Client-centric approach, we aim to offer you the best assistance for immigration.

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