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Manitoba PNP

Manitoba PNP

The Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program is operated by Manitoba province. The selection candidates is based province's requirement. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is modeled on the Express Entry System, therefore, the selection is Point-based. Read below to know all about Manitoba PNP program including process to immigrate.

What is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)?

Migration through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is one of the best ways for relocating to Canada. In the provincial nomination system, every province has the right to select the candidates as per their labor market requirements. Manitoba is a famous province for Provincial Nomination. There are streams under Manitoba PNP through which the applicants can relocate to Canada. If the correct stream is selected, then the applicant can have an eased process of relocation.

For gaining the PNP Manitoba Nomination, the applicant should meet the Manitoba point score, which will ensure that the correct candidates are allowed to migrate. In the section below, let us look at the ways through which Canada immigration through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) can be undertaken –

The three main streams of Manitoba PNP:

  • Skilled Workers
  • Business
  • Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI)

Skilled Workers
It helps people with skills and experience to relocate to Canada. It is designed keeping in mind the labor market requirement. Under this, there is a subcategory of highly skilled workers and Skilled Workers Overseas, which invites thousands of people to Manitoba every year. After the nomination from Manitoba, the next step could be the PR status of Canada.

Through this category, the province selects qualified business people and farm people for migration. The people with the minimum net worth of CAD 3,50,000 are chosen in this category and minimum equity investment in the region of CAD 1,50,000. The applicant should also be ready to face an interview with the Manitoba immigration officer.

Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI)
Then people who have experience of the farm and enough funds to invest they can set up a farm business in Manitoba through this category. For this, the applicant should have a minimum net worth of CAD 3,50,000 and minimum of three years’ experience in the farm business.

Check Eligibility for Manitoba PNP

Manitoba PNP Eligibility

The invitations are issued to those candidates only who meet the eligibility norms. To get the Provincial Nomination, the applicant should fulfill both the provincial and Central government criteria of selection. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The Expression of Interest (EOI) minimum score of 60 points out of 100
  • The skills should be in one of the occupations in in-demand list
  • The least required education as per the job profile
  • The minimum required language score in English or French
  • Show a settlement plan and desire to live in Manitoba
  • A letter from the employer in Manitoba for a permanent job or a connection in Manitoba of a family or friend
  • The candidate should be 18 years of age at the time of application submission

What is the point score system of PNP Manitoba?

The assessment point allocation for PNP Manitoba through the table provided below-

Factors of Selection Maximum Points
Language Score 20
Age 10
Work Experience (In the last five years) 15
Education 25
Adaptability 20
Second Language Knowledge 05
Intention to live outside Winnipeg 05


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