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Ontario Points Calculator 2019

Ontario Points Calculator 2019

Ontario Immigration Points Calculator Key Highlights

  • Known as “Economic Heart of Canada”
  • Minimum score is determined by the director
  • Candidates get 600 points in Express Entry program for selection

There is nothing that the province of Ontario cannot offer to a candidate. Popularly known as the ‘Economic heart of Canada’, Ontario is home to different industries. There are numerous opportunities available for technocrats in the region and Ontario also has a strong manufacturing base. Recent years have seen a lot of new investment in the region owing to the establishment of new plants and technologies. Further, Ontario is also rich in natural resources as vast forests provide a large lump for the paper industry. Hence, the thriving economy, job opportunities, high standard of living make Ontario one of the most preferred location for immigration.

Based on the labor market requirement and occupation demand in the region, the province of Ontario can invite candidates for immigration to the region through the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program and it is a very popular immigration model. Then the Ontario Point calculator is employed.

There are two popular ways of immigration to the region of Ontario –

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP)

Express Entry Program – in which Ontario is referred to as the preferred location.

In the above-mentioned methods, the candidate can either apply directly to the Express Entry program and choose the preference as Ontario in the profile that is created or there can be a separate filing for the Ontario region through the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program(OINP)

The candidate should meet the eligibility requirements in one of the above-mentioned streams to be shortlisted for Canada immigration. The most popular stream of immigration to Ontario province of Canada is Human Capital Priorities stream. Ontario is among those provinces that allow a lot of influx through the Express Entry Program portal of migration to Canada. Also, for selection, it is important to meet the point score required by Ontario Points Calculator 2019. The selected skilled candidates who meet the Ontario PNP Points Calculator 2019 score requirements are eligible for 600 extra points in the Express Entry program. Thus, many people prefer the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) as the first step towards Canada immigration.

👉 Let us look at the point distribution for the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) in Ontario Points Calculator 2019

In the Ontario Point Calculator 2019 the candidates are graded as per the following details:

Single Applicants Components Points With Spouse / Common-law partner Components Points
Education 500 Education 460
Spouse or common Law partner N/A Spouse or common Law partner 40
Transferability 100 Transferability 100
Bonus Points 600 Bonus Points 600
Grand Total 1200 Grand Total 1200

Ontario is the only province that considers the Express Entry System Score for selection of the candidates in its region. For this, the selection score is ‘determined by the director’ as decided in 2018 and the candidates who achieve this score are allowed to immigrate to the region as per the immigration program. Hence, Ontario offers the employers a direct selection and processing time is also very fast as compared to the processing time of other provinces.


There are certain parameters that need to be met by the candidate for being eligible for the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) and they are –

  • Have minimum educational qualification which amounts equivalent to a degree of 3 years in Canada
  • Have work experience as per the occupation list of Ontario in which the skills should come under National Occupation Classification (NOC) Skill type O, A or B
  • The candidate should have an intention to live and work in Canada
  • The candidate should achieve the minimum Ontario Immigration Point Calculator score
  • There should be a minimum language proficiency level.

👉 The Qualifying streams under the Program

There are multiple streams through which the candidate can qualify for the stream selection in Ontario region-

  • Ontario Express Entry
    • Ontario Express Entry Priorities stream
    • Ontario Express Entry: French-speaking skilled workers Stream
  • General Category (employer)
    • Foreign workers with a job offer
  • International Students Category
    • An international student with a job offer
    • International Students - Masters Graduation Stream
    • International Students – Ph.D. graduate stream
  • Business Category
    • Corporate stream
    • Entrepreneur Stream

👉 Ontario Express Entry

The Human Capital priorities stream of Ontario Express Entry selects the candidates who intend to live and work in Ontario and are they are picked from the Express Entry Pool on the basis of meeting the Ontario PNP Point calculator score. These are evaluated as per age, language, education, and work experience, etc.

👉 General Category (employer)

It provides the opportunity to the Ontario employers to recruit skilled foreign workers. In this, the application is required from both the Canadian employer and the selected candidate then only the nomination certificate is issued in this category. Further, there is a minimum of two years’ work experience required in a permanent full-time job to be eligible in this category.

👉 International Students

It is a widely popular stream for candidates who wish to study in University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, University of Waterloo, Brock University, etc. and has three subcategories of applying. There is a minimum English language requirement and minimums saving requirement to qualify in this category.

👉Business Category

This category was established in 2015 and comes with loads of requirements of corporation investing of 5 million $CAD or more, creating five permanent full-time jobs in the region, should be a key member in daily operations, etc. In the Entrepreneur case, there should be a minimum of three years of experience in ownership or management of the business of the same accord along with other pertinent requirements.

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