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British Columbia PNP

British Columbia PNP

The British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BCPNP) offers prospective immigrants immense opportunities to be nominated by British Columbia province. Candidates must have required skill set and desired qualification that support them to work and stay under specific employer in British Columbia and contribute towards the country’s growth and development. Through British Columbia PNP the provincial government selects foreign skilled workers in order to nominate for grant of visa. Known for its natural bounties, this Canadian province thrives on economy based on forestry, hospitality, mining, food processing, healthcare units, Information Technology and so on.

Key Points: British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

  • Minimum work experience of two years
  • Job letter required from an employer in British Columbia
  • Fast processing of visa application
  • No work experience needed for some categories

Enquiry for BC PNP

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

Streams of Migration to British Columbia

This culturally diverse and one of the largest provinces in Canada is a hub of economic growth. Its diverse population welcomes immigrants and people from all corners of the world. The immigrants, foreign skilled workers, entrepreneurs and students can avail social welfare schemes, enjoy scenic beauty through expansive forests and beautiful landscape and explore several opportunities to utilise skill and talent. Thus, British Columbia has become the first choice for aspirants wishing to migrate to Canada. Read on to know about British Columbia PNP.

The British Columbia PNP offers different immigration streams having two categories for skilled workers and international graduates in Canada and post-graduates in British Columbia: Express Entry and Skills Immigration, and an extra one for entrepreneurs.

The streams of migration to the province of British Columbia (BC) are:

  • Skill Immigration – Express Entry
  • Skilled worker category
  • Healthcare professional category
  • International graduate category
  • International Postgraduate category
  • Entry level Semi Skilled worker category
  • Entrepreneur immigration
  • Regional Pilot
  • Strategic Projects category

British Columbia PNP Pathway

Skill Immigration – Express Entry

Introduced in 2016 by the British Columbia government, the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) is a point based system of selection and determines the eligibility of the applicants based on certain factors such as age, educational qualification, work experience, offer of employment and so on. Please note that Skill Immigration BC is a separate program and has its own eligibility requirements though the applications of candidates in the British Columbia province are aligned with the Express Entry program. Thus, an applicant should qualify requirements of both express entry visa and British Columbia PNP under this category. All those candidates who are shortlisted for nomination by the British Columbia province are also eligible to get 600 extra points in the Express Entry program.

Skilled Workers Category

One of the most popular streams of immigration to Canada, the British Columbia province selects candidates in this category after scrutinising specific elements. Candidates are required to have at least work experience of two years, offer letter from a Canadian employer in British Columbia, fulfil employer’s eligibility criteria and to meet minimum language parameters for National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill type B category.

Healthcare Professional Category

British Columbia is considered the best Canadian province for immigration of health professionals like nurses, physicians, healthcare practitioners etc. Job seekers under this category must have relevant work experience of two years in healthcare domain and minimum language score in IELTS. The healthcare professionals and practitioners who can apply under this category are

  • General Physician
  • Registered Nurse
  • Specialist in Medical domain 
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurse
  • Healthcare Practitioner
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist
  • Medical Radiation Technologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist

International Graduate Category

This category offers opportunities to fresh graduates to settle in British Columbia. This stream only provides opportunities to students who have graduated in past three years from a recognized Canadian institute or university. Candidates are supposed to have full-time job offer letter from an employer in British Columbia, fulfil employment criteria and minimum language score in IELTS. Please note that the selected job must be listed in the NOC list.

International Postgraduate Category

This category applies to candidates who have received post graduate or doctoral degrees from any recognised institute of higher learning in natural, applied, or health sciences in British Columbia. Aspirants must have minimum educational qualification, evidence of enough funds to settle, minimum language score in IELTS, intention to live and settle in British Columbia, and an offer letter of the listed in the NOC. The candidates under International Postgraduate Program should have studied one of the following topics:

  • Agriculture
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Computer and Information Sciences and support services
  • Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Applied Health Sciences and Healthcare Sudies
  • Conservation of Natural Resources 
  • Physical Sciences

Entry Level Semi Skilled Worker Category

This is an apt stream for semi-skilled workers or those candidates who have just started their professional journey. Candidates seeking work opportunities in this category must have minimum nine months of work experience in tourism, hospitality, food processing or long haul truck driving, desired educational qualification, minimum language score in IELTS and continuous engagement with an employer at the time of evaluation of application.

Entrepreneur immigration

This stream is meant for entrepreneurs and people wishing to invest in a locally operated business in British Columbia or establish an innovative start up. This stream also takes into consideration both business managers and owners as long as they have sufficient funds for investment and sustenance. This makes candidates eligible to be nominated for permanent residence under Entrepreneur immigration stream of British Columbia.

The program has two sub categories:

  • Regional Pilot Category

Introduced in 2019, this stream is applicable to business owners who wish to start a new venture in a small community. This two-year pilot program aims to address various demographic challenges in small communities. The selected entrepreneurs will first get a work permit and have to run a business for at least 12 months. Further, eligibility for this program includes a minimum personal worth of CAD 3,00,000 of the candidates along with minimum experience of three years in business management during last five years as well as attain minimum language score in IELTS. The candidate should have an approved business plan that could generate employment and 100% ownership of the previous company or business.

  • Strategic Projects Category

This category is meant for foreign companies to set up an office in British Columbia. The company can nominate up to 5 people for Permanent Residency in this province. The company should have good financial standing, legally viable resources, credible foundations and proposed list of eligible candidates for PR. Generally, the net worth of the company should be CAD 20,00,00,000 and a minimum equity investment of CAD 5,00,000. The company should be able to create at least three additional jobs in Canada.

Steps for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia PNP has simple process compared to other provinces of Canada. However, having professional guidance to meet British Columbia PNP Eligibility can ease the processing of visa application and helps in fulfilling eligibility through British Columbia Immigration Points Calculator.

British Columbia PNP has these steps:

  1. A full-time employment letter issued by an employer from British Columbia. The employer should be ready to support candidates during the processing of visa application. The job letter is not required if a candidate earns a degree from British Columbia University.
  2. A score will be provided to the applicant with the help of the British Columbia points calculator.
  3. Profile of candidates will enter into a pool for selection. The British Columbia authorities will select candidates having highest scores.

British Columbia (BC) PNP Processing Time

The processing time starts from the date of submission of application for analyses followed by strict evaluation before selection of candidates. Hence, the processing time for British Colombia PNP depends on various factors such as profile of candidate as well as nature of program through which the candidate has applied for immigration process. Generally, assessment time of applications under British Colombia PNP is four months. It takes less time in some cases depending on credentials of application.

Employer Requirements under British Columbia PNP

  • Should be a credible employer in British Colombia
  • Should provide permanent full-time (with no set date of end of employment) job
  • Should have clear record of ethical business practices and ideal work place
  • Should sign an employer declaration
  • Should meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements (if applicable)
  • Should offer standard wage (as per industry) to candidates

The Cost of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

Interested candidates planning to migrate to Canada should be financially stable and capable of doing jobs in related domains of expertise. The fee mentioned here is a general fee and the amount is subject to change in rules and regulations of Canada immigration.

The average fee for immigration to British Columbia is:

  • Primary candidate – CAD 550 (Express Entry and Skilled Immigration categories)
  • Secondary candidate – CAD 550
  • The registration fee for the BC Entrepreneur Program – CAD 300 (non-refundable)
  • The application fee for the BC Entrepreneur Program – CAD 3,500
  • Cost for each staff member – CAD 1000

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