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Manitoba PNP In-Demand Occupation List

Manitoba PNP In-Demand Occupation List

Canada's fifth most populous province, Manitoba, has a considerably strong economy which is based on natural resources and related industries. In order to meet demands of industries and the economy, the province welcomes foreign skilled workers and professionals under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The eligible candidates having desired knowledge, training, skills, work experience and language proficiency are offered job opportunities that are in sync with Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program In-Demand Occupations. The list includes occupations and industries which are in demand in Manitoba. The provincial authorities keep updating the Manitoba In-Demand Occupation list as per the labour market information.

Key Highlights: Manitoba PNP In Demand Occupation List

  • The job list under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program In-Demand Occupations mentions opportunities that are in plenty in Manitoba
  • The province has plethora of jobs in in-demand occupations/industries such as natural and applied science, agriculture, mining, healthcare, general administration, education and government service, transport, sales and service, accounting, business and finance and so on
  • Depending on the requirement of labour market and industries, the provincial authorities keep updating MPNP in-demand occupation list
  • Eligible candidates receive several job offers by employers

 Occupation In-Demand in Manitoba

The province categories occupations, work profiles and industries that require efficient manpower and skilled people to support the economy. These occupations and work profiles also find place in the National Occupational Classification (NOC), which is the country’s standard system to describe occupations and industries. It is important to note that the eligibility criteria for occupations and industries in NOC list vary as per the demand of specific domains.

Provincial Economy

The robust and steady growth in the provincial economy is attributed to various industries and domains. The major contributors to the provincial economy are -

  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Tourism
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Electricity
  • Oil based production
  • Poultry and Animal Husbandry

Manitoba is the largest producer of sunflower seeds, dry beans and potatoes in Canada. Portage la Prairie is a major potato processing centre. It is also an epicentre of McCain Foods and Simplot plants that provide French fries to fast food chains such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s. The provincial capital, Winnipeg, is known for Lake Winnipeg, tenth-largest freshwater lake in the world.

List of Manitoba in demand occupationsAnother prominent location is Hudson Bay. It is the world's second-largest bay by area. Manitoba is at the heart of the giant Hudson Bay watershed which used to be the busiest fur trade centre. Around 12 percent of Canada's farmland is in Manitoba, hence agriculture, farming, cattle rearing and animal husbandry, are some prominent occupations and industries in Manitoba.

The agricultural and dairy production units are heavily dependent on transportation and warehousing facilities. These domains roughly provide employment to 34,500 people, or around 5 percent of Manitoba's population. The trucking companies account for 80 per cent of Manitoba's merchandise trade to the United States. Manitoba is headquarter of five of Canada's twenty-five largest employers in the for-hire trucking sector. Clearly, the trucking industry constitutes a major part of Manitoba’s economy.

Major employers in Manitoba are government and government-funded institutions, financial agencies, educational institutes, hospitals, private sector industries and so on.

Churchill's Arctic wildlife is a major tourist spot in this Canadian province. Manitoba is the only province in Canada with an Arctic deep-water seaport. Tourists also visit Manitoba to get a glimpse of polar bear and beluga whale.

Manitoba’s largest airport, Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, is one of the unrestricted airports in Canada that operates 24X7. The airport handles approximately 195,000 tonnes of cargo annually, making it the third largest cargo airport in Canada.

The Manitoba PNP In-Demand Occupations List provides updated listings of different occupations that qualify as ‘in-demand’ in this Canadian province. According to Manitoba provincial nominee program in-demand list many occupations are limited to specific skilled streams of the Manitoba PNP. It means that candidates must fulfil eligibility criteria and requirements for specific occupation and immigration pathways. It is important to note that eligible candidates working in an in-demand occupation are given priority in Expression of Interest draws. In some cases, candidates are declared eligible for one of the immigration pathways despite not having relevant work experience in specific listed occupation.

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Some of the Manitoba PNP High In-Demand Occupation list are mentioned below -

▶ Healthcare
▶ Business and finance
▶ Agriculture and farming
▶ Animal Husbandry
▶ Transport
▶ General administration
▶ Sales and service
▶ Education
▶ Government service
▶ Occupations in natural and applied sciences
▶ Cargo
▶ Mining
▶ Forestry
▶ Electricity
▶ Tourism
▶ Occupations in social science, art, culture, sports, entertainment and recreation
▶ Occupations in processing and manufacturing units
▶ Occupations in primary industry
▶ Occupations in trade and equipment operator
▶ Rural in-demand occupations

Find below detailed list of occupation in demand in Manitoba province with NOC:

1 - Business, Finance and Administration Occupation

NOC Occupation Title Skill
0111 Financial managers 0 7
0112 Human resources managers 0 7
0114 Other administrative services managers 0 7  
0121 Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers 0 7
0122 Banking, credit and other investment managers 0 7
0124 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers 0 7
1111 Financial auditors and accountants A 7
1112 Financial and investment analysts A 5
1114 Other financial officers A 5
1121 Human resources professionals A 5
1122 Professional occupations in business management consulting A 5
1123 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations A 5
1212 Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers B 5
1215 Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations B 5
1221 Administrative officers B 5  
1223 Human resources and recruitment officers B 5
1224 Property administrators B 5
1241 Administrative assistants B 5  
1242 Legal administrative assistants B 5
1251 Court reporters, medical transcriptionists and related occupations B 5
1311 Accounting technicians and bookkeepers B 5

2 - Natural and applied sciences and related occupations

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Min CLB SWO SWM IES
0211 Engineering managers 0 7
0212 Architecture* and science managers 0 7
0213 Computer and information systems managers 0 7
2121 Biologists and related scientists A 5
2123 Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists A 5
2131 Civil engineers A 7
2132 Mechanical engineers A 7
2133 Electrical and electronics engineers A 7
2141 Industrial and manufacturing engineers A 7
2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) A 7
2151 Architects A 7
2154 Land surveyors * A 7
2161 Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries A 5
2171 Information systems analysts and consultants A 5
2172 Database analysts and data administrators A 5
2173 Software engineers and designers A 5
2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers A 5
2175 Web designers and developers A 5
2211 Chemical technologists and technicians B 5
2212 Geological and mineral technologists and technicians B 5
2221 Biological technologists and technicians B 5
2222 Agricultural and fish products inspectors B 5
2231 Civil engineering technologists and technicians B 5
2232 Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians B 5
2233 Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians B 5
2234 Construction estimators B 5
2241 Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians B 5
2242 Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment) B 5
2244 Aircraft instrument, electrical and avionics mechanics, technicians and inspectors B 5
2253 Drafting technologists and technicians B 5
2271 Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors B 5
2281 Computer network technicians B 5
2282 User support technicians B 5

3 - Health occupations

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Min CLB SWO SWM IES
0311 Managers in Health Care A 7  
3131 Pharmacists * A 7
3132 Dietitians* and nutritionists A 7
3141 Audiologists and speech-language pathologists * A 7
3142 Physiotherapists * A 7
3143 Occupational therapists * A 7
3211 Medical laboratory technologists * B 7
3212 Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants B 5
3213 Animal health technologists and veterinary technicians B 5
3214 Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists * B 7
3215 Medical radiation technologists * B 5
3219 Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health) B 5
3222 Dental hygienists and dental therapists * B 7
3236 Massage therapists B 5

4 - Occupations in social science, education, government service and religion

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Min CLB SWO SWM IES
0423 Managers in social, community and correctional services 0 5
4112 Lawyers and Quebec notaries * A 7
4151 Psychologists * A 7
4152 Social workers A 7
4153 Family, marriage and other related counsellors A 5
4161 Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers A 5
4163 Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants A 5
4164 Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers A 5
4165 Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers A 5
4166 Education policy researchers, consultants and program officers A 5
4167 Recreation, sports and fitness policy researchers, consultants and program officers A 5
4168 Program officers unique to government A 5
4211 Paralegal and related occupations B 5
4212 Social and community service workers B 5
4214 Early childhood educators and assistants B 7
4215 Instructors of persons with disabilities B 5

5 - Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Min CLB SWO SWM IES
0513 Recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors 0 5
5131 Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations A 5
5225 Audio and video recording technicians B 5
5241 Graphic designers and illustrators B 5
5242 Interior designers and interior decorators B 5
5243 Theatre, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers B 5
5254 Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness B 5

6 - Sales and service occupations

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Min CLB SWO SWM IES
0601 Corporate sales managers 0 5  
0621 Retail and wholesale trade managers 0 5  
0651 Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c. 0 5  
6221 Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade B 5
6222 Retail and wholesale buyers B 5
6232 Real estate agents and salespersons B 5
6235 Financial sales representatives B 5
6311 Food service supervisors B 5
6322 Cooks B 5
6332 Bakers B 5

7 - Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Min CLB SWO SWM IES
0711 Construction managers 0 5
0712 Home building and renovation managers 0 5
0714 Facility operation and maintenance managers 0 5
0731 Managers in transportation 0 5
7231 Machinists and machining and tooling inspectors B 5
7232 Tool and die makers B 5
7233 Sheet metal workers B 5
7237 Welders and related machine operators B 5
7241 Electricians (except industrial and power system) ** B 6
7242 Industrial electricians ** B 6
7244 Electrical power line and cable workers B 5
7245 Telecommunications line and cable workers B 5
7246 Telecommunications installation and repair workers B 5
7251 Plumbers B 5
7271 Carpenters B 5
7282 Concrete finishers B 5
7284 Plasterers, drywall installers and finishers and lathers B 5
7294 Painters and decorators (except interior decorators) B 5
7295 Floor covering installers B 5
7311 Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics B 5
7312 Heavy-duty equipment mechanics B 5
7313 Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics ** B 6
7315 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors B 5
7316 Machine fitters B 5
7321 Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers B 5
7322 Motor vehicle body repairers B 5
7361 Railway and yard locomotive engineers B 5
7362 Railway conductors and brakemen/women B 5
7371 Crane operators ** B 6

8 - Occupations unique to primary industry

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Min CLB SWO SWM IES
0821 Managers in agriculture 0 5

9 - Occupations unique to processing, manufacturing and utilities

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Min CLB SWO SWM IES
0911 Manufacturing managers 0 5
0912 Utilities managers 0 5
9241 Power engineers and power systems operators B 5

* Regulated Occupation
** Compulsory Trade

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