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Investor Business Visa for Manitoba

Investor Business Visa for Manitoba

The Business Investor Stream (BIS) under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) (pls link it) encourages entrepreneurs and business investors to invest in the province. The Business Investor Steam invites skilled business professionals and start up enthusiasts to start a business or establish agrarian activities in the province. International Business Investors can be nominated as qualified business investors provided they are willing to start or purchase a business in Manitoba.

Key Highlights: Manitoba Investor Business Visa

  • Wide Scale opportunity for qualified business investors
  • Two Pathways 
    • Entrepreneur 
    • Farm Investor
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) model
  • After LAA, takes 120 days to complete application
  • Processing fees CAD 2500

This stream invites successful immigration applicants comprising foreign entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen willing to operate in Manitoba and has the capacity to initiate or takeover business entity in the province within a year of arrival in Canada on temporary work permit. Business Investor visa for Manitoba offers a wide range of opportunities to young entrepreneurs and start up initiatives.

Manitoba Business Investor Stream has two categories:

👉Entrepreneur PathwayThis stream is ideal for entrepreneurs planning to start a business in Manitoba

👉Farm Investor Pathways This is an apt stream to young investors willing to operate a farm in rural areas in Manitoba

Both these pathways follow the model of Expression of Interest (EOI). Experts suggest an initial research visit - a mandatory pre-requisite in the selection model – irrespective of the choice made by immigration applicant. Further, the province has introduced some vital changes in this stream that ensure that all selected candidates create jobs in Manitoba in a specified period, thereby make contributions to the provincial economy and spurt growth.

Manitoba immigration process through entrepreneur/Business Investor visa

👉 Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway

Candidates can be benefitted from this stream in multiple ways. For instance, the candidate can either purchase an existing business or start a new business or partner with somebody in an existing business. It is important to note that provincial authorities have discontinued the practice of directing candidates to deposit 100000$ to the Government of Canada under BIS. Other eligibility criteria of BIS are --

  • The candidate should have at least three years of work experience in the profession/domain he/she wants to start a business in. In this regard, the experience can be in the capacity of either business owner or manager of the business. It is important to note that business owners receive more CRS points than senior managers in this category.
  • Minimum language proficiency score in English should be CLB 5
  • A high school certificate is the minimum required academic qualification
  • Minimum investment of 2,50,000$ CAD for business operations in Manitoba Capital Region and a minimum investment of 1,50,000$ CAD for business operations outside Manitoba Capital Region
  • No age bar
  • Candidate must propose sustainable business plan
  • Candidate’s net worth should be at least 50,00,000$ CAD
  • An application is approved only after a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) is furnished

 Points allocation in Manitoba Entrepreneur pathway –

The potential candidates are assessed as per the points achieved by them and for this their profile is evaluated from a total score of 150 points.

The points assessment grid is as follows-


Maximum points





Business experience




Business Investment





👉 Manitoba Farm Investor Pathways

Earlier known as ‘Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative’, this pathway is an excellent immigration channel to applicants, who have experience in farming industry, and possess sufficient funds to operate a farm in Manitoba. Please note that candidates must be willing to work and live in rural areas in Manitoba under this pathway.

The qualifying list for this pathway entails –

  • Minimum three years’ experience in running farm operations
  • Language proficiency in one of the two official languages of Canada – English or French
  • Candidate must possess at least 3,00,000$ CAD for investment and to settle as a farmer in rural Manitoba
  • Candidate should conduct a prior research visit before applying under this pathway
  • Candidate should be able to create jobs in farm business on an ongoing basis
  • Technical knowledge and skills required to run technologically driven farming are integral part of selection process
  • Candidates must possess funds worth 50,00,000$ CAD

Application Procedure

The Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first step to apply for Manitoba Investor Visa. Hence, interested candidates are advised to initiate Manitoba Business Investor visa process by submission of Expression of Interest (EOI). It will be followed by assessing eligibility of candidates on the basis of allocation of points. Remember, only shortlisted candidates will be allowed to apply for MPNP.

After submission of Manitoba Investor Visa application, selected candidates will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) under BIS Manitoba, which means they can apply for a temporary work permit. The candidates need to prove efficiency, talent and skill in next 24 months and establish successful business. A successful business plan will open the gateway of Canada permanent resident visa.

The processing steps for Manitoba Business Investor Visa  are as follows:

  1. Start with self-assessment of your application
  2. Get your business plan ready
  3. Submit an expression of interest (EOI)
  4. After selection, a business concept code will be issued
  5. After receiving Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), candidates are supposed to submit complete application in 120 days
  6. Appear in an interview to discuss the business plan
  7. Sign Business Performance Agreement (BPA) after business plan is approved by authorities
  8. After receiving certificate of nomination, candidates can approach IRCC to apply for Canada Permanent Residency

There is a Business Consulting Unit (BCU) of Manitoba which is ready to help candidates with the entire visa process.

Manitoba Business Immigration Processing Time and fee

Candidates having a set of authentic and valid documents are eligible under Manitoba PNP program. While the processing time can be indefinite in the Entrepreneur Stream, the Farm Investment Stream generally has processing time of 12 to 15 months, depending on type of visa application.

The form for Canada investor visa for Manitoba needs to be submitted along with a fee of 2500$ CAD, which is application processing fee. Apart from this, the candidates should keep updated records of individual net worth and assessment of other expenditures.

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