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UK Tier 2 Work Permit Visa for Nurses

UK Tier 2 Work Permit Visa for Nurses

UK Visa Work Permit Tier 2 Key Highlights

  • Tier 1 – High Value Immigrants
  • Tier 2 – Skilled Workers
  • Tier 3 – Low Skill Level workers
  • Tier 4 – Aged over 16 and want to study
  • Tier 5 – Temporary Workers
  • Work Permit Categories –
    • General Skilled Workers
    • Intra Company Transfers
    • Sportsperson Visa
  • Minimum IELTS score 6.5 band
  • Minimum Score in Tier 2 is 70 Points.

The United Kingdom (UK) is the most popular destination in the world to immigrate and at the same time most restrictive one as well. There is a five Tier, point-based system of immigration which assesses the candidates on different parameters before accepting them for the work permit.

The Five Tier Visa system of United Kingdom entails:

Tier 1- It is an immigration category for “High-Value Immigrants” and covers entrepreneurs, investors or people with exceptional talent

Tier 2- It is the Skilled Workers category of immigration where people with job offer can immigrate to the United Kingdom

Tier 3-This is a low skill level work opportunity for people. But unfortunately, the government has not allocated any visa in this category so far.

Tier 4- People aged over 16 and willing to study in the United Kingdom can benefit from this category

Tier 5- It is a category for temporary workers including creative and sports field and also religious workers.

Among the categories mentioned above, the ideal category and a widely popular stream of immigration to the United Kingdom is Tier 2 category of immigration which provides opportunities to skilled workers for immigration.

The process of work permit in the United Kingdom is an employer-driven process in which the sponsorship letter from the licensed employer plays a crucial role. Further, the good part of a work permit in the United Kingdom is that the candidate becomes eligible for the permanent residency status after a stay of a minimum of five years in the country. After which, applying for the United Kingdom citizenship is the logical next step.

There are three main categories of attaining work permit in the United Kingdom

Categories of work permit in the United Kingdom -

▶ Tier 2 - General- Skilled Worker
▶ Tier 2 – Intra- Company Transfer
▶ Tier 2 – Sportsperson Visa

Getting a work permit in the United Kingdom

Before you start applying for immigration to the United Kingdom make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements for attainment of the work permit in the region –

▶ The candidate should have the employment letter from a licensed employer in the United Kingdom, and that employer will act as your sponsor for immigration.
▶ The candidate should have a sponsoring letter from the employer
▶ The candidate should achieve the minimum point score required for immigration to the United Kingdom.

Remember that the validity of a work permit is for five years and fourteen days.

Tier 2 Work Permit Visa for Nurses in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom happily accepts the Nurses from countries like Australia, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand and they are regarded as the capable workforce.

There are independent hospitals across the United Kingdom which provide prolific opportunities to the nurses and medical professionals to immigrate to the region. And immigrating with a work permit is the fastest way of immigration to the region. But there are certain conditions and requirements that the applicant should be aware of before undertaking the process.

It is important that overseas nurses should be registered with the United Kingdom government. The regulatory body for the Nurses is called Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), and they specialize in crosschecking your qualification, license, experience, etc.

To be registered with the NMC there are specific requirements –

▶ The nurses who have completed their training outside the European Union should be registered under the Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP)
▶ The aspiring nurse should meet the minimum education requirement
▶ There is a minimum language proficiency requirement that needs to be achieved which means an IELTS score of at least 6.5 bands in each section.
▶ There is a 20-day programme of protected learning which is mandatory
▶ If found necessary, then a supervised practice becomes pertinent

Processing of a Work Permit for Nurse in the UK and the Average Fee

The step one of starting the process is registering with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Overseas Nursing program, and after that, the candidate is free to apply through two programs –

▶ Tier 1 – If you don’t have a job offer
▶ Tier 2 – if you have a job offer and a sponsorship letter from a licensed employer.

Also, for the Tier 2 work permit visa for nurses category, which is the popular choice for nurse’s immigration, you will need a minimum of 70 points to score to qualify under this category. But, you need not worry with a job letter as the sponsorship letter alone carries 30 points. Moreover, there will be an extra 20 points allocated if you will be earning a decent salary and allowance after immigrations as per your employment letter.

The average decent salary for a nurse in the United Kingdom is 20,000 pounds (including allowances), and it makes the candidate eligible for the extra 20 points in the assessment grid as well. Otherwise, the other way of improving your score is through increased score in English language proficiency.

It is always smart to look for different opportunities and schemes before you plan to immigrate to the United Kingdom as there are considerable restrictions on how you work, where you work and what kind of work you pursue. Therefore, it is good to consult an expert before you start the process of migration. If you are looking for Tier 2 work permit visa for nurses in the UK from India, then get in touch with us. Signature Visas has a good track record of successful cases in the past with the help of adept professionals who aim to provide an all-encompassing service to the customers. For details, call us at:+91-9811648116.

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