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Eligibility for Canada PR From India

Eligibility for Canada PR From India

Eligibility to Apply for Canada PR Highlights

Point based System – Use CRS tool
Submit ECA
Get the minimum language score
Work experience of minimum one year
Proof of Funds essential
Medical and Police Verification

Canada PR (Permanent Residency) gives a residential status to those who are not citizens of Canada but wish to reside permanently in the country. With its efficient immigration policies, Canada is among the countries with the highest immigration rates.

Canada PR Visa holders enjoy great benefits of being a permanent resident like:

  • They can study, work, and live anywhere in Canada.
  • They can apply for citizenship in the country.
  • They enjoy the health and social benefits which other citizens receive.
  • They are protected under Canadian Law and get the same rights and duties as Canadians.

There are various programs through which you can apply for Canada PR visa, if you are eligible. All these programs have more or less similar requirements. Here are the various Canada immigration programs:

  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program
  • Self-employed Persons Program

Most of these programs use a point-based system called CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) on the basis of which the candidates are invited to apply. There are certain eligibility for Canada Permanent Resident one needs to fulfill in order to be eligible for Canada PR visa. You must meet the set eligibility criterion to apply for Canada PR and produce these basic documents substantiating your case. Here they are:

Language Proficiency: If you wish to settle in Canada permanently, you must prove your language skills. It is the most important aspect of the Canada Immigration Program. You must take a language proficiency test like IELTS to prove that you are efficient in the national language of the country. In order to be eligible to apply for Canada PR, you must score of band 6 in IELTS.

Educational Qualifications: The most basic thing required by the Canadian Government from the PR applicant is proof of his educational qualification. A candidate is required to submit an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) Report as proof of his educational qualification. The ECA report verifies whether the candidate’s educational degrees are equivalent to the Canadian Education System. If you have graduated from Canada, you need not to submit the report.

Health & Character Requirements: Other requirements are a health and character certificate that deem you fit to enter the country. You need to provide a health and character certificate to a federal government which proves that you and your family are free from any communicable and threatening diseases and have no criminal record. The certificates should be attested by the doctor and local police, respectively.

Skills Assessment Test: Your eligibility for Canada PR from India also depends upon your relevant work experience. In order to be employable in Canada, you need to show proof of your working experience which should be validated by the assessing authorities. It is important that your work experience should be pertaining to your educational qualifications and your skills should meet the demands of the Canadian Province.

Proof of funds: Another thing you need to prove for your eligibility in Canada Permanent Resident (PR) is the proof of funds. The immigration authorities need to see that you have sufficient funds to sustain with your family in Canada. In case you already have a job offer from a Canadian Employee, you need not to produce the proof of funds.

Official documents: Apart from the above-stated proofs, you must have the documents stating your age proof, marital proof, and personal identification in order since all the applications are assessed on these factors.

IELTS Requirement for Canada PR (Permanent Resident)

Here is the minimum score you should have in IELTS in order to be eligible:

  • Express Entry Program: You must score a minimum of 6 bands in all four modules (Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening)
  • PNP: Again, you need to score a minimum of 6 in all the four modules for this stream
  • SINP (Occupation-in-demand Stream): You must obtain at least a score of 4.5 in all the four modules

Funds Requirements for Canada PR

One of the requirements is that you must show sufficient funds to prove your adaptability to live overseas. In case you already have a job offer, you need not to show the proof of funds.

The minimum approximate funds you need to show as proof are:

  • For single applicant - INR 637,000
  • For two applicants - INR 790,000
  • For three applicants - INR 974,800

However, you can confirm the exact fund’s requirement before applying since the value of Canadian currency keeps changing.

Requirements for International Graduate For Canada Immigration

If you have graduated from one of the universities or college in Canada recently, then you must fulfill certain eligibility criteria to apply for Canada PR (Permanent Residency) Visa which is:

  • At least 1 year of work experience in a full-time occupation at NOC OA or B level in Canada in the past three years.
  • The work experience should be legal and must be gained after graduation. Work experience during graduation will not be counted.
  • A candidate must have plans to work outside the province of Quebec.
  • A candidate must obtain a minimum score in the language proficiency test.

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