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Study in Singapore

Study in Singapore

Singapore Study Key Highlights

  • Top International Universities
  • IELTS not required
  • Can Intern during the course
  • Popular Courses
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Logistic and Supply Chain Management.


Singapore, an island country, is a strong and rapidly blooming economy locates at the south of Eastern Asia. As a small in size republic, Singapore has swiftly reshaped itself to fast paced changing economy structures around the world. Thus, it is also called as one of the four dragons of Asia. It has sprouted as a great country in terms of industrialization and investment purposes.

Singapore is a city state and has no capital city. The country has a sprawling infrastructure with sky-rising buildings and establishments. It has prevailed as a world leader in exploration as well as innovation making it a high grade scholastic hub for international students. The republic facilitates a sought after education system to students at a considerably affordable cost. The geographical location of the Republic of Singapore is such that the climate of the country is characterized by uniform temperate with bursts of rainfall. The highest and lowest temperature ranges from 25 to 33 degree, respectively which is a very comfortable weather for most Asians. The political system is also very balanced as well as corruption free. Singapore makes home to multilingual and racial foreigners. It is one of the top places for tourism as well as an affordable place for education facilities.

Why Study In Singapore?

Cultural Diversity
The city-state aims to provide an extraordinary experience. The students are thrilled by a blend of cultures , diversities and urbanization that move hand in hand. The culture is diverse and people from around the world work is service sector of the ever growing Singapore. This factor gives a thundering exposure to the novice and students.

Emerging Sectors
There are an ample number of emerging sectors in Singapore that have a vaste scope to grow furiously in the next few years. The banking and financing sector, foreign exchange and enurance fields are a few of them. Tourism is one of the potent sectors of service industry of the country and is well knitted with medical, business and retail tourism.

Anti-Corruption Society
The base of the system and politics in Singapore is transparent with a free of corruption society. The citizens in general are sincere. Low tax rates& makes the state an ideal place to live and settle.

More affordable than other study destinations
With its location in proximity to India, the overhead and expenses incurred are comparatively low relative to other countries like USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

English Speaking State
As a student, You will not face any language barriers as English is widely spoken and understood by all. All the business and Administration work takes place in English Language. Thank the multicultural residency of state which makes it a comfortable and adjustable for all country.

Valuable degree
A degree from Singaporean University is well recognized all over the world. This makes your studies from Singapore a gateway to any country for soaring future.

Tuition Grant Scheme
This scheme was initiated by the State government to make the study for immigrant students more budget friendly so that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. This scheme is applicable for non-Singapore students who want to study in tertiary sectors and are enrolled in a full time diploma or graduation course. An application has to filled to fine cover in the tuition grant scheme.

Hospitality and Tourism (6 Months Study + 6 Months Internship)

Singapore is a much favoured holiday destination for people across the world. In fact, tourism is one industry which provides Singapore with a major share of its revenues. By virtue of this fact, the stream of hospitality and tourism is very popular amongst the students moving to Singapore for their higher studies. Hospitality and tourism is a broader category which includes fields such as hotel management, resort management, catering services and much more. Also, for the graduates of this stream, there is no dearth of job opportunities. Many students go on to pursue postgraduate studies in the field so as to gain specialization over a particular sub-discipline and increase their professional worth.

Logistic and Supply Chain Managment(6 Months Study + 6 Months Internship)

The logistic and Supply Chain Management has become the backbone of the Singapore’s economic growth. Hundreds of organization are moving into Singapore and considering it to be the hub for all its logistic needs. Singapore is has become a major player in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain. Through its rapid growth and demand there is always shortage of professional in the country.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme has the benefit of 6 months of Practical Training Classes and 6 months full time paid internship. Students Learn during the practical training classes about the skills that are required in the industry. Highly qualified and experienced trainers teach students the skills to tackle the challenging environment. Our tie up with organization assures you a job placement with best of the Logistic organizations in Singapore.

How to Apply Singapore Study Visa?

Profile Analysis

Profile analysis is done keeping your preferred subject choices in mind and your budget in consideration. With the profile is evaluate on the basis of qualification, experience and age that will help us filter out all the options for you. Our experts handling study visa can do the evaluation and counsel you for the same.

Select University and Course
After profile analysis, you will have a clear view and set of options that will be available for you. So, the next step is to select the university and the particular course that you want to go ahead with. Apply as per the requirements of the university.

Documentation and Application Process
This process is the most crucial part and requires you to submit all your details in form or copies of original documents.

Interview Preparation
This is the one of the end procedural steps in applying for a study visa in Singapore. Our experts here can give you online and offline assistance so that you are well ready for your interview procedure.

Pre Departure and Visa Guidance
As and when you receive an acceptance letter from your desired university, We help you are assisting you for your needful documents for the visa attaining procedure. We also mentor you with the visa interviews and resource you with all the possible questions that can be asked to you

Documents Required During Singapore Study Visa Process

These are some of the few basic needful requirements. Our Team can guide you with the other documents for student study visa for Singapore from India that may be required for submission of application.

▶ 10th and 12th mark sheets along with other qualification certificates (If applicable)
▶ Statement of Purpose
▶ Recently Updated Resume or CV
▶ Passport Size Pictures

Benefits of Studying in Singapore for Indian Students

Singapore study visa for India

To find out if you are eligible for Student Internship Programme, click below and fill your details. One of our consultants will call you shortly to discuss your prospects.

  • Achieve Internationally recognized diploma
  • One Year Program - 6 Months of Practical Studies and 6 Months of Full time paid internship
  • Earn up to INR 50,000 - 60,000 per month during internship
  • IELTS - Not Required
  • After One Year, you may extend visa for Two more years under Temporary Work Visa (E-Pass)
  • Can apply for further studies in Australia or Canada.
  • Get experience of working in reputed Hotels in Singapore.

Our Partner Colleges

  • STEI
  • Dimensions
  • L.S.B.F.
  • Amity Global

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