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A crowded, yet safe and efficient city-state, Singapore is one of the four “Asian Tiger” economies, along with South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, a group known for enjoying rapid economic growth in the second half of the twentieth century.

Only a few countries in the world offer an alluring mix of world-class education, cutting-edge technology and a vibrant cosmopolitan culture and Singapore is one of them. Underneath the massive skyscrapers that dot the city, you will bear witness to an interesting amalgamation of varied Asian cultures. Singapore is also known as the city of gardens. The entire city is covered with lush belts of greenery ensuring that city’s lungs stay clean and unclogged. Singapore boasts of numerous homesteads, public and private apartments and hostels that are unrivalled in comfort and modernity. Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial centre with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Its colonial core centres on the Padang, a cricket field since the 1830s and now flanked by grand buildings such as City Hall, with its 18 Corinthian columns.


Popular Courses

Hospitality and Tourism (6 Months Study + 6 Months Internship)

Singapore is a much favoured holiday destination for people across the world. In fact, tourism is one industry which provides Singapore with a major share of its revenues. By virtue of this fact, the stream of hospitality and tourism is very popular amongst the students moving to Singapore for their higher studies. Hospitality and tourism is a broader category which includes fields such as hotel management, resort management, catering services and much more. Also, for the graduates of this stream, there is no dearth of job opportunities. Many students go on to pursue postgraduate studies in the field so as to gain specialization over a particular sub-discipline and increase their professional worth.

Business (One Year Study)

Business is one field which never loses its sheen. Singapore has some reputed universities offering courses in business management. Singapore Management University (SMU) is one of the many. The course hones the business acumen and entrepreneurial skills of students and turns them into successful business managers. The classroom teaching strengthens the conceptual clarity and industry exposure in forms of internships and training gives a practical edge.

Logistic and Supply Chain Managment (6 Months Study + 6 Months Internship)

The logistic and Supply Chain Management has become the backbone of the Singapore’s economic growth. Hundreds of organization are moving into Singapore and considering it to be the hub for all its logistic needs. Singapore is has become a major player in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain. Through its rapid growth and demand there is always shortage of professional in the country.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme has the benefit of 6 months of Practical Training Classes and 6 months full time paid internship. Students Learn during the practical training classes about the skills that are required in the industry. Highly qualified and experienced trainers teach students the skills to tackle the challenging environment. Our tie up with organization assures you a job placement with best of the Logistic organizations in Singapore.

Psychology (One Year Study)

Psychology is another popular field of study in Singapore. The course is structured so as to inculcate in the students the ability to diagnose and remedy the psychological disorders. This course is both academically oriented and job oriented in the sense that students can go on to conduct more research in the field or can work as counsellors and advisors in hospitals and other institutions. Job prospects after the Bachelors or Master’s degree in psychology are quite bright.

Information Technology (One Year Study)

Given the pace at which technological advancements occur in today’s times, it is no news that Information Technology is one of the most popular fields of study of our times. Singapore is a hub of high-class training in Information Technology in Asia. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a globally recognized and a very well placed institute for technology-related courses. The field is popular both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students enrolled in a course on Information Technology are equipped with skills to modify and create new technological innovations, something which is required by every industry. Singapore houses many top-notch IT industries and thus, the job opportunities in this field are ample in Singapore.

Engineering (One Year Study)

Engineering, be it chemical or electronics or biomedical, is a conventional and evergreen area of study. Indians have a particular inclination towards this discipline. It is for this reason that many Indian students move to Singapore for higher studies in the field of Engineering. The country has many universities offering this course and different streams of it as well. The job opportunities in this field are aplenty since many technically oriented MNC’s have set up their centres in Singapore and are in constant requirement of a well-qualified workforce with a technical frame of mind.

Benefits of studying in Singapore for Indian Students

Affordable Education: There are many students who don’t go for overseas education due to the high costs involved. Besides the fees, you also need to consider the cost that you will incur while staying there. Keeping this in mind, Singapore seems to be apt; especially for Indian students. This works as a viable alternative to an equally good standard and quality of education. You can enjoy high-quality life and benefit from diverse student community that you find here. When talking about affordability, you also have the option to look out for scholarships offered here. This can give you a lot of advantage and you do require apt advice where this is concerned. The scholarships deadlines vary in every institution, and so you need to contact an advisor and start the procedure well in advance.

Exposure to different cultures and job opportunities: You can also think about the exposure you will get while studying in Singapore as you have students from all around the globe. You will be able to acquaint yourself with a number of cultures that will enrich your life. It is a known fact that Singapore is an established place for economic activity on a global scale. You find that many well-reputed businesses from around the globe have set up their base here. So, with a wide number of corporations, there are many job opportunities for you. All you need is required qualification and experience.

The safety factor must be taken into consideration: As Singapore follows a policy that does not tolerate ragging and any kind of mental and physical abuse even out of the campus, you feel safer and more secure here as compared to other places. Moreover, the people of Singapore are caring and warm, which will make your experience here all the more positive. The cost of living is reasonable and the food here is most suitable for Indian students. All that you need to do is find the right university and get going.

  • Achieve Internationally recognized diploma 

  • One Year Program – 6 Months of Practical Studies and 6 Months of Full time paid internship

  • Earn up to INR 50,000 – 60,000 per month during internship

  • IELTS – Not Required

  • After One Year, you may extend visa for Two more years under Temporary Work Visa (E-Pass)

  • Can apply for further studies in Australia or Canada.

  • Get experience of working in reputed Hotels in Singapore.

Process of Applying in Singapore

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