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Benefits of Canada PR

Benefits of Canada PR

Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Benefits Highlights

  • Five-year validity
  • Family Visa
  • Free Healthcare
  • Free education
  • Multiple entries in Canada
  • Protection against Crime
  • Freedom to start a business
  • After two years, the right to apply for Citizenship

Permanent Residency Status doesn’t make someone a citizen of Canada but a resident of Canada. It is an acknowledgment of your long stay in Canada by the Canadian authorities through which you can enjoy numerous benefits like Canadian Citizenship. To understand the importance of the Permanent Residency(PR) status let us look at some of the core benefits. Let us explore some of the key benefits of Canadian PR (Permanent Resident) i.e benefits of Immigration in Canada.

Here are the few benefits of holding Canadian Permanent Resident Status

The Canada Permanent Residency(PR) status has a validity of five years

Most of the Permanent Resident (PR) has the validity of five years, but there are also certain PR cards which hold the validity of one year as well. Hence, there is a lot that depends on the strength of your case when you are applying for immigration. The expiry date for the Permanent Residency status of the card will be mentioned on the card once it is allotted to you.

It is a family visa

Your family can claim your points and be a part of the benefits of Canadian PR status. This measure is available only for blood relative and close family members and will not include cousins and distinct relative. The government of Canada considers spouse and children to be family. For grandparents and parents, there is a different program for immigration.

There are benefits of free health care

The medical care for Permanent Residency (PR) status holders is free and covers almost all the prescription drugs. To bear this cost, the government relies on insurance from Canadian employers and government authorities. In the case of senior citizens, provinces provide partial coverage of the medical expenses.

Free education for all the family members

There are three levels of education in Canada – Primary, Secondary and higher education. The government is responsible for the funding of universal education up to grade 12. In this case, the practices and policies of education vary to a large extent as per the province in which the candidate is settled. But, there is a compulsory full-time education in all the provinces which covers foreign nationals as well.

Protection against crime as Per the Canadian Charter 6 of Canadian Law

Canada Government provides a safe and secure environment for the immigrants by giving them a voice to fight for justice and truth. A PR status holder will have rights under Canadian Charter 6 and will be protected by the authorities.

Freedom of multiple entries in Canada

If you a Canada PR card holder, then you are allowed to leave and re-enter Canada multiple times. In that case, your card will act your travel document; it will be proof that you can return to Canada within the validity period as and when you require.

After five years of stay, you are free to apply for Canadian citizenship

IRCC (Immigration refugee and Citizenship Canada) allots the Permanent Residency(PR) for five years. Those candidates who are physically present in Canada for a continuous 2 years become eligible for Canadian Citizenship as per the minimum requirements.

Freedom of starting a business in Canada

The most important aspect of starting a business includes having money for initial investment, a good business plan and registration of your enterprise. Some provinces will ask you to include a Canadian citizen as a part of your venture when running a business in Canada. Rest, there is a lot of freedom to the foreign nationals with PR card who wish to have their own enterprise. In this regard, they can either start their own business or buy a Franchise in Canada.

Permanent Residency Status preferred over Temporary visas or work visas

Considering the benefits that a Permanent Resident (PR) holds most people prefer this pathway of immigration rather than the work permit or temporary visa, where the validity time of the stay in Canada is considerably shorter than the PR. Further, since the candidate is granted PR status only after full scrutiny, the Canadian employers also feel safe and secure on hiring an immigrant with the PR rather than the work permit. Moreover, there is also the assurance of longer stay of the candidate with the PR status. The employer is also confident of your long term commitment in the country and intention of your longer stay. Hence he will also not hesitate to involve you in imperative projects and hiring you for a top-ranked position.

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