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Study in Cyprus

Study in Cyprus

Cyprus study Key Information

  • Overview
  • Why study in Cyprus?
  • Public colleges and Universities in Cyprus for International Students
  • Private Colleges and Universities in Cyprus for International Students
  • How to apply?


Cyprus offers cosmopolitan living with numerous opportunities for good living, career objectives and personal benefits. One of the best countries to live in Europe, Cyprus has a friendly culture and essentially one of the easiest when it comes to migration.
Those people who come from different parts of the world are opting to study in Cyprus because of the warm and friendly atmosphere in the country. It also offers a good education system through public and Private institutes both. Some of the reasons for choice to study in Cyprus are provided below.

Reasons to study in Cyprus?

The climate is amazing
Your energies are breath-taking when the weather is amazing. Cyprus offers a wonderful climatic conditions which helps to fill with positivity and energise your daily routines. You can rent a bike and use it for your daily errands to enjoy the beautiful weather of Cyprus.

The cost of living in Cyprus is very low
You can enjoy a good lifestyle, get a quality education from some of the renowned universities and all this without burning a hole in your pocket. At Cyprus you can engage in multitudinous activities as the cost of living in the country is very reasonable. Hence, wide variety of experiences in life at very low cost

No IELTS required for Cyprus study visa
Every year a lot of aspiring students want to take the leap of studying in Cyprus and elevating their career. You can apply for an undergraduate course in the country twice a year and get selected. The good news is that for Cyprus study visa there is no IELTS or TOEFL evaluation wanted from the applicant.

You can work in Cyprus on a Student Visa
Cyprus allows you to work on a student Visa. The part time work of twenty hours in a week is allowed to the applicants. This allows them earn while studying in Cyprus and also gain relevant work experience.

Public colleges and Universities in Cyprus for International Students

Public universities are founded as public corporate bodies to be academically autonomous governed by their Council and Senate. They are funded by the government, but they can raise money from other sources as well. All the public universities in Cyprus are dedicated to the excellence of teaching and research. Here is the list of public colleges and universities in Cyprus for international students:

  • University of Cyprus
  • European University Cyprus
  • University of Nicosia
  • Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • Open University of Cyprus

Private Colleges and Universities in Cyprus for International Students

Private universities are founded as private law organizations of speculative or non-speculative character, registered with the Ministry of Education. These private universities raise their funds from tuition fees. Here is the list of private colleges and universities in Cyprus for international students:

  • Alexander College
  • American College
  • ARTE Music Academy
  • City Unity College Nicosia
  • College of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • D.A. College
  • Cyprus International University
  • Frederick University
  • Mesoyios College
  • MKC City College
  • The Philips College
  • Neapolis University
  • Near East University

How to get Cyprus study visa from India?

The requirements for Studying in the multi-cultural environment of Cyprus will include the following:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Application form
  • Academic certificates
  • Proof of funds
  • Police verification
  • Medical clearance
  • Statement of Purpose

How to apply for the Cyprus student visa?

Cyprus Student Visa is issued by the Civil Archive and Migration department of Cyprus. Once selected the students are also allowed to work while studying usually twenty to thirty hours a week.
The process to apply for the student visa is as follows:

  1. Fill application form of the university
  2. Pay application fee
  3. Receive admission letter
  4. Submit documents and Visa application
  5. Pay Visa fee
  6. Attain approval

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