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New Zealand is one of the last lands to be inhabited by humans owing to its remote location. Nevertheless, today this thriving nation attracts tourists, students, immigrants and business from all over the planet. It has a population of about 4.5 million consisting of people of European, Maori, Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. The country’s capital is Wellington while Auckland, being the commercial capital is the largest city with an estimated population of 1.3 million which is almost one-third of the country. The country is famous for its beautiful harbour, excellent cafes and nightlife, and many professional opportunities.

  • New Zealand’s education system is globally recognized.
  • Universities offer a friendly environment with an English speaking ca 1-year job search visa on course completion of 2 year UG programs or 1 year or above on completion of PG programs.
  • The low density of population and demand for skilled labours make NZ an attractive destination for settlement after completion of your education.


Top courses in New Zealand

Commercial and Business Studies

Commercial and Business studies look into the dynamics of management of businesses and other commercial enterprises effectively and efficiently. The course provides students with a dynamic set of commercial skills required to thrive in the competitive business community. By the end of the course, the students are well equipped with the conceptual knowledge about the field and also other important aspects such as critical thinking and problem-solving in order to enable them to sustain and succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Natural and applied sciences

Another popular area of study for international students in New Zealand is natural and applied sciences. The stream includes courses such as Conservation and Biodiversity Management, Bachelors of Applied Sciences with specializations in biodiversity management and science communication. The programs in this discipline primarily focus on gaining knowledge about the functioning of various ecosystems and the impact the human activities are making on the health and sustenance of these biodiversities. Within applied sciences, the emphasis is given on practical application of conceptual knowledge with field works and also internships and work experiences with various organizations working in this field.


Engineering is one of the most famous streams in New Zealand as many universities in New Zealand are known for their renowned faculty in the area of engineering studies. The field has taken great strides and has emerged as one of the most favoured areas of study, both for local students as well as an international student community. Within the broader discipline of Engineering, various sub-disciplines reside such as chemical and process engineering, computer engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, forest engineering, mechanical engineering, natural resource engineering and software engineering.

Agricultural and horticultural studies

Agricultural and horticultural studies are one of the most popular streams of study in New Zealand. The majors in the field are general agriculture, agricultural engineering technology, agriculture business management, animal sciences, crop and soil sciences, horticulture, forest recreation and forest resources. The students are groomed to be agricultural experts by combining the conceptual knowledge about the field and also on the farm training to analyse the practical implications of the concepts learnt in classrooms. Students are also provided with the opportunities to visit the private farming operations and research farms in the country.

Medical Studies

This field is again a broader one with alternative medicine, dental surgery, healthcare and hospital management, nursing and MBBS as its sub-disciplines. The levels of study range from diploma to postgraduate degree courses. The two medical schools of New Zealand- University of Auckland and the University of Otago provide world-class academic and professional training in medical studies.

Hospitality and Tourism

The course on Hospitality and Tourism provides students training in the workings of the hospitality business. Hospitality incorporates within itself the sub-disciplines of resort and hotel management, catering services, tourism related studies and many other subfields. The course focuses both on conceptual clarifications through classroom teachings and also on the field training. New Zealand being a popular tourist destination, the employment opportunities in the field are many and the country has many reputed universities offering courses in hospitality and tourism at various different levels, starting from diplomas to postgraduate degrees.


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