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Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

About New Zealand

Many of you won’t know that New Zealand country is not part of any continent. The jewel of a country of New Zealand is a region of the world part of Oceania in Pacific. It provides the best of both the worlds with the beauty of country side as well as the job satisfaction in marketing and thronging businesses. New Zealand aims to provide students with a vast pool of opportunities and avenues. Wellington, also called as the windy wellington with the coastal winds blessing the country is home to many well know universities and institutions like Victoria University of Wellington, University Of Otang etc. The sovereign state is geographically situated at the East of Australia, has an average population of 5 MILLION. Thus, there is a growing need of manpower and immigrants in the country which makes it a suitable state to move-in . Though the weather may be extreme chilly at the South Islands but as nation us majorly dominated by coastal weather i.e mild climatic conditions. Auckland is one of the most important states of New Zealand with the highest population in the country of 1.5 million. The city provides variety of facilities for residents, students and tourists.

The happiness quotient of New Zealand is one of the highest statistics in the world. New Zealand can give you the real pleasures and aspirations, all in one with luxury and career stability. It makes an attractive destination for foreign students as the government accelerates them with prospects like affordable study costs, financial aid and post-graduation employment. It has a structural manner of education which is purely based on innovation and practically knowledge oriented. A great portion of the budget of the country goes into education sector of the nation.

Why Study in New Zealand?

The land of New Zealand has more than 8 universities that fall un the top 500 universities of the world. Going to State of New Zealand for further studies is a rather smart move. If you have taken this decision and looking for New Zealand study visa from India, then contact us, our experts at Signature Visa can guide you through the step –by-step swift processes for New Zealand student visa.

High Safety and a Peaceful Region
Global peace index ranks New Zealand as second in the peace index as per the latest statistics of year 2018. The safety and vigilance stays tight all over the country and insurance of theft is also covered for international students.

Quality Lifestyle
The multi-cultural society of the country co-exists in peace and harmony. The lifestyle facilities are wonderfully organized and the nation is graced with natural landscapes that scream beauty.

Prospects for PHD Graduates
The PHD students in New Zealand get a lot of exposure in terms of research opportunities and with that, they get perks of working full time as well during your studies. The fee strture is similar to that of the locals thus making their course easy.

Option of Part Time
The students can avail the facility of working part time that can ease the load of their financial dependence and they can support the fees. Their own financial needs can be eased with the part time work.

Globally Renowned Universities
The universities are extremely renowned and recognized globally which makes you completion of degree from Universities in New Zealand a feather to your cap. The degree can fetch you many greta opportunities and choices to choose from.

Application Process of Student Visa to Study in New Zealand

Maximize your probability of getting through a great and suitable university to study in New Zealand with our well guided process and expertise. The process for New zealand study visa from India takes place as following:

Thorough evaluation of all the parameters that are taken into consideration before applying to another foreign university.

Standardize Tests
The assessment of your case is done to avauate if a standard test needs to be given by you or if you have already given, then your results are reviewed.

Select University
Select the region you want to move to and their schemes and policies. You can thereafter checkout the options they have to offer in terms of educational institutions.You can select the university and then go with your ideal choice of course.

Documentation and Paperwork
Your SOP and Resumes are checked In depth and edited in accordance with the demand of Universities and the kind of CV they are looking for. We collect the detail documents and application forms for processing your process to attain you dream of studying abroad. The combursome process of paper work become convenient with our case managing teams.

Interview Prep Up
We give you the needful tips that you may require for your preparation for interviews with Universities. This will make you confident and you will have an insight to all the questions that can be asked to you.

Visa Consultancy
There are another set of documents that you may need to submit for your final visa attaining procedure . The submission of these will finally land you with a study visa. You will have an interview with the Embassy/High Commission officials. The interview preparation of the same will be provided to you with regular mocks.

Basic Document Requirements for New Zealand Student Study Visa

  • Attested copies of Secondary and higher secondary qualification certificates along with mark sheets.
  • English proficiency Test clearance certificate like IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Academic Reference
  • Updated CV
  • Certificates of curricular achievements

These are some of the documents that are must needed but the need can vary from University to University.

Top Universities of New Zealand

  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Southern Institute of Technology
  • University of OTAGO
  • New Zealand Tertiary college
  • Massey University

Top Courses in New Zealand

  • IT
  • Computer science
  • Animation
  • Graduate diplomas in Graphic designing
  • Administration And Accounting
  • National diploma in science

How can I get Student Visa for New Zealand?

There is no age limit for getting a student visa in New Zealand, and there are various options available to you. If you want to enroll in a course which is no longer than three months, then you can opt for a visitor’s visa as well. However, for courses which are longer than three months, they require a student visa.

Once you are in New Zealand, you can apply for a variation in your visa and allow yourself 20 hours a week work permit during the term of your course and holidays. Remember, the processing of the application is always faster when you are straight forward with your application. The student visa is valid as per the during of your course, and after your course finishes, you can apply for residency in the country.

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