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United Kingdom (UK) Immigration From India

United Kingdom (UK) Immigration From India

Are you looking for UK Immigration?

One of the most enticing factors which contribute to the UK immigration is economic work opportunities. Most of international immigration is carried out because of this reason only. The study opportunities, established networks, flourishing economy are some of the other core reasons that encourage people to choose the United Kingdom. Hence, there is a large number of people migrating to the UK in comparison to the European Union.

The shift in immigration policy and the comparison of various pathways can change the course of relocation altogether. Through this piece provided below, let us look below for the ways and features through which an aspiring candidate can relocate to the UK. Rejoice! The home of Shakespeare and the Beatles can be your home too.

What is the process to immigrate to the UK?

United Kingdom immigration can happen through different types of Visas that are available. One of the crucial steps in relocation is the choice of visa, which will be best suited for you. It will depend on what you wish to accomplish in the UK and how long you plan to stay in the country. If you are planning for UK immigration from india, you need to check these process.

There is a five tier system for UK visas and immigration –

  • Tier 1- It is a VIP category, or it is called “High-Value Immigrants.” It includes entrepreneurs, investors, and all the people who have exceptional talent.
  • Tier 2- It is the most viable category for relocation and the most popular one as well. It is for Skilled Workers category of immigration. It provides opportunities for people who will job offer to relocate. The time of allocation for the Tier 2 visa is three years but can be extended.
  • Tier 3- It is the least popular category as no visa has been given in this category so far. The low skill workers are allowed to relocate through this program.
  • Tier 4- This helps the students who are above 16 years of age to get a visa in the UK.
  • Tier 5- Creative field, Sports field, Social workers, and religious associates like Ministers can move to the UK through this category.

The Tier 1 program was shut down by the UK government in 2011. Now there are only certain guided situations in which this visa can be used. Tier 2 is the most suitable form of relocation as skilled workers can use it for work-related relocation.

What are the eligibility norms for Tier 2 UK immigration?

One of the first steps is to have a job offer letter from a UK employer in this category. For this, the employer will have to prove that a British citizen was unable to fill the vacant position. Further, some other eligibility requirements are listed below:

  • The educational qualification for the candidate should be as per the job requirements and should meet the UK degree equivalence.
  • Diploma qualification is also accepted if it meets the job requirement.
  • The work experience of a minimum of three years is essential for the job.
  • In the point system of UK immigration, the candidate should have secured at least 70 points.

What is the point calculator system for Tier 2 Visa?

The points will be assessed as per the factors mentioned below:

Factors Criteria Points
Language Full English language competency 10
Qualification GCE A Level equivalent 5
  Bachelors or Master’s degree 10
  Doctorate Degree 15
Available Funds Enough Funds 10
Earnings 20,000 to 23,999 Pounds per annum 10
  24,000 to 27,999 pounds Per annum 15
  28,000 to 31,999 pounds per annum 20
  Above 32,000 pounds 25
Sponsorship If position is on Shortage occupation list 50

How to immigrate to the United Kingdom as a student?

The UK immigration Visa allocated in this category in Tier 4 for the students planning to study in the UK. This visa is for one year. Generally, an extension is provided. There are some eligibility criteria the applicant wishes to relocate through this Visa category –

  • The applicant should have received the admission to a full-time course – 15 hours per day study.
  • The applicant should study minimum B2 level English of Common European Framework of reference for languages (CEFR) (except for Government Sponsored Student).
  • The financial security of the applicant is essential and should be able to pay for his fees and accommodation.
  • There should be intent on returning to the home country after the finishing of the course.

What are the categories of immigrating to UK under Tier 5?

There are five popular categories of relocation under the Tier 5 visa –

  • Charity worker - This is a temporary volunteer worker. The candidates will not be paid for this work.
  • Creative and sports worker- Entertainers, and artists can apply in this category.
  • Religious worker- This is for people who would like to pursue religious work in the UK.
  • Government Exchange category- People under government worker exchange schemes can migrate under this category.
  • International Agreement category- This for people who are willing to the UK for temporary work and provide a service which is under international Law.
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