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Canada Job Offer from India

Canada Job Offer from India

The valid job offers assure several foreign skilled workers, trained youth, young professionals, mid-level employees, immigration seekers and international students to create bright and promising career in Canada. Receiving Canada job offer from India is not an easy task and experts suggest to seek guidance of reliable immigration consultant having a proven track record like Signature Visas. We ensure eligible candidates to facilitate hassle-free Canada immigration through permanent residency status, work permit by securing job offer in Canada, facilitate Arranged Employment Letter, pre-approved LMIA, converting tourist visas into work permit by getting valid job offer in Canada among other services. We have tie-ups with as many as 50 immigration experts in Canada that enable us to facilitate Canada immigration on fast-track mode.

Key Highlights of Canada Job Offer From India

  • Work opportunities in different industries, sectors and domains in Canada
  • Job offer for Canada ensures good salary 
  • Various Canada’s economic class immigration streams either provide more points or are designed for foreign skilled workers having Canadian work experience. The Canadian work experience can be gained by securing Canada job offer for immigrants. Hence, such candidates are able to earn more CRS points under Express Entry system for having Canadian work experience.
  • Migrate through employer driven immigration programs that benefit eligible candidates
  • Access to social and economic welfare schemes 
  • Avail free of cost school education and basic healthcare facilities 
  • Live in safe, pollution-free and secure environment
  • Work in employee-friendly environment
  • A Canadian passport holder can enter 172 countries without a visa, 51 visas on arrival, and 33 countries require a visa to enter their land
  • Through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) gateway the provincial authorities select ideal candidates to meet the requirements of labour market and industries as well as specific occupations in the region/province. The provincial authorities nominate eligible candidates having Canadian job offer supported by positive LMIA and allow them to migrate to the nominated province to work and stay. The PNP status helps candidates to gain extra 600 points in addition to existing CRS points in the Canada Express Entry. Hence, job offer in Canada for foreign skilled workers helps candidates to successfully secure permanent residency status and receive Invitation To Apply (ITA) in next Express Entry draw

What is Canada Immigration Job Offer?

Job offer in Canada for IndiansThe Canada job offers from India help candidates to grab work permit. The Canadian employer’s issue valid job offers to skilled and semi-skilled workers such as hospitality staff, quick service restaurant employees, truck drivers, chefs, cooks, welders, pipe fitters, construction workers, mechanics and so on. Owing to ageing population and shortage of manpower to do laborious jobs, the Canadian employers require young talented skilled workers and professionals to fulfil demands of various industries and local labour markets.

The federal government of Canada also welcomes eligible semi-skilled and skilled workers to keep the economy running and meet demands of different industries and sectors in Canadian provinces.

Sometimes, the valid job offer is also called Arranged Employment Offer (AEO).


  • Guiding candidates to select right immigration pathways based on their personal and professional credentials in order to achieve their dreams 
  • Employment driven immigration programs like Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Pre-approved LMIA jobs
  • Work Permit by securing Canada immigration job offer
  • Facilitate employer sponsored Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) 
  • Facilitating Arranged Employment Offer (AEO) to candidates who have CRS points 425 and above and whose applications have been lying in Express Entry pool. The AEO helps such candidates to earn extra 50 points in addition to existing CRS points in Express Entry pool.
  • Facilitate conversion of Tourist Visa into Work Permit 
  • Facilitate and guide candidates for ‘Student Visa’ program 
  • Specialize job offer in Canada for profiles in Hospitality industry and Truck Driving

What is Canada Work Permit?

Work Permit is an authorization granted to foreign skilled workers that helps them to work for a specific Canadian employer for a fixed period in a particular Canadian province. The occupation selected by the candidate should be listed in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) – a national system to classify jobs and occupations.

The Canada work permit is only granted to eligible candidates having job supported by a copy of positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA shows that foreign skilled workers are required to run the economy and their contributions will make positive impact in industries and various other sectors in Canada.

It is important to note that Canada work permit is granted for two years and it can be extended after fulfilling terms and conditions both by Canadian employer and foreign skilled workers (employees).

What is LMIA?

The Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA is issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). The LMIA shows that Canadian employers can hire foreign skilled workers, immigrants, young professionals and trained youth by issuing Canada immigration job offer.

The LMIA is issued to Canadian employer by ESDC after advertising the job vacancies in different platforms, including newspapers, job portals, employment exchange, magazines and social media handles for one month. If Canadian employers are unable to find right and ideal candidates for advertised jobs and occupations amongst local citizens and residents, the ESDC issues LMIA to them in order to hire immigrants, foreign skilled workers or young and talented professionals to run economy efficiently.

What are Advantages of Arranged Employment Offer?

The Arranged Employment Offer in Canada is a valid job offer issued by authentic Canadian employers to foreign skilled workers, professionals and trained youth seeking to secure immigration under Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP). It is important to note that the Canadian employer must have Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in the name of applicant (or foreign skilled workers, professionals etc) to be able to issue valid job offer or AEO.

The AEO helps eligible applicants having 420 and above CRS points in Express Entry pool to gain extra points. Applicants gain additional 50 points in Express Entry pool if they are able to secure AEO along with a copy of positive LMIA. This ensures eligible applicants to secure Canada immigration by receiving Invitation To Apply (ITA) in next draw of Express Entry.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Canada Job Offers for Immigrants?

The general eligibility criteria to secure work offers in Canada are given below -
Age - Candidates should be in the age group of 18 to 35 years to gain maximum points for Canada job offer for Express Entry
Qualification - Minimum Class 12. However, candidates having good academic records and levels get highest CRS points for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). It is important to note that academic credentials are verified before approving the visa application.
Language Proficiency - Candidates should have good score in language proficiency test or IELTS. It ensures improved CRS score in Express Entry pool.
Relevant Work Experience - A good work experience record guarantees good CRS points. Work experience certificate in relevant field from previous employers or organisations prove that the candidate is well trained and has required knowledge for occupations or jobs.
Good Health - Candidates having good health condition and clean records (or no pending criminal case) get good CRS score.
Sufficient Funds - Candidates should have enough funds in order to sustain in Canada.

It is interesting to note that some Canadian provinces have lowered the language proficiency benchmark and number of years of relevant work experience under PNP. Candidates are advised to take help from reliable immigration consultant to know more about province specific eligibility requirements.

Why Candidates Should Seek Work Offer in Canada in 2022?

  • Canada’s new 2021-2023 immigration level plans mentions target arrival of over 400,000 new foreign skilled workers, professionals and immigrants per year. In order to meet the immigration target, the federal government of Canada keep welcoming foreign skilled workers and immigrants.
  • Canada’s national statistical agency - Statistics Canada – recently published the ‘Labour Force Survey’, which shows that the country witnessed fast economic growth in March 2021. The country added 303,000 jobs in March 2021. This report notes that Canada’s economy grew even closer to pre-pandemic levels in March. This also shows that Canadian employers need right and eligible candidates for these occupations and jobs.
  • Several employers from the USA are also expanding business to Canadian provinces in order to hire right and ideal candidates for job vacancies. This seems a positive development to many eligible candidates, skilled workers and professionals. According to news reports, around 31 per cent of employers from USA admitted that they are shifting base to Canada to hire talented and efficient manpower.
  • According to the survey report of ‘Statistics Canada’, 78.9% of people in Canada are employed in service-related industries such as hospitality, trucking, travel and cargo among others. Other popular sectors and industries in Canada are Information and Technology (IT), agriculture, oil and petroleum, telecom, shipping, quick service restaurant, fishing, retail, office administration, management, marketing and sales, manufacturing, education, healthcare, among others. Canadian employers always seek to hire efficient and trained manpower for these sectors and industries.

Canada has over 100 immigration pathways for skilled workers, immigrants, international students, entrepreneurs, young professionals and trained youth. These gateways follow transparent practices for eligible candidates willing to migrate to Canada and fulfil their dreams. The country has immigrant- friendly laws and practices, therefore candidates who meet all eligibility criteria and have Canada immigration job offer besides all required supporting documents for processing of visa applications, have fast-track processing of their Canada work permits.

What are Different Steps of Canada Immigration?

The Canada immigration include below-mentioned steps -

Selection of right immigration program - Candidates should seek guidance from trustworthy immigration consultant to understand eligibility criteria and identify right immigration program that suits their needs and career plans.
Eligibility criteria - Candidates must understand and fulfil all eligibility criteria to avoid cancelation or delay in processing of visa application. It is important to note that error free applications are processed in hassle free manner.
Documentation - Submission of correct set of documents in the ready to use format is important to keep visa applications on fast track mode. Some of the basic documents required in the processing of applications are birth (age) certificate, educational certificates, relevant work experience certificate, proof of funds, work offer in Canada, clean records (police verification), medical certificate and so on. Submitting these documents in the gven period helps candidates to get visa at the earliest.
Positive LMIA (in case of Work Permit) - The Canada job offer for immigrants supported by positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), issued by the authentic Canadian employer, ensures work opportunities in Canada. Hence, candidates, who fulfil all eligibility criteria, and have secure job offer in Canada for foreign skilled workers, have good chances of receiving work permit on fast track mode and later secure permanent residency status of Canada.

Why Us?

A leading immigration consultant, Signature Visas, guides and supports many candidates to secure valid job offers in Canada in industries and domains of their interest. We also provide resources in the form of ‘Do It Yourself’ (paid subscription) video presentations to interested candidates willing to create Express Entry profile. As a first step, we always assess personal and professional details of applicants in order to help them selecting right immigration pathway to achieve their goals and create a bright future in Canada. This holistic approach helps candidates to take informed decisions as well as save their time, money, energy and resources. Call us at +91-9811648116.

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