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Singapore Immigration

Singapore Immigration

Singapore Immigration Key Highlights

  • Singapore Immigration Overview
  • Ways of immigration
  • Different Work Visa

Singapore Immigration from India

Singapore is high-end on infrastructure and has a lot of work opportunities that allow employers and skilled foreign workers to settle in the country and attain professional satisfaction. Further, the education system in Singapore is world-class from kindergarten to University level. Thus, these benefits are the core reasons for the choice of Singapore Immigration from India.

It is always best to undergo the process of immigration with the help of a trusted immigration consultant only. As the rules are subject to change at any time, a good immigration consultant will help you make an informed decision. Below, we have concisely offered the scenarios and potential ways of Singapore immigration.

What are the Ways of Immigration to Singapore from India?

Singapore is one of those few countries which embraces immigrants with open arms. Hence, the number of immigrants in this country has witnessed a rise in recent times. For Immigration to Singapore, there are three core areas:

  • There are three different work visas
  • S pass holders' number a company can employ is limited
  • Dependent Pass or long term visit pass if you have a spouse, child, or Parent in Singapore

Three Different Singapore Work Visas

Three are many ways for Immigration to Singapore and three pathways for the working professionals are:

Employment pass

This pathway is for highly qualified professionals. It is valid for two years as long as the candidate is associated with the same company. In case the applicant has switched jobs, then the new company will have to provide the employment pass. This pass can be renewed for three years.
Depending on your salary you can bring your family to Singapore. Those applicants who earn 4000 $ a month can bring their spouse and those who earn 8000 $ can bring their parents as well.

Eligibility requirements are:

  • Minimum salary of 3300 $ per months
  • The minimum wage should increase with an increase in experience
  • The expected educational qualifications are important
  • Relevant experience for the job is essential

Entre Pass / Entrepreneur Pass

This is for those candidates who want to operate a business in Singapore. It a two year pass and can be renewed further. Only after the renewal of the pass will the applicant be allowed to bring the dependents in the country.

The eligibility criterions include:

  • Minimum age of 21
  • Relevant education and experience is important
  • At least 30 % share in the new venture
  • The business should provide for local employment
  • The business should be registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  • If it is a new business, then the requirements are – Funded by accredited VC, should have Propriety Intellectual property, collaboration with research in state and work with Supported government incubator

Personalized Employment Pass

It is a special pass for High earning professionals. The good part about this pass is the flexibility to switch jobs. Thus, you are not tied down to one employer. The validity of the pass is for three years, and individuals are allowed to stay in Singapore without a job for six months. Also, the applicants are allowed to bring their dependents to the country with them. However, this pass cannot be renewed.

The eligibility requirements are:

  • Minimum salary of 18,000 $ per month
  • The applicant should have a valid EP and a minimum salary of 12,000 $ Per month

S Pass Singapore

All those candidates who would like Immigration to Signature but they are less qualified they can resort to the S pass. There is a limitation on how many people a company can employ with the S pass. Two years are valid for the S pass, and it can be renewed for three years.

The eligibility is as follows:

  • The applicant should have a minimum salary of 2000 $ per months
  • The company should provide the applicant with health insurance

Dependent’s Pass Singapore

The dependents of people who live in Singapore can apply under this category. This pass has a validity of two years and is associated with the EP, PEP or S pass. This pass can be renewed.

The requirements for the dependent pass:

  • The sponsoring individual should have a minimum salary of 4000 $ per month
  • In Case of couples, your marriage should be legal
  • Children are considered dependents as long as they are 21 years old

Singapore Long term Visit Pass

This pass is for those who want their Spouse, children, or parents to migrate to Singapore. The validity of this pass is attached to the EP, PEP or S pass.

The eligibility for long term Visit pass for Singapore is as follows:

  • Minimum earning of 4000 $ Per month to bring spouse and children
  • Minimum earning of 8000 $ Per month to bring parents

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