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Poland Immigration

Poland Immigration

Poland Immigration from India

In 2017, Poland issued the maximum number of Visas to Foreign Skilled Workers in Europe. It has been the scenarios in recent times as well where immigrants are identified ad job seekers who are planning to create a future in the new country. With the country GDP on the rise, Poland is expected to witness a sharp increase in the immigrant’s population in the coming years as well.

A lot of people are opting for Poland immigration from India because of the following reasons:

  • Suitable for customer service and IT skills candidates
  • Average working week is 40 hours (8 hours every day)
  • After a year of working, and individual is entitled to 20 days paid leave
  • The unemployment rate is very low
  • The average salary in the country is increasing

How can One Accomplish Immigration to Poland for Work?

Through many ways one can work in Poland (obtaining temporary residence or work Permit). Read further, if you are interested to learn about the ways to accomplish Poland Immigration.

For all those who are citizens of the EEA countries, which includes the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Switzerland, they need not worry about the work permit to work in Poland. If you belong to Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia or Ukraine, you can work in Poland legally for six months. However, for other countries like India, there are some rules and policies which are set to be followed.

The Guidelines for Work Permit

  • To get a work permit in Poland, you also need to legalize your stay. These are considered two different things in Poland.
  • For a Legal stay, you will require a residency. A residency doesn’t mean that you can work.
  • The work permit is granted based on a request from a future employer.
  • Your work permit is only valid for a given company and the position for which they hired you.

The Six types of Work Permit in Poland

  • Type A - Employed in a company based in Poland
  • Type B - Part of management, general partner or Proxy
  • Type C - Working for a non-polish employer but is delegated to a branch for 30 days or a facility in Poland
  • Type D - Working for a non-polish employer and is delegated to Poland for a service
  • Type E - Working for a non-polish employer and is entrusted to Poland for a time of three to six months
  • Type S - Seasonal work permit. It was introduced in 2018

How can One Apply for Temporary Residency in Poland?

Ideally, the correct procedure is to apply for temporary residency first and then apply for a work permit in Poland.  Or, you can apply for temporary residency and work permit at the same time. The temporary residency and work permits are valid for three years, but a lot can depend on your employment contract as well.

The Documents Required for Temporary Residency in Poland

  • Application for the temporary residence permit
  • Four recent colored photographs
  • A valid travel document
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Health insurance or capability of coverage of treatment in Poland
  • Confirming a residence in Poland- lease agreement, etc.
  • Tax returns

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