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New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand Immigration

Immigration to New Zealand from India

It is rated among one of the safest and most serene locations in the world. There is an abundance of beautiful natural sceneries and landscape that New Zealand has to offer. Hence, Immigration to New Zealand from India is much desired and that too, especially if you are a skilled worker.

There are a lot of Skilled workers who migrate to New Zealand every year in search of better opportunities.

Some of the Benefits of the New Zealand Permanent Residency Status

  • You can live and settle in New Zealand for an infinite time
  • You can use the subsidized healthcare
  • The education facilities can also be availed
  • Multiple entries and exit from the country
  • Low Cost of living as compared to nations like Australia

How to apply for New Zealand immigration?

For skilled Foreign workers, there are three basic ways to apply for the Permanent Residency status:

  • Skilled Migrants category- This category will allow you to live and work in New Zealand permanently. There is a point-based evaluation under this system. The points score requirement includes the knowledge of the English language and good physical and mental health.
  • Family Category Visa- This category is for people who are spouse/ partner or have a dependent child in New Zealand. The essential criteria in this are the need to be Sponsored from one’s kin.
  • Business and Investment- This category can be further divided into two sections:
    • Investor category- it is for those people who are planning to live in New Zealand by investing in the business.
    • Entrepreneur category- it is for those aspirants who want to establish their own business. After running your business successfully for two years on this visa, then you are eligible to apply for the Entrepreneur residence visa.

What is the process to apply for New Zealand Immigration through Permanent residency?

The following steps are crucial to immigration to New Zealand

  • Submit an online Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • After meeting the point score requirements, you will receive the ITA. The minimum points score requirement is 100 points.
  • Documentation
  • File for the PR status of New Zealand

How are the points for migration to New Zealand calculated?

The points are obtained by analyzing the skills of a person in quantitative terms. The allocation of points is as follows:

Factors Maximum Points
Current Skilled Employment in New Zealand for twelve months or more 60
Current Skilled Employment in New Zealand for less than 12 months 50
Spouse Employment 20
Region outside Auckland 10
A region of skills shortage 10
Work experience (10 years or more) 30
Education-basic Graduate 50
Education-Postgraduate 50
Spouse qualification 20
Close family in New Zealand 10
Age ( 30 to 39) 25
Qualification in area of skill shortage 10

How long is the processing time for Permanent residency of New Zealand?

The whole process can take from 23 to 24 months to pan out. However, effective planning and adequate documents can help reduce time as well. It is good to have your qualifications assessed and apply for professional registration in time to speed up the process. The current time taken for this assessment by the New Zealand Qualification authority is 4 to 5 months.

If you are looking for New Zealand Immigration from India, then contact us +91-9811648116.

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