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Alberta AAIP Accelerated Tech Pathway

Alberta AAIP Accelerated Tech Pathway

The changing demands and work patterns in a technology-driven world create work opportunities for tech professionals. One such platform is the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway or Alberta Tech Pathway, which facilitates the grant of visas to eligible, experienced applicants from the Information Technology industry. A rising number of companies in IT and IT-enabled Services (ITeS) are planning to expand their services and businesses in Alberta. This resulted in the framing and design of an immigration stream by the federal government of Canada under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) - a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) managed by Alberta. The Accelerated Tech Pathway Alberta was launched in 2022.

In the wake of an increasing number of people reaching retirement age, the IT and ITeS industries urgently require talented and skilled tech professionals to continue walking the path of growth. Therefore, these industries turn towards hiring eligible and efficient IT professionals from outside Canada to resolve the aging population issue. The Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway is one of the best gateways for tech professionals with a valid Express Entry profile, an authentic job offer letter, or job offers from organizations or employers in Alberta-based IT or ITeS industries. Since entry to Canada is allowed through Express Entry, sometimes it is also called the Alberta Express Entry stream Accelerated Tech Pathway. Interested applicants who fulfill all eligibility criteria for tech profiles (positions) can also apply for a provincial nomination in Alberta. The provincial nominee certificate will help them gain extra points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scale - ensuring hassle-free immigration to Canada.

Key Highlights: Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

  • A popular job site CareerBuilder highlights that jobs in Canada in IT and ITeS sectors will grow at 11 percent every year.
  • Skilled tech professionals earn good salaries compared to sectors.
  • IT skilled workers having relevant prior work experience are given preference by Canadian organizations and employers in Alberta.
  • Applicants from IT and ITeS must have an active Express Entry profile to qualify for Alberta Tech Pathway.
  • Alberta Express Entry stream Accelerated Tech Pathway keeps the visa applications on fast track mode.
  • Alberta Enterprise Corporation recently highlighted that the province has more than 3,000 technology companies that urgently require a skilled workforce in IT and ITeS domains.
  • A report published by Alberta Technology Deal Flow Study stated that Alberta's IT sector had grown 23% since 2012. Still, it faces challenges due to a shortage of talented IT professionals. This resulted in the creation of an immigration stream, especially for tech professionals, by the federal government of Canada.


Accelerated Tech Pathway Alberta - Ideal Platform for Tech Professionals

Announced on January 13, 2022, the Accelerated Tech Pathway Alberta was upgraded after the provincial authorities started accepting visa applications for the new tech program in December 2021. This stream benefits foreign tech-skilled workers and IT and ITeS organizations in Alberta. The tech industry in Alberta requires a set of the efficient and talented workforce to serve the growing needs of related services and teams, as well as develop long-lasting tech-based solutions for users.

Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway Requirements

One eligibility criteria for the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway is having an active Express Entry profile, which must remain valid for the next three months. This stream facilitates Canadian immigration only through the Express Entry system or the PNP aligned with the Express Entry system.

Besides other human capital factors, interested applicants from the IT or ITeS industries must have relevant prior work experience in one of the in-demand jobs highlighted under the AAIP in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list. Also, eligible applicants with a valid job offer letter or job offer issued by organizations or employers based in Alberta can directly apply for a visa grant through the Alberta Tech Pathway stream.

Alberta Tech Pathway Eligibility

The in-demand jobs under the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway are listed in the NOC list. The required education, skill certification, training, and relevant work experience of interested applicants must match the requirements of NOC codes. This will make applicants eligible for the Alberta Tech Pathway.

The NOC codes listed below highlight profiles and positions in in-demand jobs in Alberta that urgently require IT-skilled professionals. Many tech organizations are seeking to hire the right fit and ideal candidates for the below-mentioned positions:

NOC Codes List of In-demand Jobs In the Tech Industry
2171 Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
2172 Database Analysts and Data Administrators
2173 Software Engineers and Designers
2174 Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
2175 Web Designers and Developers
2147 Computer Engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2281 Computer Network Technicians
2282 User Support Technicians
2283 Information Systems Testing Technicians
0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers
5241 Graphic Designers and Illustrators


NOC Codes List of In-Demand Non-Tech Jobs in Alberta
0112 Human Resources Managers
1121 Human Resources Professionals
1223 Human Resources and Recruitment Officers
0601 Corporate Sales Managers
4163 Business Development Officers and Marketing Researchers, and Consultants
1123 Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations
7241 Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System)
0013 Senior Managers - Financial, Communications, and Other Business Services


Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway Processing Time

Interested applicants must follow the correct application steps to apply for the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway. It starts with understanding eligibility criteria and processing for the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program before planning to submit an application. Applicants may face delay or rejection of their applications if application forms mention incomplete information or credentials.

After understanding the requirements of the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway, applicants must follow the below-mentioned steps to keep applications on fast-track mode -

  • Create an Express Entry Profile: Applicants from an IT or ITeS background must qualify for one of the three immigration sub-streams under the Express Entry System—the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP); the Canadian Experience Class (CEC); or the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), to apply for the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway. Further, eligible applicants from IT professions are supposed to fill out the line form under Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP), which will highlight key details about the Express Entry profile as well as NOC codes, along with a job offer letter or job offer issued by organizations or employers based in Alberta.

    The authorities ensure that through AINP, applicants fulfill all Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway eligibility criteria. Applicants with a technical background who are ideal and selected will be invited to apply for Alberta provincial nomination via email. Applicants cannot use nominations under AINP streams without an invitation from provincial authorities.
  • Provincial Nomination Process – Properly filled application forms are directly sent to a pool of eligible applications. The AINP authorities consider these applications in the pool for the provincial nomination process. Once nominated, the eligible applicants must accept or reject provincial nomination through the Express Entry profile in 30 working days. It is important to note that applicants having a valid job offer letter or job offer will easily secure AINP since they are eligible to receive extra 600 CRS points in addition to their existing Express Entry score.

It is critical to understand that receiving an invitation to apply from the AINP does not guarantee obtaining Canadian permanent residence status. The nominee certificate enhances the chances of selecting applicants during the draw in the Express Entry pool. This highlights the importance of understanding and fulfilling all eligibility criteria of the Alberta Tech Pathway for interested applicants from the IT sector. The Canada PR is only granted after the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) office has evaluated Express Entry profiles.

Incorrect and incomplete information in applications may delay processing and, in some cases, may lead to a ban on applicants from reapplying for Canadian immigration for up to the next five years.

Importance of Job Offer for Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

Interested professionals from the IT or ITeS domains with relevant work experience in any in-demand occupations can apply to secure a letter or offer for the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway. IT organizations and employers can only issue a valid job offer letter or job offer in Alberta.

A valid job offer letter or job offer should also include all information and details about the employer and employee (foreign tech worker), as well as the employment or job details. The correct information in the correct order demonstrates that the job offer letter or job offer is genuine and certainly aids in Canadian immigration.

The Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway mentions that jobs done by the applicant in the IT or ITeS domains should be regular, full-time, and paid work.

Applicants having active Express Entry profiles can mention the primary NOC code or Alberta job offer to earn an additional 600 CRS points in their Express Entry profiles in addition to their current scores and receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) at the earliest. This procedure ensures that obtaining permanent resident status in Canada is done logically and smoothly.

Benefits of Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

  • IT professionals with prior work experience from outside Canada can quickly secure Canada PR status in the least possible time frame or within six months if they submit a valid job offer letter or job offer in the desired in-demand tech jobs in Canada as well as submission of related documents in proper and ready to submit format 
  • The processing of applications is done in a time-bound and in hassle-free way.
  • Eligible applicants or IT professionals also receive a letter of support from the provincial authorities of Alberta if they are interested in applying for a temporary work permit.

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