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Canada PR without Job Offer

Canada PR without Job Offer

You can Immigrate to Canada without a job offer. There are immigration programs like Express Entry System and Provincial Nomine Program that allow you to apply for Canada PR without having job offer. With employment offer you get some points for immigration, but without it also you can apply. Start the proceedings by checking your chances of getting PR Visa by meeting the minimum score requirements through Canada PR points calculator.

Key Points: Canada PR without a Job Offer

  • Choose the place to stay as per your skills
  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)
    • Minimum IELTS score of 5 bands
    • Minimum one-year experience
    • Minimum required education
    • Minimum point score 60 out of 100
  • Nova Scotia
    • Minimum IELTS score of 5 bands
    • At least One-year experience
    • Education in same field
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program
    • Minimum IELTS score of 5 bands
    • At least one-year experience
    • The least required education
  • Ontario Immigration Nominee Program
    • ​Minimum IELTS score of 7 bands
    • At least one-year experience

For a better lifestyle and excellent employment opportunities, there are thousands of people who relocate to Canada every year. As per the reports, the Canada population increased over a half a million in the year 2019 and all this was due to the high immigration rate that year. The immigration process has eased out in recent years, and the number of opportunities available for migration has also increased immensely. Hence, based on your credentials and even the application profile there is always a program that is designed to help you have a smooth immigration process. The trick is to choose the program which is best for you as per your abilities, and for this, top Canada PR consultant is highly crucial. A top consultancy can help you find a way to Canada PR without a job offer from India.

For some people who have been trying to relocate from a long time, it is no less than a dream to get Canada Permanent Resident (PR) without a Job Offer. While it is always good if the candidate has the Job letter but there are also provisions through which the candidate can immigrate without the job letter as well, and for this, there are few provinces which offer excellent opportunities to the migrants.

How to Get Canada PR Without Job Offer from India?

We will look at the provinces which provide the hope to relocate to Canada for those candidates who were unable to attain a job letter from a Canadian employer. The most popular provinces which offer Canada Immigration without the job offer are –Saskatchewan, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)

Saskatchewan has become a widely popular choice to immigration to Canada without the job offer from a Canadian employer. The Saskatchewan immigration program doesn’t rely on the Express Entry Program for migration and has an occupation in demand category for efficient migration.

Some of the selection criteria for immigration without job offer to Saskatchewan province entails:

  • Minimum language score of 4.5 IELTS
  • Minimum educational qualification requirement in the desired occupation
  • At least one-year full-time experience in a permanent job in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) category of skill Type A, O or B
  • The proof of professional occupational license in the region – required for professional like Law, medicine and pharmacy
  • The availability of sufficient funds to sustain himself till the time he finds a job
  • The applicant should have a score of a minimum of 60 points out of 100 in its assessment grid.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSPNP)

It is the smallest province of Canada and also high in-demand for primary and secondary jobs employment opportunities. Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, and Marketing executives place a high value on Nova Scotia immigration.

To be able to immigrate to the Nova Scotia without the Job offer the essential pre-requisite is:

  • A minimum score of 4.5 bands in IELTS to be achieved
  • Minimum one-year job experience in the desired occupation from the National Occupation Classification (NOC) category of skills Type A, O, and B
  • Minimum required education in the same field as that of the choice of occupation
  • The candidate should have a positive intent of staying in Nova Scotia after immigrating to Canada

Those who wish to migrate to Nova Scotia can take the process of Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream. The eligibility is as follows:

  • Get a letter of Interest (LOI) from Nova scotia Nominee program within Express entry system.
  • Submit your application in 30 days from when LOI was issued.
  • A minimum language score in IELTS to be achieved.
  • Minimum  job experience in the desired occupation from the National Occupation Classification (NOC) category of skills Type A, O, and B.
  • Minimum required education in the same field as that of the choice of occupation.
  • The candidate should have a positive intent of staying in Nova Scotia after immigrating to Canada.

Quebec Skilled Workers program (QSWP)

The reason for Quebec’s popularity is lenient immigration laws and excellent employment opportunities of all. The province of Quebec has its points calculator for selection of the applicants and doesn’t follow the regular model of other provinces. The province of Quebec aims to invite as many as 29,500 foreign skilled workers and professionals. It marks a slight increase from 2022's immigration target of inviting 28,800 foreign skilled workers. It helps if your occupation is listed in jobs in demand in Canada for immigration.

The core eligibility selection factors for without the job letter category are:

  • All applications should be filed through Mon Projet Quebec, just like the express entry system, in this model, the candidates are graded as per the point based evaluation system
  • Minimum language score of the candidates of 5 CLB
  • At least one-year work experience in a full-time occupation, which is selected from the National Occupations Classification (NOC) category
  • Sufficient points for immigration
  • Adequate funds for migration
  • Minimum required educational qualification as per the occupation choice

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has a Human Capital Priorities stream which allows the applicants to move to Canada without a job offer. The Human Capital stream has three Express Entry-linked categories. While a job offer is not required, but it is important that the applicant has an active Express Entry profile along with the work experience to be selected in this category. The minimum language score requirement in this category is CLB 7 and the applicant should also have minimum one year of experience in the last five years.

These are just some popular ways to get Canada PR visa from India without a job offer. Migrating to Canada with the permanent residency (PR) status can become tedious for those who are unaware of the immigration proceedings. In this regard, it is always best to immigrate with the help of an expert mentorship. Call us at +91-9811648116.

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