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Jobs in Demand in Canada

Jobs in Demand in Canada

Jobs In-Demand in Canada for Immigration Key Highlights

  • Choose job from NOC list in Canada
    • Sales Representative
    • Accountant
    • Engineering Project Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • IT Project Manager
    • Accounts Manager
    • Software Engineer
    • Recruitment specialist
  • Occupations in Boom
    • Nurses
    • Truck Drivers
    • Vocational Institutes
    • Business Managers Consultants
    • Welder
    • Software engineer
    • Electrician
    • Steamfitter and Pipefitter
    • Vet
    • Pharmacist

Are you looking for Most Demanding Jobs in Canada?

This is the best time to immigrate to Canada if you are looking to settle there with good prospects. The immigration year of 2019 has started with a bang as there were 11, 500 ITAs being sent in the month of January itself and what better reason to immigrate to a country than for building a career and high standard of living. Canada is one of the most secured economies of the world, and there are numerous job openings every day to help the immigrants settle in Canada and assist in the economy. With the Canadian industries growing needs for trained and skilled professionals the demand is witnessing a whopping raise.

If you have skills and work experience in any of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list category in Canada, then there is a place for you in the country. Immigrate through any of the options available – Canada Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) and start exploring your options. It will be soon enough that you will have a good job letter with you. The Express Entry Program immigration model is for skilled candidates who wish to live, work and settle in Canada, and the online filing of the applications has made it much more transparent.

Through this piece, we will examine some of the most popular jobs in Canada for 2019.

Since Canada is a sparsely populated region, it is facing a lot of human resources issues. Hence, immigration is one of the top priority of the country. While the employment opportunities in the regional areas are short in numbers, however, there are certain occupations which are in high demand than the others.

For 2019 top in-demand Job opportunities in Canada are:

👉 Sales Representative

It is one of the jobs in-demand in Canada. If you are good at communicating and convincing others to buy your product, then this is the job for you. A good sales representative can make a lot of difference to an enterprise and they are in huge demand in Canada with over 8, 500 openings for a Sales representative job bank. The remuneration in this field is also lucrative with the pay scale ranging from 52,000$ CAD to 64,000$ CAD. Under this category, also there are different National Occupation Classification (NOC) list categories through which the candidate can apply for a job in Canada as a sales representative.

The NOC List Entails




Retail Sales supervisor


Technical Sales Specialist – wholesale trade


Retail and wholesale buyers


Insurance agents and brokers


Real estate agents and salesperson


Financial Sales representative

👉 Accountant

This is the second most jobs in demand in canada for Immigration. Every business keeps record and books and you can be a crucial asset if you are adept with bookkeeping. Further, this job profile is also considered to be a stable job than the other jobs in Canada with a high pay scale of 63,000 $ CAD to 75, 000 $CAD. The NOC categories for this job type entails two codes- 0111 for Financial Managers and 1111 for Financial Auditors and Accountants.

👉 Engineering Project Manager

Canada is witnessing a growth in manufacturing unit especially in areas like Ontario and Saskatchewan. Hence there are numerous opportunities available for a renowned Engineering Project Manager. There are both government ventures and private ventures where the candidate can try his luck and earn extensively from 74,000 $ CAD to 92,000 $CAD. The job code for this category is 0211.

👉 Business Analyst

One stream which has witnessed an upward swing in the recent years in the profile of a Business Analysts. It requires an understanding of innovation, technology, and managerial attribute, therefore, it is an all-encompassing field which requires a package of credentials. This new field has various dimensions and high pay scale of 73,000 $ CAD to 87,000 $ CAD.

The job codes for this category include –

NOC code



Professional occupations in business management and consulting


Information system analyst and consultants


Economists and economic policy research and analysts


Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultant

👉 Information Technology Project Manager

Every industry is technologically driven in today’s time. Hence, if you are aware of the latest technological advancements and also prepared to innovate in the field then this is the best field for you. The job openings in the job bank for this beneficial occupation is 1,989 and the remuneration scale is 90,000 $ CAD to 1,14, 000 $ CAD. The job code for this occupation is 0213 for Computer and Information Systems Manager

👉 Account Manager

The achievement of a business can depend a lot on how the accounts are managed. It is an essential attribute for the success of any enterprise and somebody with the account skills is offered a high paying salary of 75,000$CAD to 92,000 $CAD. There are two NOC job codes for this category – 0125 for Business Service Managers and 0601 for Corporate Sales Managers

👉 Software Engineers

If the programming language is your forte, then you can efficiently handle an application as there is tremendous scope for you in Canada. Your skills can create application and database which can help manage the operations of a business in an improved manner. Hence, for incredible services, there is also an incredible pay attached with 83,000 $CAD to 99000 $CAD

👉 Recruitment Specialists

Last but not least, a recruitment specialist can help the company find a good human resource. It is a position that is available in almost every kind of organization where you can help the company find the correct staff for efficient working. With new job openings in this position every hour, there is compensation of 59,000 $CAD to 71,000 $CAD required in this category. The job code for this occupation is 1223.

Some other occupations in Canada which have recently witnessed a boom period in Canada are –

👉 Nurses – Canada pays high importance to take care of the elderly and has social welfare programs also available to help the senior population. Hence, with the innumerous opportunities available for employment in the medical sector the demand for Nurses has seen a significant rise.

  • Compensation- 36 $CAD per hour
  • Employment opportunities – 1,39,700

👉 Truck Drivers – Canada is an enormous country hence the need for a good transport system. The profession of Truck drivers is highly sorted after in British Columbia province especially, and for this, they require little training as well.

  • Compensation – 31 $CAD
  • Employment opportunities – 1,35,900

👉 Vocational Instructors -Canada has a thirst for skills. There is a huge demand for vocational instructors in professional, and specialized school and pertaining to the program of your choice there is qualification prerequisite in this category.

  • Compensation – 35 $CAD per hour
  • Employment opportunities – 57,100

👉 Business Management ConsultantEffective management can add employment opportunities and also evolve the enterprise. Thus there is extraordinary interest in Business Management Consultant in Canada

  • Compensation – 3,462 $CAD
  • Employment opportunities – 49,300

👉 WelderThe assembling and construction sector requires skills that are exceptional. The people who are trained with welding abilities are required for this assistance.

  • Compensation –2,402 $CAD
  • Employment opportunities – 30,800

👉 Software Engineers and DesignersFor the development of a good communication model in an organization, invocation and also for technological architecture there is a need for software engineers in every evolving field of Canada.

  • Compensation – 4,327 $CAD
  • Employment opportunities – 18,600

👉 ElectriciansSince there is a shortage of qualified electricians, this is a popular field. Canada knows how to pay an electric repairing well.

  • Compensation –3,350 $CAD
  • Employment opportunities – 12,500

👉 Steamfitter and PipefitterThe urbanization and modernization in Canada have created a humongous need for pipe fitters and steam fitters in the country. The progressively changing architecture of the country requires massive work for manufacturing, construction, and infrastructural framework.

  • Compensation – 35 $CAD per hour
  • Employment opportunities – 9,800

👉 Veterinarian - There is no need to worry if you have a pet in Canada, there are good veterinarians available to take care of your beloved pet. Also as a vet, you have numerous opportunities available in this developing field.

  • Compensation – 1,715 $CAD
  • Employment opportunities – 5,700

👉 Pharmacist-Apart from being a very sort after a profession in Canada it is also a licensed profession which requires recommendations and verifications.

  • Compensation – 4,687 $CAD
  • Employment opportunities – 11,300

Don't Worry if your occupation is not in the above list.

Canada has more than 3000 occupations for which they require professionals. The list of occupation which is approved by the Canadian Authorities is listed under the National Occupation Code. The above occupations have a brilliant chance to get a Job Offer even before landing in Canada.

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