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New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Key Highlights

  • Personal Net worth of 3,00,000 CAD
  • Minimum 50 points for point based selection
  • Submit conditional deposit (refundable) of 75, 000 CAD
  • Minimum Qualification- High School diploma

New Brunswick is known for highest and wildest tides in the world and has some of the warmest saltwater beaches in North of Virginia. Hence, if you have scenic beauty on your mind along with excellent career opportunities, then this is the province that is the answer to all your queries. It is the smallest province of Canada and is well known for its New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Investor Program.

There are three core categories of immigration in the region –

  • for the candidates with a job offer,
  • for the candidates who have at least one family member living in New Brunswick
  • for people who would like to invest in a business venture in the region. (New Brunswick entrepreneurial stream)

The below-provided piece looks at the Investor / Entrepreneur venture category in detail for which New Brunswick – Investor Program is the most sort after.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee - Investor Program

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is an economic program of the Government of Canada where individuals who qualify are the business people who have gained money from legal entrepreneur practices. They are selected and nominated for the New Brunswick province of Canada. These people should be capable of managing and running an enterprise that contributes to the economy and has the ability to create jobs in the region.

However, certain eligibility and selection requirements need to be met by the candidate for immigration through the NB PNP program

👉 New Brunswick – PNP Investor Program qualification requirements

The eligibility requirements for the region does not guarantee your immigration to the desired province, but they are minimum qualifying potential requirements that are required to file for the visa under this program. Find them listed below–

▶ The candidate should be between 22 to 55 years of age at the time of applying

▶ The minimum language efficiency score in one of the two official languages of Canada – English or French

▶The high school diploma as the minimum educational requirement for the candidate

▶ The candidate should file the intent of living, working and staying in New Brunswick

▶ The candidate should have proven skills of management and adequate experience of at least three years which should have been obtained in the last five years

▶ The candidate should be equipped with an understanding of the business environment in New Brunswick.

▶ The business plan of the candidate should be approved by the government of New Brunswick.

▶ The candidate should have a personal net worth of 300000 $ CAD

▶ The candidate should have the minimum required settlement fund

▶ Before the nomination, there should be a signed copy of deposit agreement and conditional deposit (refundable) of 75000 $ CAD which should be submitted

▶ The candidate should have achieved a minimum point score of 50 points in the assessment grid of New Brunswick.

👉 Selection factors of NBPNP

The next step in the selection grid is an assessment of the points of the candidate on the basis of five selection factors – age, language proficiency, skills, education, and adaptability. The minimum qualifying score in the point grid is 50 for selection, and the allotment of points is as per the following table –

Factors of Assessment


Areas of high point achievement



Age – 22 to 55



CLB 8 or above



Masters or Doctorate degree



Points on different factors on living, education or employment in New Brunswick.


Management Experience


4 years or more

👉 Business Trip as an important criterion

Apart from the above-mentioned point grid, the candidate is expected to make at least one business trip to New Brunswick before the application for immigration to the region is submitted. This trip is important as it can help the candidate gain knowledge of the working entrepreneurial environment of the province. There are conditions attached to the business trip and it should be of a minimum five days in which statutory holidays are not included.

However, there are certain occupations where this official trip is not important and they are –

▶ New Brunswick business owners

▶ Regional economic development officers

▶ Chamber of commerce officials

▶ Industry association officials

▶ Commercial Bankers

▶ Commercial / residential real estate agents

▶ Business brokers

▶ Accountants – who undertake bookkeeping and taxation

▶ Legal Counsels

▶ New Brunswick based cultural associations

The next step after the business trip is an interview with the New Brunswick authorities where you will be assessed as per your communication skills, management skills and understanding of business operations.

👉 The process of applying for the New Brunswick - PNP (Provincial Nominee Program)

There are different steps involved in getting a business investor visa under New Brunswick entrepreneurial stream, and they are listed below –

▶ Arrange for a business trip to the province

▶ Organize the business trip

▶ Participate in interview

▶ Submit your application for immigration to the province of

▶ Submit Deposit agreement

▶ Submit application to CIC

▶ Connect to New Brunswick

▶ Start your enterprise

▶ Apply for Refund

👉 The Processing fees of News Brunswick PNP

The candidate should pay the fees of CAD $ 2000 for New Brunswick – PNP which is a non-refundable fee. This cost doesn’t include the business trip payment or any other charge. It is merely a processing cost of the application in the region.

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