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Canada Visit Visa from India

Canada Visit Visa from India

A Canada Visitor Visa allows the applicant to travel to Canada for leisure and tourism. It is also called the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). The ability to secure work opportunities in Canada through a work permit is now included in the Canada tourist visa from India.

Key Highlights

  • Canada visitor visa from India offers single and multiple entry visa categories
  • A valid passport and documentation play an important role in securing a visitor visa
  • Tourist visa to Canada from India should be applied for two months before the departure
  • IRCC’s website provides real-time tracking of visitor visa applications
  • Eligible applicants can secure employer-specific work permits while staying in Canada on a tourist visa

The Canada tourist visa from India is a legal document that shows that a person is eligible to enter Canada. It is important to note that many countries that do not have visa exemptions or electronic travel authorization require a Canada visitor visa. The Canada tourist visa from India allows visitors to stay in Canada for a maximum duration of six months.

Nowadays, many people are opting for Canada tourist visa from India due to the following reasons -

  • Canada is an advanced nation with a strong economy
  • Hassle-free immigration policies and streams 
  • Immigrant-friendly communities
  • Transparent government policies
  • Mesmerizing locations and landscape
  • Less pollution
  • The quality standard of living
  • Access to world-class healthcare and education
  • Quality of life
  • Adventure and outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and snowshoeing trails across Canada

There are two types of visitor visas for Canada:

  • Single Entry visa
  • Multiple Entry visa

Both visas have a fixed timeline and cannot be used after expiration. A single-entry visa allows the candidate to visit Canada only once, whereas multiple entries allow the candidate to return to Canada multiple times until the visa expires. Most of the applicants seeking Canada tourist visa from India apply for multiple entry visa. Also, the multiple entry visa allows eligible applicants to enter Canada anytime during the next six months. It remains valid for ten years or one month before the expiration of a valid passport. Applicants must enter Canada on or before the expiry date of the multiple-entry visa.

Eligibility Criteria for a Canada Tourist Visa from India

Nationality, age of the applicant, health situation, financial status, and a list of valid documents are all factors considered when applying for a Canada tourist visa from India. Some of the basic requirements of a Canada tourist visa from India are mentioned below -

  • Indian nationals do not belong to the list of countries exempted from receiving visitor visa. Thus applicants need to apply for Canada tourist visa from India
  • A valid passport (valid for up to six months from the date applicant enters Canada)
  • Children under 18 years of age are allowed to enter Canada along with their parents or guardians. They cannot travel alone to Canada
  • Applicant should have a sound medical condition
  • Applicants must have sufficient funds for sustenance in Canada
  • Applicants, who are supposed to accompany family members, friends or blood relatives, must get a Letter of Invitation, which needs to be submitted along with a visa application

In order to avoid delay or cancellation of visa applications, candidates must prepare a set of required documents in advance. The Canada tourist visa from India can be successfully secured with the help of a reliable immigration consultant. Applicants must have the below-mentioned set of documents required for processing visa applications -

✔ A valid passport (at least six months from the date of travel)
✔ Three passport-size photos of the applicant (as per Canada visa requirements)
✔ Duly filled and signed application forms
✔ A fully vaccinated traveller exemption (if applicable)
✔ ArriveCAN receipt
✔ Proof of sufficient funds
✔ Proof of age and identity of the applicant
✔ Travel itinerary - confirmed air tickets and proof of accommodation in Canada
✔ Undertaking by applicants pledging to return to the country of origin after the expiry of the visitor visa
✔ Police clearance certificate for applications processing
✔ Medical certificate for processing applications
✔ Cover letter from applicants stating purpose and duration of stay in Canada
✔ Letter of support or invitation from family or relatives (if applicable)

What is the Canada Visitor Visa Process?

Applicants from India can apply for a tourist visa to Canada either online or offline. Many applicants prefer the online mode since it is convenient. For applicants who prefer a paper-based application process, an offline mode is also available. The online mode helps applicants keep real-time track of the application process.

The steps for obtaining a Canada tourist visa from India are outlined below:

  1. Understand all eligibility criteria for Canada tourist visa from India
  2. Prepare a set of required documents for submission along with a visa application
  3. Applicants opting for online mode need to create a login account in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) portal
  4. Applicants need to submit two duly filled application forms - Form IMM 5257 (application for temporary resident) and Form IMM 5707 (family information form)
  5. If applicable, applicants need to submit duly filled forms like Form IMM 5409, Form IMM 5476, and Form IMM 5475
  6. Applicants need to submit a set of required documents to support visa applications
  7. Applicants will be called for interviews and biometrics after the Canadian embassy verifies all details of the applicants

It is important to note that obtaining a tourist visa to Canada from India necessitates documentation and coordination with authorities. To avoid application delays or cancellation (in some cases), all documents and application steps should be double-checked.

Further, rejection of visa applications is taken seriously by the Canada Border Security Office (CBSO), which may affect the duration of the tourist visa and future chances of entering Canada.

What is Fees for Canada Visitor Visa?

Fees for a Canada visitor visa are determined by factors such as the length of stay, single or multiple entry visa category, meeting all visa requirements, and so on. It costs CAD 100 per person to obtain a tourist visa to Canada from India.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Tourist Visa to Canada From India?

The total processing time of a Canadian tourist visa from India is determined by documentation and other steps, such as document verification by embassy officials. This means that proper documentation saves time, money, energy, and resources for applicants.

The estimated processing time for a Canada tourist visa from India can be 35 working days (minimum). The stamping time takes another 10-15 working days. Applicants seeking a tourist visa to Canada from India should begin the application process two months before their trip.

After verification of the set of documents submitted by applicants, the embassy officials further inform them to go for the biometrics round. Applicants must remember to keep the funds specified (in their application forms) in their bank accounts. The embassy officials also verify the information related to finance.

How to Track the Status of a Canadian Tourist Visa From India?

Applicants can track their applications if submitted online. Documents or related information like passport numbers or application IDs help keep track of the application status in IRCC’s portal. Applicants, for both online and offline categories, can easily track their application status by feeding their names (as mentioned in the application forms), date of birth, and so on.

What is the Benefit of Canada Tourist Visa From India?

With the help of a trusted immigration consultant, applicants with a Canada tourist visa from India can secure an employer-specific work permit. Based on a copy of a positive or neutral Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) supported by a valid job offer letter from a Canadian employer, eligible applicants can continue to work and stay in Canada as temporary foreign skilled workers and carve a bright career.

After gaining Canadian work experience for some years, applicants can apply for Canadian permanent residence status after a few years through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) stream of the Express Entry system. Considering the acute shortage of talented and efficient manpower in Canadian industries and labor markets, the Canada tourist visa from India can facilitate work opportunities in in-demand occupations for applicants.

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