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USA Visit Visa

USA Visit Visa

USA Visitor/Tourist Visa Highlights

  • B1 – Investing in Business
  • B2 – For Holiday or Medical Treatment
  • Processing fees – 160 Dollars
  • No criminal record

United States Of America (USA) offers two categories of visa under which an international citizen can visit the States as a tourist for a short span of time. These categories are B-1 and B-2 Visa types which is only and only applicable for people who wish to visit as tourists and then return back to their nation. A foreign national travelling to the States for the purpose of tourism needs to apply for visitor visa B-2 type.

B-2 visa includes tourism of abroad national for vacations and holiday or for medical treatment. B-1 visa category is applicable for those tourists who wish to visit the U.S.A for investing in business. These visits may include travellers for consultancy and appointments with business associates, educational, professional or scientific conventions and conferences. The B-2 visa category on the other hand includes application for travellers who are visiting the country for vacation and leisure holiday, visit to friends and families, medical treatments like advanced surgeries. Mostly the tourist visa is combined with the business visa for multipurpose visit and given as B-1/B-2 visa. For USA/tourist visit visa from India, you need to meet the eligibility visa requirements which is applicable for Indian citizen.

Eligibility Requirements for Visit Visa USA

B-1/B-2 visitor visa can be acquired on qualifying certain eligibility criteria. The eligibility for USA visitor visa are standards set by the U.S. government in accordance with the U.S.A immigrant and Nationality Act. The following points are necessary for clearance of your tourist visitor visa. You need to show -
1. The motive of your journey to U.S.A.- You must convince the authorities that you plan to return back to your nation with documented proofs that may include your return ticket and travel plan.
2. Evidence of sufficient funds that can cover your expenses while your stay in the country- Documents that show your proof of residence Outside U.S.A as well as other assets and social ties to ensure your return abroad at the end of your visit.

Documents Needed In Application Process

The fee for application on applying for business/tourists visa is $160.
1. DS-160 form which is a non- immigrant visa electronics application needs to be filled and submitted.

2. Valid passport for at least six months prior to your date of visit.

3. A photograph of you taken within last six months. The image should be strictly according to the given format.

4. If the visa is granted, there will be additional insurance depending on your nationality.

USA Visitor/Tourist Visa Process

1. Non Immigrants Visa: Check the visa category you want to apply for. You may read common non -immigrant visas. Check out the Visa waiver program. If you fall under this scheme, you may not need to apply for U.S.A.

📝 NOTE: If your age is below 14 and above 79 or your previous visa was valid for 1 year and you plan to revisit the country, then you may obtain the visa without an interview appointment with consultants.

2. The next step requires you to complete the non- immigrant visa electronic application (DS-160) form. This form obtains all your details. Make sure you fill it with accurate information.

The form cannot be altered once submitted hence, make sure the details are precise and to the best of your knowledge. Consider an immigration consultant for your assistance with the filling of this form.

3. In this step, the candidate must pay the visa fee. This procedure is supposed to be completed after completion of your DS-160 form. Check out the official websites for visa fees and payment details.

4. After the payment of visa fee, you can now book an appointment at visa application center. This appointment is scheduled to take your finger prints and photo proof. Next step is to schedule visa interview at embassy. You need to know your –
▶ Passbook Number
▶ The Date Of Fee Payment
▶ Barcode Number Of 10 Digits From DS-160 Confirmation Page.

5. Visa application center s expects you to bring a valid passport for travel which is at least six months prior to its date of expiry, DS-160 form, appointment confirmation document and an image of you as per the required format.

6. For the interview, you must bring the following:
▶ A printout of your appointment letter.
▶ DS-160 confirmation page
▶ Present and old passports
▶ Other needful documents

Other Needful Documents

▶ Income tax, tax payment, property asset records and papers.
▶ Itinerary and detail of your trip.
▶ Letter from your place of work about your position, salary and your years of work in that particular company.
▶ Details of any criminal records or legal procedures taken against you.

According to the purpose of your visit to USA, the document needs for VISA vary. The paper work fo students, working adults, patients for treatment and business visitors will all be different.

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