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USA Immigration

USA Immigration

Is USA immigration on your mind?

For those candidates who are planning to relocate to America, they should start the process by acquiring an immigrant visa. The immigration to the United States can be an intimidating process with a lot of paperwork and different forms of visa thus it is always better if the proceedings are undertaken with the help of the Immigration consultant only.

Through this section, we will offer you ways through which you can undertake USA immigration, what are the different types of visas that are available? And also the core steps that should be taken for relocation? It is good to know that if you are interested in USA immigration, then you should be sponsored by a USA citizen relative. This US citizen should be a legal permanent resident or an employer. It is the sponsor that can initiate the process on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIC)

How does the USA Immigration system function?

The following covers the keys for memorable immigration to the USA –
Family Based Immigration - Through this system, the LPR (Lawful Permanent Resident of the USA) and US citizens can bring individual family members to the USA. It is a family preference system. There are 4,80,000 visas available under this category every year.
The requirements to qualify under the family-based immigration are –

  • Unmarried Children of US Citizens (under 21 years)
  • Spouse of the USA citizens
  • Parents of US citizens

Employment Based Immigration - There are three types of Visa categories in this system –

  • Temporary Visas - The candidates with skills van relocate to the states temporarily with sub-stream of L visa for intracompany transfers, P visas for athletes and entertainers, A visas for diplomatic employees and O visa for people with unique abilities.
  • Permanent Visas - There are five types of categories in this type of visa, and an immigration consultant will be able to guide you better on which one to choose.
  • Per country ceilings - This is a method to monitor immigration in the United States. Through this method, there are only 7 % immigrations get allowed in the United States each year.

Refugee and Asylum - If you are unable to return to your homeland due to racial, life threat or political issue then the USA provides a stable place for you to stay. But, this category analyses the severity of risk involved a matter of USA security before such stay is possible. Also, the candidates who are persecuted or have a fear of persecution they can apply for an Asylum in the USA. For this, they should petition within one year of coming to the USA.

Diversity Visas Program - This is a system that functions under the USA immigration Act 1990. It allows specific channels to countries which have low immigrate rate in the USA. In the last year, there were 50,000 people sent to the USA through this program. The selection of candidates for this is made through a lottery system.
The eligibility requirements include –

  • Minimum of high school education
  • Work experience of two years in the same profession.

Humanitarian Relief – There are two subcategories in this program –

  • TPS (Temporary Protected Status) - It is for those people who cannot return to their homeland due to some impending Natural disaster, temporary condition or the armed conflict. The unsafe conditions make the home dangerous for return.
  • DED (Deferred Enforced Departure) - The homelands are unstable for return of the citizens. DED provides absolute discretion to help the applicant have a right hiding place.

What is the process for immigration to the USA?

  • To help you understand in the following steps we have tries to breakdown the immigration steps for you -
  • Register as a new application/ schedule. Fill in your data along with visa category and class
  • Fill the immigration form with the required documents. Form I - 130 for Alien relative and Form I - 140 for Alien workers
  • Pay the visa application fees.
  • Book the interview appointment date
  • Secure evidence of financial capacity, and other original documents as evidence
  • Attend an interview at the US embassy

How can Signature Visas help you with immigration to USA from India?

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