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How to Immigrate to Canada as Business Development Manager

immigrate to Canada as a business development manager

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Canada, also called the ‘land of opportunities’, offers various profiles to professionals, especially Business Development Managers, to boost its economy. This enhances options for trained professionals to immigrate to Canada as Business Development Managers. Several organisations, sectors and employers are looking forward to hiring experienced Business Development Managers. Read on to know more about ways to immigrate to Canada as Business Development Managers.

It is important to note that the job or occupation of the interested candidates and job seekers should match with the ‘skilled’ category as mentioned in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list. For Business Development Managers, this NOC is 4163/41402.

There is no doubt that NOC 4163/41402 demand in Canada is rising in different provinces. These opportunities can be easily secured by interested applicants having relevant previous work experience. Those having prior work experience or have worked in Canada are given preference by Canadian employers and industries since it is considered that such applicants already understand industry needs, work culture, job requirements etc. Eligible candidates, who fulfil all criteria of NOC 4163/41402 can easily immigrate to Canada as Business Development Manager in a hassle free manner.

The Canadian employers always look out for applicants having sound training and experience in financial research, analysing market trends, devising strategy etc. In the post pandemic era, organisations are rebuilding their strategies to develop business and revenues, resulting in rise in NOC 4163/41402 demand in Canada. From the viewpoint of applicants, NOC 4163/41402 demand in Canada helps them to boost their career and seek bright future in the Canadian organisations.

What is NOC 4163 Demand in Canada?

It simply indicates requirements of a Canadian Business Development Manager. The NOC 4163/41402 demand in Canada helps seeking candidates to understand the role and profile of Business Development Manager or market researcher in Canadian industries. Through rising NOC 4163/41402 demand in Canada, a large number of employers receive applications along with proof of age, qualification, relevant work experience and so on. The documentation and verification process is easier for candidates, who opt Education Credential Assessment (ECA).

Some of the basic eligibility criteria for NOC 4163/41402 are mentioned below -

  • Graduation or Bachelor’s degree in subjects like Economics, Business Administration, Commerce, Public Administration
  • Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP)
  • Certified economic developer

The average salary for NOC 4163/41402 is $71000 CAD in one year. In other words, Business Development Managers in Canada can earn $34.62 CAD per hour on an average. However, it is important to note that experienced and trained professionals in financial and market research can be considered by the Canadian employees, if they are able to prove their skills for business expansion and development. For this reason, the Canadian industries also call Business Development Managers as Business Development Officers.

Canadian organisations and employers do not count work experience in unpaid internships, contractual jobs and volunteer work. Also, full-time jobs or jobs having a total duration of 30 hours (minimum) per week or 1560 hours per year are considered by the office of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These working hours can be summed up in different ways, either by working full-time for a year or doing part-time job over a longer period. For part-time work, applicants can work more or less than 15 hours per week as long as it makes at least up to 1,560 hours. The IRCC does not consider the number of working hours beyond 30 hours per week. This means applicants working for more than 30 hours will not get extra points for additional work.

What is NOC 4163/41402?

These occupational codes are related to certain job profiles like Business Development Managers, financial analysts and market researchers. Such eligible candidates can be helpful in expanding business through using skills in conducting research on existing markets, analysing market trends as well as future potential. These skills help the organisations to make profit through solid research and strategy formulation.

The major job responsibilities of mentioned for NOC 4163/41402 (Business Development Managers) are given below -

  • Carry out research on existing market trends and patterns
  • Analysing current organisational set ups, marketing campaigns, sales targets as well as on ground implementation
  • Evaluate business mechanisms and opportunities and plan effective strategy for further expansion
  • Closely work with other team members to devise business models and plans to generate profits
  • Keep a look at current strategies and policies

Gateways to Immigrate to Canada as Business Development Manager

Express Entry

It is the most sought after gateways of Canada immigration. Express Entry is a point-based system that allocates points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scale on the basis of Human Capital factors like age, educational credentials, language ability, previous relevant work experience, adaptability, sufficient funds and so on. It is important to note that applicants, who are self-employed in Canada, do not get points for working hours (or work experience).

Candidates wishing to immigrate to Canada as Business Development Manager, financial analyst and market researcher should get benchmark or threshold CRS points to receive Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

It is an ideal gateway for applicants willing to work in a specific province or in a Canadian organisation. Under this gateway, the provincial authorities nominate qualified skilled workers, who fulfil all eligibility criteria, to immigrate to Canada as Business Development Manager. Also, the threshold CRS points are approved by the provincial authorities under PNP.

Start Up Visa

This pathway gives more opportunities to applicants willing to explore better career options for growth and advancement. This category of visa is framed and designed for interested applicants willing to start their own business, take over an existing business set up or invest in Canada through a start up that also provides employment to a certain number of residents of Canada. This gateway allows eligible applicants to stay in Canada maximum for at least six years and minimum for three years. This gateway also provides avenues to extend the validity of visa for a certain period.

Applicants having relevant prior work experience of at least two years are allowed to apply for Start Up visa.

NOC 4163/41402 demand in Canada - An Overview

In the face of an ageing population as well as shortage of efficient and talented manpower, several industries and authentic employers in Canada seek to hire trained and experienced skilled workers from other countries. These factors inspired the 2021-2023 immigration plan of the federal government of Canada that aims to welcome around 60% of the total immigrants or 1.2 million immigrants and foreign skilled workers under its federal Express Entry and other Provincial Nominee Programs.

As per news reports, Canada granted around 401,000 Permanent Residence visa in 2021; will grant as many as 411,000 visas in 2022 and approximately 421,000 visas in 2023. Canada is known to welcome and offer cordial environments to foreign skilled workers, immigrants and experienced professionals. The Canadian employers and industries in the country offer various opportunities to right and ideal candidates. This makes a win-win situation for both employers and employees in order to achieve success and create a secure and bright future in a developed economy.

Interested applicants can work in different Canadian provinces such as Alberta and Quebec - places that offer many job opportunities to Business Development Managers. Quebec has an organised and sound economy for skilled workers. Its large, vibrant and affordable cities surely attract a lot of interested applicants willing to immigrate to Canada as Business Development Managers.

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