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Migration to Canada is a rigorous process. Applicants should make informed decisions with the help of the best immigration consultant to avoid any delay or cancellation of their applications. Most of the time, the stakes are high for applicants, and a professional approach from the best Canada immigration consultant in Delhi can resolve many issues and make the application process hassle-free. In short, the journey to Canadian immigration starts with identifying and aligning with the best immigration consultant. It is always better to make the right choice and select the best immigration consultant for a smooth transition from India to Canada and to achieve a better standard of living.

The best immigration consultant guides applicants in all aspects – evaluation, eligibility criteria for the immigration stream selected, documentation, coordination, follow-ups, etc. This helps applicants willing to migrate to Canada for work, study, travel, or any other official purpose to have their applications on track. With the help of a few tips, observations, and advisory services, applicants can easily find the best Canadian immigration consultant in Delhi.

Nowadays, candidates and job seekers lose money, time, resources, and energy by falling into the traps of fake immigration consultants, who promise them good work opportunities with a salary and food and accommodation arrangements in Canada. Unfortunately, such false consultants take advantage of candidates who lack knowledge about immigration laws and practices in Canada. Such consultants produce counterfeit certificates and offer false assurances of securing work or study permits solely to exploit candidates for financial gain. As a result, sometimes applicants face legal actions like deportation from Canada.

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Read on to learn about finding the best immigration consultant.

  • Mandatory requirements - Experts suggest that applicants seeking job opportunities in Canada must secure a valid offer letter and a copy of a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in case of a Canada work permit. Applicants must get these essential documents cross-checked by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). A valid offer letter is issued to eligible applicants and contains employment details in Canada. A copy of positive LMIA is issued to the Canadian employer by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to hire foreign skilled workers from other countries.

    It is important to note that the Embassy of Canada always directs applicants to submit an IELTS (language proficiency score) report within a month of filing visa applications if the score is not submitted with the application. Without an IELTS score or not fulfilling any eligibility criteria, the IRCC rejects visa applications, which reduces the chances of candidates securing job opportunities and a bright future for themselves and their families in Canada. Applicants must rely on the best immigration consultant to prepare supporting documents in ready-to-submit format before applying for the immigration process.
  • Evaluation of applicants’ credentials – Applicants must fulfill all eligibility criteria of visa category or immigration stream to crack the point-based selection process. It becomes important for applicants to choose the relevant visa category and make informed decisions. The best immigration consultant always evaluates applicants' personal and professional details to assess their qualifications for the immigration stream. This makes further processing easy.
  • Resolution of issues - The best immigration consultant always suggests applicants work on certain aspects to improve their points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scale. Applicants are suggested to improve their education, skills, and language ability score and gain relevant work experience to match skilled occupation requirements as per National Occupational Classification (NOC) list in Canada. Hence, the best immigration consultant always guides toward achieving success and preparing well-rounded applications with zero chances of rejection or cancellation.
  • A tab on processing and documentation – The best immigration consultant always takes care of crucial steps like documentation, coordination with authorities, verifying all documents beforehand, and keeping applicants updated on immigration laws, trends, and processes to avoid panic mode at any step. Such consultant always encourages applicants to update their Express Entry online profile to get results. In case of changes or tweak in immigration rules, the best immigration consultant always offers applicants the best alternative option instead of leaving them in the lurch. The consultant constantly works on applications to make applicants successfully achieve Canadian immigration.
  • Previous records - Candidates must crosscheck the list of references and contact numbers of applicants whom consultants had helped to secure Canada PR in the last couple of years. This proves the good intention, hard work, transparency, commitment, and work ethics of the best immigration consultant. Applicants should never go to consultants who hesitate to showcase or facilitate their list of successful candidates, proof of recent authentic visas/applications filed by consultants, Google reviews, feedback posted by successful candidates on different social media accounts, etc.
  • Consistent actions – The best immigration consultant never adopts wrong practices like using or mentioning name of a renowned Canada based consultant or lawyer (without their permission) to attract clients, creates fake social media platforms and videos to trap candidates and job seekers, boasts to have good connection with immigration authorities and officials in Canada Embassy, encourages applicants to produce fake educational certificates to secure Canada work or study permit, creates impressive websites having loads of errors and grammatical mistakes, incorrect claims, false pictures and presentations etc, always asks candidates to deposit advance or token fee for application processing, asks details of applicants’ bank accounts (phishing) or asking to transfer money to a specific private company or account, promises easy job offers or job positions or designations that do not require hard work and long term commitment or jobs for which applicants lack required education and skill set. Applicants must remain cautious about these incorrect, risky practices and dubious actions of immigration consultants.

The best immigration consultant always works professionally and also establishes a good official network with reputed Canadian employers to facilitate interactions and job interviews with immigration seekers.

By: Pawan
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