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Canada PR Visa Fees in Indian Rupees 2022

canada pr visa fees in indian rupees

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Regarding the Indian National Rupee (INR), the Canadian permanent residence visa application charges differ for each immigration sub-stream. The Canada PR visa fees depends on the gateway, family size, and the number of dependents, among other factors. Also, each Canadian immigration gateway has its own eligibility criteria, application, and documentation process. The Canada PR cost from India should be verified by a reliable immigration consultant having a proven track record of facilitating guidance and support to applicants who have successfully migrated to Canada.

The office of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) decides the Canada PR visa fee. The Canada visa fees in Indian rupee must be submitted by eligible applicants along with the PR visa applications. As mentioned earlier, the Canada PR visa fees are calculated entirely based on the immigration gateway as well as the accompanying family members of the primary applicant. The office of IRCC has complete rights to introduce changes in Canada PR visa fees without any notice.

Canada Visa Fees in Indian Rupees for Economic Immigration Streams

There are four major gateways for the Canadian economic class immigration programs. These gateways are the Express Entry Program, the Provincial Nominee Program, the Atlantic Immigration Program, and the Quebec Skilled Workers Program.

Canada PR Visa Fees for the Primary Applicant

Application Process Fees (in INR) Fees (in CAD)
Application Processing Fees 50,672 $850
Right of PR fees 30,701 $515
Dependent Child (below 22 years) 12,610 $225 (per child)

Canada PR Visa Fees for Family Sponsorship Program

The primary applicants wishing to sponsor their family members for a Canada PR visa should deposit the below-mentioned Canada visa fees in Indian Rupees to the office of IRCC.

  • To sponsor a spouse and dependent child
Application Process Fees (in INR) Fees (in CAD)
Spouse or common-law partner 58,850 $1050
Dependent child 8,407 $150 (per child)
  • To sponsor parents or grandparents
Application Process Fees (in INR) Fees (in CAD)
For parent or grandparent 58,850 $1050
Dependent child of parent 8,407 $150 (per child)

Canadian Visa Fees in Indian Rupees for Business Immigration Stream

Suppose a primary applicant is migrating to Canada as an entrepreneur, investor, or under self-employed status. In that case, they need to deposit the below-mentioned Canada visa fees in Indian rupees to the office of IRCC.

Application Process Fees (in INR) Fees (in CAD)
Primary applicant 88,275 $1575
Spouse or common-law partner 46,239 $825
Dependent child 12,610 $225 (per child)

Canada PR Cost from India for PNP Streams

Each Canadian province has its immigration streams, eligibility criteria, processing ways, and application charges. The application charges of some of the prominent PNP streams are mentioned below -

  • Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) - $1500 CAD
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) - $500 CAD
  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) - $350 CAD
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) – Primary applicant - $785 CAD; spouse or common-law partner - $168 CAD and dependent child - $168 CAD
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) - $1150 CAD

Other Components of Canada PR Visa Fees

The Canadian PR cost from India includes other components besides the application processing fees for immigration streams. Some of the related and relevant immigration components, such as educational assessment, language ability test, biometrics, and police clearance are listed below -

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Fees

In the case of academic degrees from outside Canada, the charges applicable are between $227 and $322 CAD (per person), along with $10 CAD for courier charges. The applicable charges depend on the degree of the academic course.

The applicants must meet the following language proficiency criteria after receiving the ECA certificate.

  • IELTS or Language Proficiency Test
    Applicants need to prove language ability in either of two official languages - English or French- to secure a Canada PR visa. For English, applicants need to achieve specific bands in each module (including speaking, writing, listening, and reading) of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The overall cost of IELTS is INR 15,500, and the score gained by the applicant remains valid for two consecutive years.

Cost of Medical Test

After conducting a detailed medical examination, applicants must get a medical certificate issued by a recognized panel of medical practitioners or doctors. The cost of a medical examination is approximately INR 3000 per person (depending on the location or city of the applicant).

Cost of a Police Clearance Certificate

This certificate shows that the applicant has no criminal record as per the current law of the country where they reside. The cost of a police clearance certificate is around INR 500 per person.

Biometric Fees

The applicants need to pay $85 CAD per person as the biometric fees under Canada PR cost from India. After the biometric process, the applicants need to send their passport details to the authorities, and this cost may vary between INR1000 and INR2500. This step is not required if the applicants have a valid passport. Also, applicants applying under PNP streams must pay extra processing charges in the Canadian province.

Proof of Sufficient Funds Required

Applicants need to have financial stability for Canadian immigration. It means they must have sufficient funds in their bank accounts for sustenance. The proof of sufficient funds needs to be submitted to the office of IRCC.

Sufficient funds are required for Express Entry streams in 2022

Number of Applicant Amount in INR Amount in CAD
1 8,07,931 $13310
2 10,05,810 $16,570
3 12,36,539 $ 20,371
4 15,01,317 $24,733
For each extra person 2,17,674 $3,586

To showcase proof of enough funds, applicants can submit copies of recent bank statements. If the primary applicant is migrating to Canada without a valid job offer letter or job offer, they must have sufficient funds for three months to sustain their families. These funds should be in liquid form, which means they should be readily available in a time of need. The total amount of available funds depends on the primary applicant’s family size, including the spouse or common-law partner and dependent children.

Applicants who have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, an LMIA-supported work permit, or authorization to work in Canada are not required to submit proof of sufficient funds.

Besides these costs, the applicants also need to pay for travel and flight tickets. The Canada PR visa cost from India is only applicable to applicants who receive an Invitation to Apply from the office of IRCC through Express Entry draws.

Canada PR visa fees for different immigration streams should be understood in detail by a trustworthy immigration consultant like Signature Visas. Canadian immigration seekers must seek correct guidance and support on Canada visa fees in Indian Rupees from such experts on Canadian immigration. With the help of appropriate advice, the applicants can successfully migrate to Canada. Call us at +91-9911659888.

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