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Canada immigration is a source of better job opportunities as well as enhanced standards of living, particularly to foreign skilled workers and trained professionals. New immigrants would like to settle in the best city in Canada. In fact, different provinces have many of the best cities in Canada to live. Depending on the budget, place and nature of work, family conditions and so on, immigrants can select the best city in Canada as per individual needs. Read on to know more about the coolest places to live in Canada.

Several Canadian cities have better infrastructure and basic facilities to offer to residents and citizens. The even distribution of resources, facilities and amenities has been done to help people settle in even distant areas, regions and cities. Experts believe that it will reduce the pressure on urban centres, towns and cities as well as offer more options to people to select the best city in Canada as per their requirements.

A large number of Indian professionals, skilled workers, students and entrepreneurs have relocated to Canada in the last decade to seek better work opportunities, pursue further studies and achieve quality life.

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Canada is one of the most sought after immigration countries among Indians due to several factors. The diverse economy and industries in Canada offer plenty of opportunities to professionals in the fields of their interest such as Information Technology, aerospace, hospitality, transport and cargo, logistics and storage, agriculture, construction, finance, banking, digital marketing, e-commerce, administration, retail and so on.

Above all, Canadian cities offer safe and secure environments, world class healthcare and education to children of residents and citizens, better work culture, affordable cost of living, low unemployment rate, less polluted surroundings, transport facilities at regular hours, well-managed civic and law agencies among other facilities. These factors make Canada attractive to many immigration seekers across the world.

The immigrant-friendly policies of the federal government of Canada resulted in a record number of new skilled workers, immigrants and professionals joining the work space, cities and communities. After thoroughly going through different aspects of the Canadian cities, immigrants can choose the best city in Canada to settle.

Best Cities in Canada to Live and Work

Here is the list of best cities in Canada to live that will help immigrants to make informed decisions.

Canada has ten provinces and three territories that include many cities within geographical boundaries. Most of the provinces offer the best of facilities and quality life to people, people opt for places of residences as per their needs.

  • Toronto - The major city in Canada offers a wide range of job opportunities to people. The capital of Ontario province, Toronto seems like a melting pot of different cultures, traditions, nationalities, cuisines, festivals and so on. People from different backgrounds live here peacefully. The city has good public transport services, schools, colleges, hospitals and other basic facilities. The price of a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto was around $2,173 (CAD) per month in 2019. The cost of a monthly transport pass was approximately $150 (CAD) and private childcare for one child amounted to around $1,524 (CAD) each month. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is one of the budget and affordable options for people having limited finances or funds.
  • Ottawa - It is the national capital and many immigrants of Indian origin live here. The city has offices and operation centres of various businesses like Information Technology, tourism, marketing, banking services, retail, administration, e-commerce and so on. This shows that the city provides a maximum number of work opportunities to eligible immigrants and professionals from outside Canada.
  • Vancouver- It is located in British Columbia province. More than 125,000 citizens of Indian origin are permanent residents settled in Vancouver and adjoining cities. B.C. offers a diverse economy, dominated largely by service industries. Many industries are located here, including construction, entertainment, recreation, fisheries and aquaculture, Information Technology, healthcare, management, engineering, forestry, mining, manufacturing units, tourism and so on. The city has excellent transport, healthcare facilities, adventure and outdoor sports. The cities in British Columbia province have moderate weather. Renowned academic institutions, like University of British Columbia, is located here and is one of the major research centres for international students, who can easily qualify for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). It is an open work permit that further helps them to secure Permanent Residence status of Canada after gaining Canadian work experience. In terms of renting an accommodation, Vancouver is expensive. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver will cost approximately $2,050 (CAD) per month.
  • Calgary and Edmonton (in Alberta) - It is the third largest urban centre in Canada. Located in the province of Alberta, many systems and facilities in Calgary operate using green energy or environment-friendly resources. Snowfall is a common sight in Calgary during winter. Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta are the top two sunniest cities in Canada. They receive sunshine for maximum hours in Canada compared to other cities. Both these cities are popular among immigrants since they have lower tax brackets, which helps people to save more money. In fact, Edmonton is a cultural city in Canada that hosts more than 30 festivals every year. Edmonton also has the largest planetarium in Canada and is an oil hub in Canada. Major industries and sectors present here are education, tourism, financial services, agriculture, healthcare, management, trade, transport and logistics, energy, forestry, manufacturing units, Information Technology and Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS). Many professionals are engaged in these industries making these cities buzzing with activities. Calgary has 50,000 citizens of Indian origin besides temporary work permit and study permit holders. A one-bedroom apartment in Calgary and Edmonton costs around $1,200 (CAD) per month. Similar rented accommodation in adjoining areas of these cities may cost around $975 (CAD) per month.
  • Montreal - Montreal is a famous city among immigrants. Located in Quebec, it is a cultural hub and organises different events throughout the year. Most of the people and residents speak French in Montreal and other cities of Quebec province. Immigrants can learn French through free courses run by the provincial authorities. It is also known for the production of maple syrup. The cities in Quebec witness extreme weather conditions. Cities like Montreal offer employment to people from diverse backgrounds. The economy receives contributions from industries like life sciences and healthcare, green energy and production, artificial intelligence, insurance and financial services, food and nutrition, video gaming and digital platforms, electronics and optics, information and communication technology among other major upcoming sectors.
  • Halifax - It is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia and it is preferred by many immigrants to settle and work. It is a major port city in Canada. It offers peaceful, safe and secure surroundings. The weather conditions are not extreme here compared to other Canadian cities. The Halifax Provincial Nominee Program and Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) are opted by many immigration seekers to secure Permanent Residence status in Canada. Digital services, agriculture, mining, fishing, natural gas extraction, healthcare, forestry, manufacturing units, skilled trades, generate work opportunities in Halifax. Halifax also leads in aerospace research.
  • Waterloo - Located in Ontario province, one can find a large community of international students in Waterloo. Thanks to the world famous University of Waterloo – the city is known in academic circles. Many immigrants from Indian origin stay in this city. The weather conditions in Waterloo are extreme and people experience cold spell of winters. The average cost of living in Waterloo is around $3,359 (CAD) per month for a single person who rents a one-bedroom apartment. It includes the cost of housing, transportation, groceries, recreation and entertainment activities. The key sectors and industries in Waterloo are automotive, food processing, advanced level manufacturing units, Information Technology, digital media, aerospace among others. These industries generate employment and support the economy as well.

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