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PNP and CEC Candidate Fare better in the Canadian Labor Market

PNP and CEC immigrants fare better in labour market

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Getting Canadian work experience can be of immense help. In a recent study by Statistics Canada, in collaboration with the IRCC, spoke about two core points. First, PNP and CEC candidates displayed better fare than other immigrants, and Second, a Pre-arranged job meant a high wage job, and Canadian work experience makes you a better judge of the market.

As per a recent study conducted by Statistics Canada, all those candidates who gained Permanent residency through the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) have a better fare in the labor market than those immigrants who have immigrated through Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP) and the Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP).

On 18th August, there were two studies published by Statistics Canada in collaboration with the IRCC. As per the new studies, the Canadian work experience and pre-arranged employment predicted the labor Market outcomes of economic immigrants.

What is the reason for PEP and CEC immigrants having better fare in the labor market?

Since the PEP and CEC candidates have already been working in Canada as temporary foreign workers before becoming permanent residents. They have shown better fare than the other immigrants. The temporary foreign workers have gained invaluable insight into what was expected of them. Most of the temporary foreign workers were international students in Canada who had obtained a Post Graduate Work permit (PSWP). In such a case, these applicants who had lived in Canada for several years before they gained permanent resident status.  Now, they have the chance to showcase their abilities in front of the employer they wish to have, and also, they will get a chance to improve their language proficiency as well. 

An educational pathway for Canada is beneficial for several reasons. Not only the applicant gets a work class education from the top mentors, but the applicant can also gain work experience and Later becomes a permanent resident through the Canadian experience class (CEC).

As per the Statistics Canada study, two-thirds of the permanent residents who were selected through the PNP model were temporary foreign workers, which was the case with the CEC model. This figure is very less in comparison to the Temporary foreign workers selected through the FSWP or QSWP program.

Further, during the pandemic time, a lot of draws were conducted in the two popular categories. If these pandemic draws have taught us anything then it is that Canadian experience class and provincial nominee program-specific draws are also essential, and the Canadian work experience can always come to help the applicant.

It is established that a large number of PNP immigrants (93%) and CEC immigrants (95%) have found employment in the first full year after they became PR holders. In the case of The FSWP, the case was slightly different as the percentage was as low as 80 percent. Also, CEC immigrants earn more than FSWP counterparts as well. As per statistics, by the fifth year, CEC candidates earned 30 percent more than the FSWP immigrants. The PNP immigrants also had higher earnings in the first year, which came down in the fifth year compared to FSWP Immigrants. This could be because the PNP candidates are selected for Low skilled and medium-skilled jobs.

What are the Labour market outcomes in the case of Canadian work experience and pre-arranged jobs?

The second part of the study, talks vividly about the economic class immigration between 2009 and 2016. The study also showcased how people with Canadian work experience were a better judge of the market trends in Canada. They fared better by 8 percent that those who didn’t have any work experience.

The immigrants in Pre-arranged jobs earned 15 percent more than others during the first two years of becoming permanent residents. Therefore, they are also provided with 50 to 200 points extra in the additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. Hence, the study focuses on how having a pre-arranged job was linked to a higher wage.

It cannot be ruled out that both Canadian work experience and also arranged employment are important indicators of labor market outcomes.

By: Tanjeet
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