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Express Entry Draw Invited PNP Applicants with the Second-Lowest CRS Score

latest express entry draw invites 775 candidates

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The new Express entry draw selected 775 Express Entry candidates, and the minimum score of selection was set at 685 points.

It is the first consecutive draw of Express entry in which PNP-only applicants were selected. The latest draw of November 10 saw applicants selected from the PNP category only. The draw invited 775 Express Entry candidates for PR status, and the minimum CRS score requirement was the second lowest of 2021 in the draw. The Selection CRS score was 685 points as the applicants with provincial nomination are already entitled to 600 bonus points. The actual score requirement for the applicant in such a case was 85 points.

The Key Aspects of the Draw

  • ITA - 775
  • CRs - 685

The score was less than the last Express entry draw of IRCC, and the number of applicants invited was also less.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) picked 888 applicants in the previous draw, and the scores requirement was at least 744.

The lowest CRS score requirement was In March 2021 and it is the second-lowest score requirement in 2021 so far.

Why has IRCC been Conducting only PNP draws?

There were border restrictions imposed on Travellers after the start of the Pandemic in March 2020. IRCC has been aiming to meet the targets by admitting people who are already in Canada. The Canadian restrictions have persisted between March 2020 and June 2021. During this time, only PNP and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates were selected as they were already in Canada, and the applicants who had the ITA and PR status were also forbidden from flying to Canada.

In 2020 there was only one All program draw conducted, but in 2021 there has not been a single all program draw conducted till now.

In the past five draws, the Express entry has only selected appellants who are PNP holders. If the IRCC decides not to invite these applicants, it would be impossible for the provinces to meet the immigration targets and have no economic growth.

The Canada immigration levels plan will admit at least 108,500 immigrants through the Express Entry system in 2021. At this point, the target is more and the IRCC has already admitted 110,500 Express Entry candidates in 2022. Although, things might change when the new immigration targets are announced.

By: Pawan
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