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Best Cities in Canada to Live and Work


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Canada is one of the best countries in the world because of its quality of life and other numerous opportunities. If you have applied for Canada PR but not sure which place to live in, there are many Canadian cities which you can consider to settle down.

Before you immigrate to Canada, you would want to weigh down your options on different parameters like employment opportunities, house affordability, education and environment in some of the best Canadian cities where you can live and work peacefully.

The best and well known cities in Canada to live and work 

1.Regina, Saskatchewan

One of the cities to dwell whenever you plan to immigrate to Canada is Regina in Saskatchewan state. Also the capital of Saskatchewan, it has only 5.2% of unemployment rate which means you can find plenty of jobs for yourself. Also, the immigrants in Regina make 12% of the population. So you will not find it difficult to blend in the society. The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment comes close to CD$ 1,000.

2. Burlington, Ontario

If you get Canada PR, Burlington in Ontario is another one of the best cities in Canada to live and work. It is strategically located in the most prosperous area of Canada with proximity to large industries in southern Ontario. The unemployment rate is just about 4.9%. The immigrants contribute 18% of the population here. And, the housing rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around CD$ 1,200. The province entertains application through Ontario PNP in case you with to migrate here.

3. Brossard, Quebec

The French province of Canada also tops the list if you want to immigrate to Canada. It is a commercial hub of south shore with large concentrations of car dealerships. The unemployment rate is just about 5.2%. The immigrations make 36% of the total population. Most schools here are French-language public school. So, you might want to brush up on your French skills too. If you score eligible points on Express Entry Points Calculator, you can apply though Quebec Skilled Worker Program to get Canada PR.

4. Waterloo, Ontario

Another one of the cities in Ontario on the list, Waterloo is rated as one of the best cities in Canada to live and work. The immigrants make almost one-fourth of the population. It has a moderate climate compared to the rest of the Canadian cities. Known as the Silicon Valley of Canada, it has a service-based economy with many hi-tech giants in the city. Home to the University of Waterloo, it is also great in terms of education.

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you are applying for Canada PR, Halifax is one of the major economic centres. It has been listed as the best place to settle for someone who wants to immigrate to Canada for its quality of life. With time it has seen an increase in immigration rates and job opportunities. Profusely rich in natural resources, the maritime capital is growing in terms of economy with leading sectors in education, healthcare, and trade. It also has a well-developed networks of school, colleges, and universities. 

By: Pawandeep Singh
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