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Update on Parents and Grandparents Program Canada 2020

parents grandparents program Canada reopens

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From October 13  2020 at noon EDT to November 3 at noon EST the Canadian citizens or permanent residents or Indians under the Canadian Indian Act can file for the Parents and Grandparents program.

Dates for Filling Parents and Grandparents Program out for 2020

The window for the Parents and Grandparents Program of Canada will open from October 13 2020 at noon EDT to November 3 at noon EST. During this period, the sponsor forms can be submitted by Canadian citizens and permanent residents to get their parents and Grandparents in Canada.

IRCC is all set to select the applicants on a random search and then invite them to submit their application for review. The target set for 2020 PGP application is 10,000, and for 2021 target is set at 30,000 applications.

After the last date 3rd November the appellants will have 60 days to submit a complete application with all the documents.

Eligibility Requirements for the Parents and Grandparents Program

The applications will be scrutinized on an eligibility basis, and the eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The sponsoring applicant should be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, or with some eligibility a registered Indian under the Canadian Indian Act;
  • The sponsoring applicant should be at least 18 years old;
  • Should live in Canada
  • Should be able to earn more than the minimum necessary income level and meet the income needs after submitting Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) notices of assessment, after this your spouse can also become a co-signer
    • Sign an undertaking that he is capable of financially managing the immigration and then supporting the sponsored family members for 20 years and also can pay for social assistance.
    • For Quebec, a separate undertaking needs to be signed with Quebec.

Family Size for the Parents and Grandparents Program 2020

You should have a clear estimate of the number of the family you can support. for this count-

  • yourself
  • your spouse or common-law partner
  • your dependent children (under 22 years old and not married)
  • your spouse or common-law partner’s dependent children
  • Any sponsored individual that you are currently supporting
  • Your spouse’s parents or grandparents
  • The separated spouse of your parents or grandparents

Steps to apply for the Parents and Grandparents Program 2020

  1. Meet eligibility
  2. Fill sponsor form on IRCC’s website
  3. Get elected randomly
  4. Apply with documents

For Quebec, there is an additional step 5 where

  • Quebec Selection Certificate (“CSQ” in French) needs to be obtained from f the Quebec government, and then IRCC needs to be intimated.

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