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Top In-Demand Employers in Canada to Work within 2020

In Demand Employers in Canada to Work with

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Canada is a country with world-class facilities and opportunities available for education, work, and living, but it witnesses a low mark in population. One of the most advanced countries in the world is in dire need of a skilled workforce in almost every domain. With time it is getting difficult for employers to find talented workers and make them stay in the country.

The latest news published by CIC showcases the survey undertaken by Forbes magazine under the market research company Statista where the study of 8000 employers was done to determine the best place to stay and work in Canada. As per the survey, the top ten employers were from Montreal and Toronto, after which come the employers from Ottawa and Winnipeg.

The top gamers in the employment business included companies form technology in transportation sectors. The other booming industries include Retail, Utilities, and Education. And it is no surprise at all that they all are hiring.

As per the article, the top Employers of Canada are -

  1. Google
    🔹 Employees - 2300
    🔹 Industry- Software Services / Information technology
    🔹 Headquarters - Toronto, Ontario

    Google is rated as the best place to work in the IT industry for the third time in a row. Apart from being the head office in Toronto, its other offices are in Montreal, Edmonton, and Alberta.
  2. Hydro- Quebec

    🔹 Employees - 19,904
    🔹 Industry - Utilities
    🔹 Headquarters - Montreal, Quebec

    The company powers home through its services and is the second-best place to work in Canada.

  3. Cisco Systems

    🔹 Employees - 1727
    🔹 Industry - Software Services / Information technology
    🔹 Headquarters - Toronto, Ontario

    Cisco System manufactures and sells technology-based products and services, and it is in third place. They also have offices in Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary

  4. Costco Wholesale

    🔹 Employees - 39,000
    🔹 Industry - Retail and Wholesale
    🔹 Headquarters - Ottawa, Ontario

    It is wholesale merchandise that has offices everywhere here in Canada, and the career path you can choose in the company varies from Information Technology to finance to marketing.

  5. Ubisoft

    🔹 Employees - 15,985
    🔹 Industry - Media and Advertising
    🔹 Headquarters - Montreal, Quebec

    The video game company with the headquarters in Montreal is always looking for talent in animation, programming, and quality control.

  6. Microsoft

    🔹 Employees - 2300
    🔹 Industry - Software Services / Information technology
    🔹 Headquarters - Mississauga, Ontario

    Expected to move to Toronto this year, Microsoft is a company that needs no introduction and has been making its presence felt form a long time.

  7. Boeing

    🔹 Employees- 2000
    🔹 Industry - Aerospace & Defense
    🔹 Headquarters - Winnipeg, Manitoba

    This company owns the sky literally. There are more than 75% of the aircraft that are manufactured by Boeing, and you can find opportunities in different sectors at the company, from cybersecurity to data science and analytics.

  8. Air Transat

    🔹 Employees- 5000
    🔹 Industry - Transportation and Logistics
    🔹 Headquarters - Montreal, Quebec

    Air Transat has huge openings in Quebec and Ontario region, and the paychecks are like no other company plus social benefits attached.

  9. FedEx

    🔹 Employees - 6750
    🔹 Industry - Transportation and Logistics
    🔹 Headquarters - Mississauga, Ontario

    It's a courier company with operations across Canada. There are jobs everywhere with FedEx; you need to grab your opportunity soon.

  10. University of Toronto

    🔹 Employees- 7198
    🔹 Industry - Education
    🔹 Headquarters - Toronto, Ontario

    One of the best places in the world to study is also one of the best places to work. If you can get employment here, then you are in one of the supreme destinations in the world to work.

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