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The IRCC Announced the Biggest Express Entry PNP Draw

biggest canada express entry pnp draw invites 1032 candidates

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The new Express Entry draw conducted the biggest PNP draw, where a total of 1032 applicants were selected for Permanent residency on 10 December, 2021.

The new express entry draw announced on December 10, was a big one and has invited 1032 PNP candidates. The candidates invited are from the provincial nominee program only, just as it has been since the start of 2021, and they are selected with the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score requirement of 698.

The Key highlights -

  • Candidates invited -1032
  • CRS score -698

Since the express entry program has been launched, the IRC has conducted only 38 PNP only draws so far. The previous express entry draw was o invited 613 applicants with the CRS Score of 737.

Since there are additional 600 CRS points offered for selecting candidates in the provincial nomination category, a score of 698 means the applicant's total CRS score requirement is only 98 without the nomination. With an overall CRS score of 698, the applicant will be sent an invite.

There seems to be a pattern of PNP-specific draw, which has been seen during the COVID 19 pandemic time since 2020, with an alternative of targeting Provincial nomination candidates and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates for relocation. In 2021 however, more CEC applicants will be invited as opposed to PNP.

The tie break rule was also applied. It means the candidates who submitted their candidature on or before this time frame get selected for the PR visa. IRCC has been conducting this kind of draw since the lockdown in 2020 has been imposed in Canada, and the travel restrictions have been imposed.

In the latest development, the frequency of the express entry draw has been changed. In the year 2021 Canada government held 27 CEC draws that gave 133,868 invitations. There have been just 11 draws inviting Express Entry for all programs, including the FSWP.

By: Pawan
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