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New UK Immigration System Joins the Canadian Point System

UK Immigration New Points System from 2021

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The Point based system of UK Immigration is all set to change in the new year 2021. The new point system of UK Immigration is very similar to the Canadia Points Based Immigration System.

UK Immigration to Implement Canadian Style Points Based System from 2021

Great Britain is introducing the Canadian style points-based immigration system soon. Prime Minister Boris Johnson first spoke about this idea and the new immigration law in 2019. He insisted specifically that a work visa should be reserved for those people who have at least secondary education, a functional language hold in English, and a promise of employment.

The UK Immigration Process is changing now. It is now prioritizing the skilled workers from foreign countries, especially in the technological and scientific realm. The stepping stone to these changes in processes was introduced on Monday, July 13th, when there was a formal announcement on how the UK's immigration system will change in the new year.

As per the UK's new immigration system, the candidates will have to meet the point core to be selected. Just like for Canada. The assessment will be based on specific skills, qualifications, salaries, and the benchmark criteria that will be set at 70 points.

There are 50 points for English skills and a job offer in their field from an approved sponsor. Further, the meeting of points threshold means that the applicant has met the minimum wage threshold and has a Job in hand in the specified occupation.

The New Point-Based System breakdown of the UK is as follows:

Factors Points
Job Offer 20
Job Offer (Where relevant Skill level is met) 20
English Language Skills 10
Job (with salary of £23, 040-£25, 599) 10
Job (Salary over over £25, 600) 20
Job (in an occupation list where there is a shortage) 20
Ph.D. Holder 10
Ph.D. Holder (Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering) 20
Total 70

Comparison between the New UK Immigration System and the Canadian System

The Immigration system of Canada also places importance on specific skilled, occupation, and pre-arranged job. However, the slight difference that is there between the Canadian and UK system of immigration is that of the Canadian government taking into account a broad range of work experience and qualifications and adapted profiles for permanent residency.

As per the Canada Express Entry Calculator System, the candidates who have submitted the profile through Express Entry - Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) should have 67 points in the selection pattern, and the score requirement is as below -

Factors Points
Language Skills 28
Work Experience 15
Education 25
Age 12
Arranged Employment 10
Adaptability 10

Further, unlike the UK, the applicant should not have a job in hand to qualify in the Canadian immigration system in economic class. There is the flexibility provided in Canada as the applicant can apply through both federal and provincial economic immigration pathways. Also, there is the support provided for a specific line of works and regional regions.

For ease of selection of the “Skilled workers,” The Canadian government has also divided the occupation into their categories: Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC), where, Skill type O is for Managerial, Skill Type A is for professional, and Skill Type B is for Technical and Skill Type C for Intermediate.

Canada has a wide range of pathways and assesses the needs of potential workers as well. The UK government adapting Canadian measures is a good proof of the solidifying aspect of the Canadian points system. It will be interesting to note how the UK’s immigration reforms pan out in the coming few months.

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