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Latest Canada Immigration News Weekly Update-10th June 2019

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Nova Scotia introduces New Immigration pilot stream. 

Nova Scotia is all set to modifications in the streams to suit the needs of the Labor market. The province has introduced a new three-year pilot stream for intermediate Skilled workers with a job offer. The reasons for this move is to meet the demands of the labor market demand in Nova Scotia. Further, there are also updates introduced in the Entrepreneur and International Graduate Streams.

As per the latest changes –

The occupations in the province can undergo a change with the needs of the labor market.

The occupation in-demand stream will invite candidates will full-time job offer in skilled Level C of National occupational classification(NOC) –

•    NOC 3413 – Nurses and Patient services

•    NOC 7511 – Transport Truck Drivers

What are the eligibility requirements for the new stream?

The candidates must meet the eligibility to be selected by the province. The selected applicants will get 600 extra points in the Express Entry program. The core requirements of the region are –

•    At least one-year work experience in the required occupation

•    The minimum age of 21 years

•    The candidate should have a high school diploma at least

•    The language score of a minimum of 4 CLB should be acquired

•    The applicants should have enough funds to settle in the region.

Ontario invites applicants in 11 occupations through Human Capital Priorities Stream

There were 1072 express entry candidates invited by Ontario in 11 professions through Human Capital Priorities Stream. The candidates selected from the Express Entry are those whose Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score range from 439 to 469 points. Further, the minimum required work experience is an essential aspect of the selection.

 The province of Ontario has a pre-set number for intakes in 2019.  There have been large number of invitations being issued already.

Key Highlights –

  • Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score range – 439 to 469 Points
  • Selected Occupations – 11
  • Candidates invited - 1072
  • Stream selected - Human Capital Priorities Stream

A Look at the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program So far

It is the first time that Ontario targets the occupations other than IT. This flexibility in the Human Capital Priorities stream is because of the changes in the labour market demand and economic needs. Moreover, this is the second draw of the Human Capital Priorities stream in 2019, and there are 2565 Notifications of Interest (NOI)s issued to Express Entry candidates by this stream so far.

What are the occupations invited in latest HCP Draw?

The applicants who have the credentials are selected under the Human Capital Priorities Stream in 11 targeted Occupations. The list of the chosen occupations is below:

•    NOC 0114: Other administrative services managers

•    NOC 0601: Corporate Sales Managers

•    NOC 1122: Professionals in business management consulting

•    NOC 0124:  Advertising, public relations managers and marketers

•    NOC 0621: Retail and wholesale trade managers

•    NOC 1111: Financial auditors and accountants

•    NOC 3012:  Nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

•    NOC 0111: Financial managers

•    NOC 1114: Other financial officers

•    NOC 0651: Managers in customer and personal services.

Selected applicants for the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) are eligible for 600 extra points to score in the Express Entry.  It is not the guarantee of the Canada PR status through express entry but will increase the chances of selection.

By 2020, The Quebec immigrations will reach 52,500

As per the newly introduced proposal, an increase in the newcomers in Quebec province is expected as per which the number will 52500 by the end of 2022. This will mean that there is an increase of 10,500 newcomers every year in Quebec.  From 2015 to 2018 there has been an increase of 51, 118 newcomers in Quebec.

Last year there was a reduction in immigration in Quebec introduced by CAQ. Bow, the policies will change, and revamping of the services will be undertaken.  Thus an increase in the number of invitations every year. The target kept by the Quebec Government is of 52,200 by the end of 2022.

Out of these, 65 % of the immigrants will be received through economic class immigration.  It was 59% in the last year.

 Some of the other key proposals are –

•    Temporary resident in Quebec or candidates with a degree from the region will be given preference.

•    The applicants with skills and who will meet the short term labor market demand they will be preferred.

•    Inviting more Economic Class immigrants to meet the Labor market needs.

•    Provide short term work and ask for more temporary workers in Quebec.

•    Attracting more people who believe in Quebec values

•    Inviting more French-speaking candidates.

•    Encouraging young people migration to the country to counter the aging population.

Saskatchewan invites 426 candidates through Express Entry and Occupation in-demand Subcategories.

There were 426 invites issued through express entry and occupation in-demand subcategories of the Saskatchewan province on June 6th, 2019.  Out of these 342 applicants were invited through occupation in-demand and 84 applicants were invited through Express Entry linked stream.

The work experience in any one of the 19 occupations is required for selection in express Entry and Occupation in-demand subcategory. After getting themselves registered with the Expression of Interest (EOI), the applicants are shortlisted through the draw. All the highest scoring candidates are selected.

Following were the Cut off for the June 6th Draw –

•    Express Entry – 75 points

•    Occupation in-demand – 75 points

The selection procedures for Saskatchewan -

•    The selection procedure takes into consideration those candidates who were listed under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program(SINP).

•    The candidates are selected for provincial nomination as per the labor market needs.

•    The Saskatchewan express entry is linked to the Federal express entry program. 

•    Applicants with provincial nomination are eligible for 600 extra points in the Express entry.

For Saskatchewan in 2019 so far, there have been 898 applicants invited through Express entry and 1196 applicants invited through Occupation in-demand.

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