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Tech Workers Stream and a New Immigration Pilot Initiative introduced by Ontario

In the government budget announced on 11th April 2019, the authorities proclaimed the introduction of new streams for Ontario with the aim of attracting skilled workers in smaller communities. The newly created stream is a Tech Workers stream and a new immigration pilot initiative. The initiative is among the four immigration priorities stream with the budget of CAD 163.4 billion.

The Ontario region has a massive demand for IT workers from the starting, and it is the hub of technological breakthrough. Thus, a new Tech Worker Stream in the region is no surprise and in tandem with the policies and trends of the province. The new Tech Workers Stream will focus on cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Waterloo. The budget ended with the statement that the idea is to create a “dedicated stream to help Ontario’s technology sector attract highly skilled employees,”

The new immigration pilot initiative will be established to help the smaller communities in northern Ontario. This program is very similar to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot which was created to fill the jobs locally. Further, there is also a talk to include the truck drivers and personal support workers in the occupation in-demand List. Thus, there is a change in the Occupation in-demand list that is expected soon.

The Ontario province offers immigration to candidates through Express Entry linked stream and majorly through the Human Capital priorities stream among various others subcategories. The candidates who are shortlisted by the province are also eligible or a score of 600 extra points in the Express Entry program. OINP is a very popular model to apply for the Canada PR visa.

An upswing in Provincial nominations in 2019

Looking at how active the first quarter of the year 2019, there cannot be denying the fact that it has been a rather dynamic year for the provincial Nominations as well. The changes that were recently made to the Saskatchewan occupation in demand list is a good example of how there is a renewal in the immigration strategies of the Canada government is providing Canada PR visa to the aspirants. The way to apply for the Canada PR visa has been eased out from early, but the need to hire a top immigration company remains constant with all the Canada immigration updates and changes.

This year has been the perfect example of how PNPs play a critical role in the migration of Candidates, and this trend is likely to continue with the Multiyear Canada immigration Plan, 2019 – 2021. As per this plan, the planned PNP immigrations for this year are 61,000.

The recent Canada PNP developments in the first quarter are:

  • Saskatchewan - Thirteen new occupations added in the Saskatchewan Occupation in –demand List. The list has now been increased to 24 occupations from 20 occupations earlier. Also, there have been five Draws for the Saskatchewan Province so far in which 817 applications have been issued so far.
  • Ontario - Ontario is set to invite a record-breaking number of candidates this year. There have been 1,493 applications already invited through Human Capital Priorities stream.  Further, on 5th March 2019, 1, 000 applications were invited through masters Graduate Stream. But, due to a technical problem only 333 lucky applications were submitted.
  • Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia invited Financial auditors and Accountants through Labour Market Priorities Stream. The intended score that was asked for from the candidates was 400 to 450 CRS points.
  • Manitoba -  The total number of invites for Manitoba has reached 3,000 with the Expression of Interest draw conducted on 28th March 2019. In the last draw, there were 595 Invitations sent by Manitoba.

Provincial Nomination is also highly popular with the aspirants as those candidates who are shortlisted for migration they are eligible for the 600 extra points in the Express Entry Program model. Thus, many people choose Canada PNP as the first step to apply for the Canada PR visa.

Manitoba Province invited 403 candidates on 11th April 2019

On 11th April 2019, the province of Manitoba issued invites to aspiring candidates through Skilled Workers Overseas stream. This is a very popular stream of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) this will allow the candidates to nominate through the economic immigration for the Canada PR visa.

Out of the 403 invitations, there are 352 applications invited through Canada Express Entry program and 41 applications were solicited through the Strategic recruitment initiative.  This is Manitoba’s Second draw in this month, which exerts that Manitoba is inclined to invite a large number of applications in the year 2019.

The applications which were selected in the MPNP draw they are eligible for a 600 extra points to score in the Express Entry program. The selection of the candidates for the Manitoba’s Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP) was done through Expression of Interest (EOI). The highest ranked candidates are selected for nomination from the pool, and the minimum score announcement is done through the regular draws. In the draw held on 11th April, the lowest score asked for the occupation in list demand and express entry draw was 561, and the minimum score for Strategic recruitment initiative was 695.  Which means for the Express Entry candidates with score 561 or above were selected, and for the Strategic Recruitment Initiative, the candidates with a score of 695 or above were selected.

The candidates who aspire to be selected through the occupation in demand and express entry stream should have an Express Entry profile and job seeker validation code and at least six months work experience with the selected occupation listed in the occupation in- demand category.  Apart from this a good language proficiency score is also essential to apply for the Canada PR visa.

New regulatory Body for immigration consultants to be introduced.

With a large number of immigrants coming to Canada every year and the demand for Canada immigration increasing there are also cases of fraudulent practices that are on the rise. Thus, it is always better to hire an approved immigration Consultancy service for the immigration proceedings.

The Canada government to help the prospective immigrants have proposed the creation of a new body which would regulate the immigration and Citizenship consultancy which will ensure a professional demeanor of the companies. This proposal was first put forward in the parliament on 8th April 2019.

Immigration consultants are the authorized and registered legal services for immigration, and they are presently ordained through Immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council (ICCRC) which was established in the year 2011.  Under the latest proposal, the college of immigration and Citizenship consultant will become the official regulatory body.  The idea is to protect and ensure the safe and legal immigration of newcomers. Presently as per the reports of Globe and Mail, newspapers there are more than 2000 Skilled foreign workers who have faced exploitation in the name of immigration.

The latest Budget 2019, proposed the measures that would protect the immigrants and help the newcomers ensure and attain good services from the immigration consultants in the year 2019. For this, the budget of CAD 51.9 million has been proposed in the year 2019 – 2020. For the coming years the budget will continue a CAD 10.1 each year for strengthening of immigration consultancy.

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