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The Express Entry Program Invites 3000 CEC Applicants

express entry draw invites 3000 CEC applicants

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The new express entry draw was conducted on August 5, in which the CRS score required was 404 Points. The Draw was a Canadian Experience Class specific draw, and the applicants who met the minimum score requirement were selected.

On August 5, there were 3,000 Express Entry candidates applying for permanent residence in the recent Draw. The applicants required a Score as low as 404 points. It was a program-specific draw in which the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) applicants were selected.

The Key Aspects of the Draw:

  • ITA - 3000
  • CRS - 404

In the last CEC specific draw, the minimum score requirement was 357, and it was the second-lowest score requirement of the year for CEC specific candidates. This time the Canada CRS score requirement is higher than the last Draw with 404 points needed. The tie break rule is also applied as an administrative rule, and the applicants need to submit their profiles before August 3, 2021, at 05:39:26 UTC. It is not an actual tie but rather an administrative requirement to select applicants who have the same CRS score.

Overview of Express Entry Draw #200

Date of Round August 5, 2021
No. of Invitations 3000
Candidates Invited from Canadian Experience Class [CEC]
Minimum CRS Cut-Off 764040
Tie-breaking rule applied August 3, 2021, at 05:39:26 UTC

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Why is IRCC conducting Canadian Experience Class specific draws?

Since the start of 2021, IRCC has been conducting only Canadian Experience Class - and Provincial Nominee Program - specific Express Entry draws. These Candidates are those who are largely in Canada or they have some ties in the country. A large number of CEC applicants are those who are already in Canada; this is an effort to convert temporary workers into permanent residents. The IRCC has taken this step to avoid the perils of the CoronaVirus pandemic. With the travel restrictions in place, there is less danger of cases being on the rise with the advent of the pandemic.

The Canada Immigration Level Plan target is set at 401,000 newcomers who can come to Canada. It means that for each month, the target will be set at 43000 newcomers per month.

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