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Despite Corona Virus Express Entry Draw Continues

Express Entry Draw Continues Despite Corona Virus

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IRCC is still conducting draws and immigration rounds amidst the Corona Virus crises and is processing the applications. However, candidates who apply now will have to wait six months for the applications to be processed.

Despite Corona Virus the First Quarter of Express Entry has been Massive

CIC in the latest news showcased how Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program activity was active, and there were high invites sent out despite the COVID 19 crises that have taken the world to halt.

In 2020, There was a large number of express entry candidates invited in the draws comparatively large in numbers than the last two years. The Corona Virus has lowered the immigration numbers but the starting of the year was a big highlight on how inviting the year would be.

Just before the Corona Virus prevention measures were announced, there was a 2020-22 level plan announced by the Canadian government as per the Level plan. The target of immigrations for Canada in 2020 was set at 3,41,000 out of which 91,800 people are expected to be from the economic class and 67,800 from the Provincial Nominee Program.

This year the first draw of the year was announced on 8 January and released on 10 January in which the minimum CRS score was 473, and the ITAs sent were 3400. The latest Draw of Express Entry was from Canadian Experience Class(CEC) and was held on 23 March in which 3232 candidates were invited with the CRS score of 467.

The largest draw of this first quarter of 2020 was held on 19 February in which 4,500 candidates were invited for the PR status of Canada.

So far, in 2020, 22,600 Principal applicants were given the Invitation to Apply (ITA)s from the express entry pool. This number is higher than ITAs issued in 2019 by this time, which was 21,200, and it 2018 it was 17,500, But the year 2017 surpasses all these years with 24,632 invites till April.

Provincial Nominee Programs in the First Quarter of 2020

It is not just the First quarter of Federal express entry that has been good, but the provincial Nominations have also been highly active. Almost all the provinces except Quebec and Nunavut have enhanced their programs. The provinces also have shorter processing standards, and they operate independently than the Express Entry.

The Ontario province has held three draws this year, which included a French-speaking skilled work draw in which 242 French-speaking candidates were invited on 9 January. The Alberta Province has held five draws this tear under the Alberta Immigration nominee program (AINP) in which three of those draws had a score lower than 300, and two draws required a Score of 350.

Apart from this British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have also announced high level draws.

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