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Alberta Express Entry Candidates were invited two times in September

September was a very active month when it came to immigration in the province of Alberta. Two draws were held in September – one on 11 September and the other on 18 September. In both the draws, the Express Entry steam was the actions stream for accepting applications.

In the latest September draws held by the province, the CRS score requirements went as low as 350 and 438 points with Alberta inviting applicants from express entry Stream. However, this year, the lowest CRS score asked from the candidates has gone as low as 302 as well. With the last two draws the total number of invitations issued by the province of Alberta has reached 4378.

The express entry candidates who had strong ties with Alberta they were selected based on the labor market requirements in the region. However, for this, the candidates don’t require a job letter from Alberta, but work experience as a skilled worker is essential. The shortlisted candidates are eligible for 600 extra points in the express entry invitation round.

Saskatchewan invited 769 Express Entry Candidates

In the recent provincial draw which was held on 25 September, the Saskatchewan province has invited 769 applicants. It was the first draw after the announcement of the increase in the number of high skilled occupations in the Saskatchewan province.

The applicants invited in the draw were from 100 occupations. These occupations included – Civil and chemical engineers, medical radiation Technologist, and Psychologists. To be selected, the applicant was required to have one year of work experience in an eligible occupation from the above categories. However, the good news is that a job offer and Canadian work experience is not required from the applicants.

The draw held on 25 September was the largest draw held since July 2018 as there were 365 candidates invited through occupation in-demand and 404 invited through express entry subcategory.

The minimum score requirements were:

  • Express Entry Sub-category – 70 points
  • Occupation in-demand subcategory– 79 points

All those who are shortlisted will be liable for 600 extra points in the Express Entry program.

Saskatchewan’s Big change with more than 200 in-demand occupations

Saskatchewan Province has opened doors to more than than 200 highly skilled occupations and marked the time of significant development in the province. The good news is that one of the primary requirement is one-year experience in a highly skilled occupation.

It was last week that a list of excluded occupations was published by the province in which 19 occupations were listed. It left 218 occupations as the high skilled occupation which are a part of the eligible professions in Saskatchewan. The spectrum of in-demand occupations is very vast from managerial to professional to skilled trades.

This step has been taken by the province owing to the labor market requirements. All the 218 occupations are excepted to fill the gap in the employment demand.

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