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Canada Government steps in respect to Corona virus Outbreak

Measures for Visa Applicants affected Corona Virus Outbreak

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Those candidates who are affected by the service disruptions in Countries that are facing Coronavirus (COVID – 19) outbreak get an additional nine days to complete the document processing. There are also provisions for the acceptance of incomplete applications as well.

Special Measures for Visa Applicants affected by the Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran and South Korea

There cannot be a more accommodating country than Canada in the world. The immigration department has been working to accommodate people from China, Iran, and South Korea who have been affected by Coronavirus (COVID – 19) outbreak and are unable to complete the visa proceedings. Service disruptions and travel restrictions are being imposed because of Coronavirus panic, and this is making it difficult for the applicants to apply.

The foreign Nations from these three countries who have applied for permanent residency status of Canada but they are unable to complete the processing on time due to the situations beyond their control they will be given more time to complete the necessary steps and processing of the application. These special provisions were brought into effect for China on Feb 7 but later also included the citizens of Iran and South Korea on Feb 29.

The kind of disruptions in consideration include:

  • Visa application center closures
  • Service disruptions
  • Limited access to local government bodies
  • Limited access to a physician panel for a medical examination

Special measures apply to the citizens of:

  • Chinese, Iranian and South Korean citizens
  • Those foreign nations who are presently in China, Iran or South Korea
  • Those who are facing disruptions in services because of the COVID - 19 outbreak

Those candidates who need PR document to return Canada they will also be helped by the government also The IRCC is ready to accept the incomplete applications from those applicants who are applying for Visitor Visa, work permit, study permit or permanent resident. The IRCC has clearly stated that no application will be refused or close because of improper documentation from these three countries. The candidates are also given 90 days extra time because of service disruptions in their country.

What is the processing model for Permanent Residency (PR) applicants?

In the face of Coronavirus (COVID – 19), the IRCC is ready to accept incomplete applications for Permanent residency, observing the fact that candidates are facing disruptions related to Coronavirus (COVID – 19). However, the candidates need to send a letter explaining the reason why the documents are missing. When the missing records are obtained, they can be sent to the IRCC using online services. Those who wish to withdraw for them the refund will be processed in 24 hours of submitting.

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