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Apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program through the new Arrima Portal

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The new online portal Arrima for Quebec Skilled Worker Program has been opened from September 18, 2018 for the candidates to apply for the immigration program.

For those who wish to receive Canada permanent residency through this program will now need to make a profile on the online portal, Arrima to show their interest to the Government of Quebec.

Arrima is the initiative of Expression of Interest (EOI) Program which was launched by the government of Quebec in August. Under this system, the interested candidates are required to fill in all there information like their education, area of training, proficiency in French and other languages and work experience, among other details on the portal.

Those who meet the criteria for QSWP will receive an invitation and will be able to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC). Once QSC is awarded, those people can apply for Canada permanent residency to the Canada's federal government.

Though QSWP works on first come first serve model, there is no cap on the number of people who can apply through the portal. All you have to be is above 18 to submit your profile.

How Arrima Works

The users have to wait in a virtual waiting room until they are notified of their turn to access the portal.

After they are granted access, they have 90 minutes to enter and save their details on the portal. MIDI recommends to save your information frequently to avoid losing the data once the 90 minute session expires. Registrants then only have 30 days to complete their profile which has the validity of 1 year.

Presently, there is limited information online about how individuals will be ranked in QSWP bank. However in order to be eligible for selection, one has to meet the passing scores in QSWP points grid. In the coming days, we are expecting MIDI to share more details regarding the ranking process.

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