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Last Week was the week of Provincial Draws in Canada immigrations. Have a close look at the active initiations by some of the significant provinces in Canada.

PEI PNP holds one of the largest Expression of Interest (EOI) Draw

On November 21, Prince Edward Island, which is one of the smallest provinces of Canada, held one of the biggest draws in the country. There were 171 invitations issued in Express Entry System, Labour Impact, and Business Impact categories for Canada PR status.

It is the second biggest Draw of the province in 2019. Prior to this, in February, the province held a massive draw in which 199 candidates were invited to the region. 

Out of the 171 candidates invited in this Draw, there were 157 candidates selected in the Express Entry System and Labor Impact Categories for Canada permanent residency. There was no breakdown of the minimum score required mentioned by the IRCC. Further, there were 14 invitations sent in the Business Impact Category: Work Permit Stream. The minimum score required in this category was 130 points.

The Express Entry Category of PEI PNP is linked to the Express Entry System, and the candidates are picked from three subcategories – Federal Skilled Workers Category, Federal Skilled Traders Category, and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

For the candidates to be selected for the PEI Provincial Nomination, the applicants must fill the Expression of Interest (EOI). The highest-scoring candidates are then chosen in the monthly draws. The candidates who are selected in the Draw are eligible for 600 bonus points.

With this Draw, 1336 invitations are being sent in 2019 so far by the PEI PNP program in the Express Entry and Labour Market categories specifically. Also, there are 182 invitations sent to foreign entrepreneurs in the PEI PNP stream.

Alberta Province invited 148 candidates for Provincial Nominations

Alberta Province held a draw recently in which 148 invitations were sent out through Alberta’s express entry linked provincial nomination stream. The Express Entry candidates who were selected in the Nov 6 draw they were expected to have the minimum CRS score requirement of 400 points for the invitation.

The Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score is based on age, language, work experience, education, and arranged employment of the candidates. For the applicants to be considered for the AINP, they should have a profile in the Express Entry System. However, for selection from the pool, a job letter is not mandatory.
Most likely the applicant should have strong ties to Alberta, and in this case, one can be selected with the following attributes:

  • Should have a job offer or work experience in Alberta
  • Graduate from Canadian post-secondary institution
  • Have a sibling/ parent/ spouse/ close relative living in the province

Manitoba held the 77th Expression of Interest Draw(EOI)

The province of Manitoba held the 77th Expression of Interest (EOI) draw on 21 Nov in which 230 candidates were invited for permanent residency through the provincial nomination program of Manitoba.

In the latest draw there the 230 LAAs were distributed as follows:

  • Skilled Workers- 185
  • Skilled Workers Overseas – 16
  • International Education Stream – 29

With this latest draw, the number of invites issued to Skilled Workers and International Education Stream in 2019 has reached 7141. The lowest-ranked candidate in the skilled worker's category has a score of 504, and in the skilled workers overseas, the minimum score was 739 points. There were 16 direct entries in the skilled worker's overseas stream which happened through MPNP: Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

The selected candidates are also eligible for the 600 bonus points in the express entry system.

162 Skilled Workers candidates were invited in two Arrima draws by Quebec province

The province of Quebec issued 162 invitations in the Quebec Skilled Workers Program in the two draws held in October. The draw details were released on October 23 and October 29, respectively.

On October 23, there were 89 candidates invited from the Quebec Skilled Workers Program whose applications were earlier cancelled by reforms to Quebec Immigration Act earlier this year. Then the second draw was held on October 29 in which 73 candidates were invited. Among those selected in these draws included diplomats, consular officers, and United Nations representatives.

Since July 4 this year, there are 1757 candidates invited through the Quebec Skilled Workers program. Arrima was introduced in 2018, and it switched the “ first come first serve” basis selection in Quebec to the Expression of Interest (EOI) approach.

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