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Temporary residents can Extend their Stay as they cannot Leave Canada

temporary residents can extend their stay in canada

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Those whose temporary status is about to expire and cannot leave for their homeland can now extend their stay in Canada. They just need to provide an explanation to provide Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as to why they cannot leave Canada.

The applicants can apply online and meet all the requirements. They can also pay the Biometric fees and also submit all the documents online only. IRCC suggested that the applicants start by paying in advance if the current temporary Residence status is expiring.

Those with the extension application currently in progress can benefit from the status and stay in Canada until an appropriate decision is made on their application. Thus there is no need to expedite the process. Also, there is no additional fee waiver for extending the stay, apart from the specific fee waivers implemented under a public policy.

While evaluating the case, the immigration officer will check when the Commercial flights are opening and closing for the applicant's homeland. Also, in case of failure to take the biometric, the fee paid should be refunded.

What if the Application Status has Already Expired?

Temporary residents can apply for restoration within the 90 days after their status has expired. They need to pay associated processing and restoration fees.

In order to be eligible for restoration of status, the foreign national should have been in Canada with valid temporary status for the period between January 30, 2020, and May 31, 2021; the stays should have expired during this time. Also, they should have been in Canada since their initial entry. For Temporary residents, there is a processing fee of $200.

An immigration officer will assess their application after eligibility for restoration, and if the applicant is not eligible, then the Minister's delegate will decide on a disposition for the case. In such a case, there are three main possibilities:

  • the candidate will get an admissibility hearing,
  • the applicant will receive a departure order, or
  • the foreign national will be allowed to stay in Canada.

By: Tanjeet Singh
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