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Special IRCC Measures to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

IRCC measures to prevent spread of Corona virus

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Canada cancels citizenship ceremonies and tests/ re-tests in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the borders remain close for international flights, with only four Canadian International airports being open. There are no restrictions on cargo and goods.

Canadian Government Provides a List of Instructions in the Face of Coronavirus Pandemic

Canada is taking precautions to stop the novel virus COVID-19 from spreading in its region. These measures also keep in mind the well-being and hassle-free processing for aspirants of Canada. It includes accommodating the affected regions immigrants by associated service disruptions and travel restrictions.

On 16th March, the first step in this regard was taken by closing the borders of Canada for all those who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents. There are exceptions for family members, U.S. citizens, diplomats, and also aircrew.

The information on people who have a valid study permit and work visas will be provided soon as it is presently unknown that they will be permitted in Canada again or not. Further, as of safety measure, all the passengers are thoroughly tested for symptoms of COVID-19, and any individual found with the signs is provided the isolation facility and thwarted from flying as a precautionary measure.

These flying restrictions are, however, not enforced on cargo and goods transport.

From 18th March, there are only four Canadian Airports that will hold international flights - Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montreal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Calgary International Airport and Vancouver International Airport.

However, the domestic flights within Canada remain unaffected, and also the flights from the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean, and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon will not find any hindrance.

What are the measures that IRCC is taking?

Canada immigration department has released a set of instructions in the face of Covid-19 on 15th March, and it includes the following -

  • Canceling of citizenship ceremonies
  • Citizenship test and re-test canceled
  • Itinerant service trips canceled
  • In-person Permanent Resident landing appointments closed till 13th April
  • In-person refugee, claim meetings closed till 13th April
  • Those applicants whose temporary residency has gone for extension their application will be in process till further notice

However, the applications in progress at the various IRCC offices in other countries will continue to be processed. There may be a delay in the processing at the visa application centers, as some of them might be closed during the pandemic scare.

However, the IRCC is very lenient for those who are unable to submit a complete application for permanent residency before the deadline of 90 days, but an explanation of why the documents are delayed needs to be provided. Those who have confirmed the Permanent residency visa will be eligible for an extended deadline as long as they have informed the immigration department.

There are particular measures for Chinese nationals, residents of Iran, and South Korea.

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