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New Immigration Pilot Program for Rural and Northern Communities by Canadian Government

Rural and Northern Canada Immigration pilot program

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Rural and Northern Immigration pilot program is a brand new program launched by the Canadian government to help the skilled workers migrate with Permanent Residency. It is a beneficial move for smaller communities.

The Early days of 2019 brought Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

The latest additions to the changes introduced by the government of Canada in the pursuit of selecting more candidates for immigration is the Rural Northern Immigration Pilot Program. It was introduced in January 2019, and it an initiative to help meet the labor market demands of smaller communities.

Since the aging Canadian population is on the rise and the birth rates in the country are declining, the Canadian workforce has seen a considerable decline. Thus, the government of Canada is taking measures to bridge the gap between the skilled workers available and skilled workers required in the country. In the wake of this, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program come as a relief. Let us look below for the contributions that this program can make to the Canadian economy and how the employment opportunities will be supported through this program.

What is the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program?

The Rural and Northern Immigration pilot program is a five-year initiative that will help in economic growth by providing community-driven approaches so that the labor market needs of smaller communities can be met. This program is built on the success of the Atlantic Immigration pilot program, and it will help the newcomers settle in smaller communities. The deadline to be a part of this program was set for 1st March 2019.

The listed communities in this program include:

  • Thunder bay(ON)
  • Sault Ste. Marie (ON)
  • Sudbury(ON)
  • Timmins(ON)
  • North Bay(ON)
  • Gretna- Rhineland-Altona-plum Coulee(MB)
  • West Kootenay(BC)
  • Vernon(BC)

These communities were selected after careful sampling and research on the regions in Canada conducted by the Immigration refugee and citizenship Canada (IRCC) for requirements of permanent residents.

Benefits of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

  • Aid provided to local communities by meeting labor market needs
  • Route for Canada PR in rural areas for skilled workers
  • Encourage PR in rural communities

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Communities to be considered under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program?

There is a selection criterion for all those communities who wish to be a part of the Rural and Northern Immigration pilot program. The selection criteria involve-

  • 50,000 population or less located at 75 Kms from core Census Metropolitan area or 200000 people in large but remote cities
  • There should be job opportunities available in the region
  • The region should have an economic development plan
  • There should be an organization that should manage the pilot program of the community
  • The area should be equipped to handle new settlements for this crucial service like transportation, education, healthcare should be available along with opportunities to connect with established members of the community.
  • The community should have signed a support letter from the municipality (local leaders) and a local immigrant who is serving the organization.


What is the application procedure for the Rural and Northern Immigration pilot program?

The IRCC has provided a detailed scenario of who can apply and how to apply for the Rural and Northern Immigration pilot program. The eligibility norms include:

  1. The prospective candidate can approach the community or employeer
  2. Apply for consideration
  3. The community selects the fitting candidate
  4. The candidate is recommended to the IRCC, and he/she can apply for Permanent Residency
  5. Candidate applies for Permanent Residency
  6. Candidate is assessed for qualifications
  7. Candidate obtains Permanent Residency
  8. Community welcomes the applicant.

There is no exact date provided by the IRCC on when the next application round will open again, but it is always good to be up to date with the new changes and news in immigration.

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